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Do you have a dog who likes to squeeze in tight spaces , like the one under your mattress? It’s not a problem, but it can make you anxious as it could be a sign of a larger issue. Here are some of the most common reasons for dogs to sleep under beds.


1. Provides a Cool Environment

The area under the bed could be a fantastic space to cool your pet on the summer heat. It is possible that you have carpeted flooring beneath the bed which isn’t quite as worn out, therefore it could just be the space under the bed becoming an additional place to relax for your pet to lay in.

2. Anxiety and Fear

This is the most common cause for dogs to suddenly retreat under the mattress. Something is frightening the dog, and she’s in need of an hour in a secured area to ensure all is well.
Take note of your dog for the following days, and try to determine what could be the cause for the habit of hiding under the bed. The cause could be that is beyond what you can control (e.g. the sound or fireworks) or something you’re doing (e.g. cleaning the house) which is unintentionally frightening your dog.

3. Your Dog is Sick

The pet is injured or sick, therefore she will naturally go to an area where she feels most secure. If you’re not able to pinpoint any causes of fear you should bring your dog into the vet. The bed’s underside isn’t the ideal spot for a sick dog be as it’s hard to reach.

4. There’s No Alternative Spot

There is no other place within the home where your dog is comfortable relaxing in. You’ve tried to train your dog, but she refuses to enter the house.
Make your crate an inviting place to rest by putting your pet’s favorite blankets and toys inside. It is also possible to place the crate close to the bed, and gradually make the crate your primary place to rest by using the positive effects of reinforcement as well as positive associations.


The Root of the Behavior

You’ve probably seen your pet sleeping under your bed at least once. If she’s sleeping or relaxing, or even hiding, it’s an area that provides her with the peace she needs. However, you are probably thinking about the reason your dog is so fond hiding in that tiny room beneath your mattress. The main reason behind this is comfort. Small spaces are a favorite for dogs because they feel safe which makes for a pleasant relaxing. They can also relish the warmth that’s generated in the small area as well as the clean carpet. When this occurs for the dog you love, then there ought to not be a reason to be concerned. Your dog is looking for a comfy place to relax within your home. There are many other motives for your dog to be hiding under your mattress. Your dog is always looking to feel secure and at times sleeping under your bed is the most secure location for them. If there’s chaos at your home, of any type the dog could be tempted to sleep under the bed for peace and security. If your home isn’t full of chaos and chaos, you should make sure that your pet isn’t physically injured or sick. Sometimes, dogs will retreat under the beds and utilize that area as a refuge in the event of discomforts to their bodies. It’s characteristic of dogs. Beyond these the fear and anxiety are the other motives for this behavior in dogs. Fear and anxiety can result from loud noises like thunderstorms and also from stress-inducing situations that surround your dog. The small space beneath the bed is an area of peace and tranquility, where they’ll not be. This can ease their anxieties and worries whenever it arises as well as the bed will be a safe haven from the chaos of disturbance or stress happening in their daily life.

How to Get Your Dog Out from Under the Bed

As we’ve mentioned before it’s not a big deal to this kind of behavior, so let it happen if your dog only hides under the mattress every occasionally. It’s possible that you have to look into whether it’s a frequent occurrence.
The bed’s space isn’t easily accessible and this could create issues when you are in a situation of extreme urgency (e.g an emergency with a fire) and you must evacuate your home as fast as you can. The frequent occurrence of bed-hiding behavior could also be a sign of an issue with your pet. A visit for a vet visit is necessary if your dog displays any indication of fear or discomfort.
The most important thing to stress is not take your dog away especially if the dog is in a fragile condition. Instead, allow your dog to be alone and wait until she is released. Treat your dog to an treat and lots of praise when she is on her way to the exit.
You can also enclose the bed’s underside to stop your dog from getting into the bed into the bed in the future. Be sure to provide another place to rest before you block off any bed spaces.


Other Solutions and Considerations

If you observe that your dog enjoys being in enclosed areas that are dark you can make an environment for him similar to this. One suggestion is to create a secure area close to your home for them like the kennel or crate that is that is covered in blankets. This will help your dog feel secure, comfortable and loved at home. If you suspect that the behavior is caused by fears, illness or anxiety you might be able to assess the surroundings that your dog is living in. From there, you can modify it to suit the best interests of your pet. If you don’t think this is going to be working, you might need to get your dog examined by a veterinarian to ensure they are in good order.


Animals are sensitive and caring creatures , and it is our responsibility as pet owners to ensure that they live an enjoyable life. If your dog likes to be a part of the bed, there’s no harm in doing that. Make sure that your pet isn’t avoiding the world in the space under the bed for any reason.

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