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The Bible mentions several animals in different verses, both in the new and old testaments. Some of the animal classifications that the Bible mentions are dogs. However, only one specific dog breed gets a mention in the Bible.

What Is The Only Dog Breed Specifically Mentioned In The Bible

People have different interpretations about the verse and content, but we are not here to discuss the Bible but focus more on the dog mentioned. The King James Version (KJV) book of Proverbs Chapter 30 Verses 29 to 31 says:-

There be three things, which go well, yea, Which are comely in going;

A lion, which is strongest among beasts and Turneth not away from any;

A greyhound; A he-goat also.

Greyhound is the name of the only dog breed mentioned explicitly in the Bible. The greyhound is a friendly and interesting dog breed, initially bred as a hunting dog. Some of the characteristics that make the greyhound popular among many dog owners are its incredible speed and a magnificently streamlined body.

The characteristics saw different owners breed the greyhound as a race dog, a hunting dog, and a pet. Besides a mention in the Bible, the greyhound also enjoys various references in literature, pottery pieces, and artwork, especially in the Egyptian pyramids royal tombs.

History of Greyhound

History of Greyhound

The greyhound is one of the oldest dog breeds, which is evident in the Bible’s mention. The greyhound’s origin is not very clear, but there is evidence that it dates back to ancient Greek, Middle East, Turkey, and North Africa. It was a favorite with the Romans, Egyptians, and the Greeks.

Egyptian greyhound owners kept the breed for hunting and as companions. In ancient Egypt, the breed was so important that it came second to having a son born into a family. The demise of a greyhound was also a big thing in ancient Egypt, and the entire family would go through extensive mourning.

The upper class would even go a step further and mummify a greyhound to bury with the owner. They also decorated tomb walls with greyhound images showing just how much the breed meant to them. Some ancient Egyptian pharaohs that owned greyhounds include Amenhotep II, Cleopatra, VII Thutmose III, Queen Hatshepsut, and Tutankhamen.

The European took to breeding the greyhound during the dark ages making it the preferred hunting dog. The popularity of the greyhound spread across England, and it became the choice dog in chasing prey and sports racing. A few years later, Spanish explorers and British colonizers introduced the breed to America.

Americans, too, fell in love with greyhound’s prowess in hunting rabbits and coyotes. Soon, the greyhound also became one of the first dog breeds to appear in several dog shows across America. They greyhound got an official recognition by the leading dog club, The American Kennel Club in 1885.

As the fame of the breed spread across America, the breed owners recognized the greyhound speed and started to use them in coursing races. Using greyhound for racing did not come without controversy because of the harsh treatment of greyhound that failed to win the races.

Greyhounds that lost in the races faced punishments that included abandonment, selling to animal laboratories, and the extreme sentence of them all-euthanasia. The extreme cruelty caused lots of controversy around the country, leading to the unpopularity of the sport. Instead of racing and hunting, people mostly keep greyhounds as pets today.

Why Greyhound Is The Perfect Racing Dog

Very few dog breeds can match the strength of the greyhounds. They have powerful long legs that help them to cover high speeds. The dogs also have an incredible body that features a thin waist, a flexible spine, and a deep chest. Generally, the dog has a slim build that makes them look starved even though they are not.

The streamlined body helps them attain average speeds of more than 65 kilometers per hour, equivalent to more than 40 miles per hour. The pace is what attracted past greyhound owners to the breed for coursing and sports racing. The controversy behind the harsh treatment of losing in the races ended the sports.

How To Get A Greyhound

Getting a greyhound is not a hard thing because it is one of the most popular breeds in the USA and many other countries worldwide. You can get a pup greyhound by adopting one from dog shelters or puppy shops. You could even be lucky to adopt an offspring of a retired racing greyhound meaning, you will have another racer in your home.

Some of the greyhounds in animal shelter homes are there due to abandonment, and each year, the numbers keep rising. Greyhounds make excellent family pets, but you have to train it not to bite if you adopt it as a puppy.

Keeping A Greyhound Within The Home Compound (Fencing)

One of the things you have to keep in mind about the greyhound when adopting or rescuing it is that it is a fast dog, and you may not catch it if it decides to speed off. For this reason, you should always have the dog on a leash when you walk it or allow it outside the yard.

To keep the dog safely inside the yard, you should install either an electric dog fence or a wireless dog fence. Installing a fence around the yard will allow your greyhound to roam freely without the need for a leash.

Training Your Greyhound To Socialize

Training Your Greyhound To Socialize

Many dog breeds make perfect pets, but they tend to become timid and antisocial without training. Greyhounds are not different, and just like other breeds; you need to train it about socialization. If you do not, the dog will fail to adapt to its new environment and schedules.

Train the dog to get to know all the people around it, other pets in the compound, take it to several places to familiarize itself with the environment, and allow it to adapt to new situations. Let your friends and neighbors acquaint themselves with the greyhound. If you find that all the new things are exciting the dog too much, train it to be calmer.

How To Care For Your Greyhound During The Cold Climates

If you do not know much about greyhounds, you may think they are malnourished or starved. However, the slim, athletic look is their natural appearance. Being thin looking also means that they have thin coats, making them very sensitive to the cold weather.

If you have to walk your greyhound during winter or the cold weather, ensure you dress them up with a warm coat. If you do not, you will notice their shivering and discomfort.

How Much Grooming Does A Greyhound Need?

How Much Grooming Does A Greyhound Need

Unlike many other dog breeds, greyhounds have thin coats that do not shed much. The little shedding that they do is a few times in a year, which means they do not require too much glooming.

However, the thin coat is also susceptible to other things such as nicks, scrapes, and tears. Therefore, you should ensure that the coat and skin have enough protection against the small issues that could make the dog uncomfortable. You should also ensure that your greyhound is clean at all times to prevent bugs and insects from attacking the skin.

Life Expectancy

Even though greyhounds look thin, they are very healthy dogs. Unlike many other large dog breeds, greyhounds do not display many health issues such as hip dysplasia. A healthy greyhound has an average life expectancy of 12 to 14 years. Healthy greyhounds can live longer than 14 years.

Exercise Requirements

Many people assume that greyhounds are hyperactive dogs because of their athletic bodies and fats speeds. Contrary to this belief, they are not hyperactive. It may even come as a surprise to learn that greyhound dogs like sleeping too much, especially between races. You should also bear in mind that greyhounds are sprinters and not long-distance running dogs.

They do not need to run even though they like to run. A few walks in a day are enough to make your greyhound happy and relieved. If you have a fenced yard, the dogs are okay walking by themselves around the compound. If you do not have a yard, they must have a walk outside your home every day.

How many colors do greyhounds come in?

Another factor that makes greyhounds unique dogs is that you can get them in almost any color you want as they have varying hues. The American Greyhound Track Operators put the number of recognized colors as 18, but the number is higher than that.

Wrapping It Up

Being the only dog named explicitly in the Bible, considering there are thousands of other dog breeds globally, makes the greyhound a special dog. Besides their racing and coursing attributes, Greyhounds are affectionate and friendly, which is why they became a favorite of kings and queens of ancient times.

They adapt fast to home environments, people, and animals, and they do not come with much maintenance. Despite past mistreatment, greyhounds are now a favorite people in many homes, both in America and worldwide. They are also easy to get. What is even more appealing is the color diversity that gives you more choices on the color you want on your greyhound.

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