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Even though dogs are men’s best friends, they have the minds of small naughty children, and they can get too cheeky at times. Dogs come in different breeds, and while some breeds are easier to handle than others are, they all have one thing in common: creating outstanding bonds between them and the people who keep them as pets.

Dogs also like pampering and taken for walks now and then. Sometimes a dog’s leash may come out when you are walking it, which begs the question: What is the least effective method to retrieve a dog that has gotten off the leash?


Least Effective Method To Retrieve A Dog That Has Got Off Leash

You have full responsibility for your dog when walking it, so you should always ensure that the leash is on. However, in the instance that the leash gets off, you should not do the following things to retrieve your dog.

Chasing the Dog

The first action several dog owners do when their dog gets off the leash is to pursue it, which is a huge mistake because they will assume you want to play. Naturally, dogs love chasing, and the minute you start the chase, they will challenge you back and run even faster and further away from you.

In most instances, the dog will outrun you because they have size and stamina to their advantage. This explains why some dog breeds are outstanding as chase dogs, especially in the police unit. Do not tire yourself running after the dog because you will lose.

Shouting or Screaming At Your Dog

Another option that some dog owners have after the dog loses its leash is to run after the dog while yelling and screaming its name. Yelling and screaming at the dog will only scare it, and it will try to get away from you.

They may also take the shouting and screaming as a threat and get as far away from as they possibly can. Instead of shouting and screaming, call the dog’s name calmly and coax it to stop running. Being calm will make it feel safe, and if you are lucky, it will stop running.

Punishing Your Dog

Running away may annoy you so much that you may want to punish your dog. Now, that is a bad idea, and you should avoid doing it. The dog may interpret the punishment as a result of returning, and the next time the leash gets out, it may run and not come back for fear of the same thing happening.

Instead of punishing the dog, give it a cuddle and a treat so that next time it runs away, it will come back, knowing there is a reward waiting.

Closing the Door

Dogs know their homes, and many of them will always return after they tire exploring or walking around. The biggest mistake you would make is close the door and assume that the dog will alert you by barking or not come back at all.

Some dogs may not bark because that is their territory, and they are not in the habit of barking for the doors to open. Closing them out may make them go to another place because they may feel unwanted.

Not Allowing the Dog to Wear a Collar with A GPS Tracker

We are living in a time when a GPS tracker on your pet is inevitable. A tracker allows you to trace your dog much faster. If the dog gets off the leash, you can tell where it is by tracking it down with ease and persuading it to come back to you.

Failing To Notify the Public

Some people do not say anything to anyone when their dogs disappear. If your dog gets off the leash and disappears, the first thing you should do if you do not find it immediately is get lost dog signs. Put up the posters in strategic places where people can easily see them and alert you when they identify the dog.

Give a detailed description of the dog and accompany that with your physical address and phone number. Remember to add a line asking whoever finds the dog not to approach it so that it does not run away out of fear.

Also, include the dog’s name. Social media platforms are also another option you can use to alert people of the lost dog. Using social medial enables you to reach a wider audience and more people searching for the dog.

How To Prevent The Leash From Getting Off Your Dog

How To Prevent The Leash From Getting Off Your Dog

Accidents happen to everyone, which is why you should always have a backup plan or a ready solution on how to tackle the issues. You may assume that the leash on your dog is escape-proof, but you can never be too sure. Follow these precautions to ensure that the leash stays in your dog at all times.

  • Ensure that the leash you purchase is of the highest quality and from a reputable seller. Accompany the leash with a good quality dog strap.
  • Ensure that the leash is a perfect fit for your dog because if it is loose, it will come out
  • Before walking the dog, always double-check to ensure that the leash is tightly in place.
  • Get a good grip on the leash by looping it around your wrist and ensuring there are no chances of the leash slipping from your hand.
  • Train your dog to get used to wearing the leash and to respond fast to all your commands. Be as polite as possible when training the dog to obey your commands.

Wrapping It Up

A dog, just like a person, is susceptible and needs the same kind of treatment with caution and love. If you want to retrieve a dog that has lost its leash, you should stay calm, keep the door open, call out the dog’s name without shouting, or screaming, give it treats and cuddles instead of punishing and chasing it.

Showing your dog only positive things will prove to it that you love it, and it will come back to you willingly. Other than that, be careful and ensure that the leash stays on.

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