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Just like humans, the diet and digestive system of canines plays a crucial role in their overall body health.The key to keeping your dog healthy is by knowing what they eat and the nutrients they are receiving. This is important because not every dog food will have an equal nutritional value. Feeding your dog the right diet also helps in maintaining their overall health because whatever happens in the gut has a direct effect on the immune system of your pet.

How Long Does It Take For A Dog To Poop After Eating

Knowing how long your canine digests its food is crucial in knowing what they should eat and it will help you understand the wellbeing of your pet. If their digestive system has a problem, then your dog will not be getting all the nutrients they require from food. Furthermore, digestive problems can also be a sign of illness.  This is why every dog owner should understand their pet’s digestive system and pooping schedule so that they can take action whenever they notice any irregularities.

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How Long Do Dogs Take To Digest Their Food?

Generally, the complete digestion of food in dogs takes about 6 to 8 hours. However, various factors can affect the normal digestion time of dogs. The number of hours a dog will take to digest food will depend mainly on its health condition, illness, dog breed, body size, and age. However, the food itself significantly affects the digestion hours.

Wet foods tend to digest faster compared to dry foods. In addition, the digestibility and quality of the food and its ingredients will also affect digestion. Digestion of food in dogs can also be affected by:

  • Hydration
  • Digestibility of the food
  • Type of food whether it is Wet or Dry

Dog’s Pooping Schedule

How Long Does It Take For A Dog To Poop After Eating

When it comes to pooping after eating, every dog is unique. Some dogs will poop just after consuming a meal, while other will poop 30 minutes after their meal. Research shows that healthy canines tend to defecate just after eating because their stomachs are wired to the colon with nerves that trigger the eliminate reflex. Therefore, whenever your pet’s stomach is full, the colon will be notified and your dog will poop 30 minutes after eating.

The number of times that dogs poop every day will vary depending on the animal. Most dogs will poop about 1 to 3 times every day and this not always after eating. However, dogs tend to urinate more often and will go outside several times to perform this duty.

If your dog does not have diarrhea but they defecate more often, then this has more to do with the quality of their food. Dogs that consume low quality food tend to poop more often compared to those that eat high-quality meals. Foods that contain fillers have fewer nutrients are more waste that your dog will just eliminate.

Puppies tend to poop more often compared to adult dogs and this can be 2 to 3 times more. Puppies are likely to poop just after eating or within the 30-minutes timeframe. After finishing his/her food, you should take your puppy outdoors immediately for both training and practical purposes.

Digestion time length in Dogs

How Long Does It Take For A Dog To Poop After Eating 3

When dogs defecate just after eating, they are not eliminating the food they have just eaten. The waste is usually the food they had consumed a day before. In canines, food tends to remain longer in the stomach than in the human belly. Small and active dogs will digest their foods quickly, compared to more sedentary and larger animals.

In Conclusion

When it comes to digestion in dogs, there is no set time because many variables play a role in it. This means that the time taken to digest a meal will significantly vary between different dogs. Larger dog breeds tend to take much longer to digest their food compared to the smaller ones. Dog exercise also impacts motility and the way the muscles on the dog’s digestive tract propel food throughout the process.

The type of food that your dog consumes will also affect its pooping schedule. Wet food tends to take lesser time to digest when compared to dry foods. A healthy dog can process wet food within a few hours and can take even 8 hours to digest dry food. Every dog owner should take the time to study their canine pet so that they can know their pooping schedule.

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