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It could be strange and disturbing the moment your dog bites your underwear with a furious lick when you accidentally leave the garments within reach.
Do not be scared But don’t get too scared. Your dog is doing what normal dogs should.
Dogs don’t care about sexuality. They love licking male and female-wearing underwear exactly the same, as they’re their owners or someone else’s.
In general, dogs will lick their underwear since it contains the smell of a concentrated strong smell, which is that is absorbed by glands in the private areas of humans. Due to their extraordinary smell, the powerful underwear smell is intoxicating to them.
The longer you put on your underwear, the longer it must absorb the strong smells emanating from the apocrine glands producing pheromones that are located in your armpits and private areas.
It’s not uncommon for dogs to play with and even take food from socks, underwear or any other sweaty item you’ve worn for the entire day long. Dogs are able to smell the smell of the garment, and they love it.


Common Reasons Why Dogs Lick Underwear

These are the reasons in greater detail, which includes some ideas for preventing your dog from getting your underwear licking.

It’s Scent Based Reaction

Dogs possess a keen sense of smell that is approximately 40 times as good as humans! They love sniffing everything, whether new or old, particularly items that have the scent of their loved ones for example, your clothes!
It’s not just limited to your underwear neither. If they have intriguing scents on your skin as you come home from work or from the fitness center, they may be licking whatever remains from it onto your clothes, too!
This might seem odd and weird to you, but bear in mind that dogs are able to communicate and perceive the world around them through smells. For them, your clothes are as a book stuffed with your personal information!
However the habit of smelling can result in more serious issues with OCD and anxiety if the desire to lick gets too intense.

Your Dog Is Seeking Attention

Perhaps you don’t give them enough attention or are you just too busy? If you don’t pay attention to dogs, they often engage in naughtier behaviors like the neighbor’s ear to ear. However, I bet you did not know that they can employ more desperate ways to attract your attention. This could include kissing your underwear.
According to some research, the act of licking is a spectrum of behaviours that are commonly observed when dogs seek attention from their owners. It is a favorite of the same kind as other behaviors that seek attention, such as chewing, scratching, eating, or barking.
It’s their way to simply saying, “Hey, I’m here! I’ve missed you, and I’m in need of attention.” To your loved ones by offering them the love and affection they deserve.
While it’s cute, it could cause more anxiety problems your dog has. No regardless of how busy you may be make sure you spend time with your pet every day.


It’s a Result of Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety could be the next factor that prompts your dog to go on a licking spree underwear. No matter what type of anxiety that your dog has it is possible that licking underwear is a method to ease the anxiety they experience.
The reason behind it is the fact that when you lick your lips, your body causes endorphins that reduce anxiety and makes people feel relaxed. It’s similar to the way people use chocolates, frozen icecream and other food items to help calm themselves when they are under anxiety.
There are a variety of ways you can combat your dog’s fear by regularly engaging with them, enroling them in a program of training and ensuring they get the proper amount of exercise and time to play.
If the issue persists or is severe even after all these attempts It is recommended to take your pet to their reliable veterinarian who can determine what’s causing the problem.

Your Dog Is Experiencing Boredom or Loneliness

It’s easy to forget about your pet for long periods of time even when you have a lot of things to accomplish. It’s easy to believe that by giving them a ton of toys the furry friend is too busy to be in trouble when you’re gone , that they won’t even know you’re gone.
However, the reality is that they do get lonely, which causes them to do things like licking your underwear. While humans might be able to find different activities to fill their time, like playing with their smartphones but dogs aren’t human beings they’re pets that require more attention than we are able to provide them.
When you’re not busy at school, work or whatever activity interferes with your normal routine of time with your kids They might turn to licking their underwear as “fun” or because they’re bored.
It’s not unusual for them to occasionally lick your underwear and every now and then However, when they are doing it frequently or it’s a regular thing, then you ought to investigate the issue.


Is It Canine Compulsive Disorder?

The term”Canine Compulsive disorder” is a reference to behaviors that are not appropriate for normal behavior observed in dogs.
Repetitive behaviors are typical in dogs suffering from this disorder. This can include excessive licking, tail-chasing and even spinning around in the dirt. If your dog’s love affair with underwear has become excessive this could be an indication of compulsive disorder.
According to certain studies According to some research, dogs with Canine Compulsive Disorder show similar brain issues like people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. While research into the causes the disorder in progress, it has been found that the most significant reasons for this condition are psychological or medical reasons or both.

Your Dog Has Adopted a Bad Habit

In some instances the dog might be able to lick your underwear since they’ve taken on these undesirable habits from their siblings or at the animal shelter where they were taken in. It’s possible that you didn’t observe this behavior until you first adopted them since they may not do it often.
As they get older and see your underwear as an appropriate object to use when they’re bored, the behavior becomes routine and they begin to do it more frequently.
In the case of this issue it isn’t enough to chastise your dog for engaging in play with your underwear, without any other alternative, because that’s likely to cause them to want to continue doing the same thing again. Instead, you’ll have to disorient your dog and make sure that they have alternatives, for example, other toys.

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