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There is this belief that after some time together, dogs and their owners start looking the same. However, one man stands out when it comes to dog’s features. That man is Frank Gallagher of the famous TV series Shameless. You may have seen the memes and viral captions of dogs that look like Frank Gallagher that go like this: – Why does my dog look like Frank Gallagher? Why does my brother’s dog look like Frank Gallagher?

Why Does My Dog Look Like Frank Gallagher

Here is a brief explanation for those who do not know anything about the character frank Gallagher or the Shameless TV show. Shameless portrays real-life family relationships with all their messy imperfections and shameless bluntness. One character Frank Gallagher stands out.

Frank is a middle-aged scraggly looking man who will do anything to screw things up. He is a shameless drunk, but his family turned out okay, all thanks to his wife. Frank Gallagher, played by William H. Macy, has attracted attention in many other ways besides his destructive behavior. Dogs with scraggly faces look like him, which brings us to the next part of this topic.

Are there dog breeds with faces that look almost human? Well, maybe not precisely faces that look human, but several dog breeds have human-like personalities that make them almost look human.

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5 Popular Dog Breeds With Human-Like Personalities

Why Does My Dog Look Like Frank Gallagher 2

1.  Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu traces its origins to China in the 17th century. Before its introduction to the American citizens, the Shih Tzu, a cute toy dog, was a preserve of the Chinese royalty. Selling or trading the treasured dog was unheard of until it found its way to the US. It did not take long before the Shih Tzu became a favorite among many pet owners in the states.

The toy dog is friendly, loyal, outgoing, and it has an amazing personality. In short, it has almost human characteristics, and surprisingly, even its facial features look almost human. Maybe that explains why they are some of the most adored pet dogs around the world.

2.  German Shepherd

German Shepherds are some of the hardest working dogs in the canine family and the second-largest dog breed in the USA. They are popular police and guard dogs, but they are also some of the most popular family dogs in America. German Shepherds are very protective, especially of the little children. They are loving, adorable, and have the cutest facial expressions that make them look almost human.

3. French Bulldog

The French bulldog is a crossbreed between local Paris ratters and toy-sized England bulldogs. The breed traces its origin to the 1800s. The French bulldog or Frenchie is a popular family dog in the USA. It is a gregarious dog with scraggly looks, but it loves nothing better than spending time with its human family.

The Frenchie is so close to the humans that they develop anxiety and stress if separated for long. They are loving and have the cutest looks, especially when they want something. Those adorable eyes, facial features, and charming nature make the Frenchie look almost human.

4. The Poodle

If any dog breed out there is closest to resembling humans, then it must be the Poodle. Originally a hunting dog with German origins, the Poodle was also a favorite with European royalty and nobility. They have intense eyes and human-like facial expressions. Poodles are loving, proud, and they have this afro on the top of their heads that make them look like grumpy but gentle old men.

5. Pitbull

Despite all the negativity towards the Pitbull, many USA families keep them in their homes as their favorite pets. Pitbulls have the biggest hearts with smiley faces that endear to the people around them. When they are about to get themselves into trouble, you can see the smile and mischief in their eyes.

Most memes of dogs with human-like faces depict bulldogs. The different bulldog breeds include the American Bulldog, American Bulldog Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and The Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Wrapping It Up

One of the things that endear us to pet dogs is their ability to express themselves in ways that we can understand. They look almost human when they do, which makes it impossible to hate them. When you hear anyone liken a dog to a human, as in the case of a dog looking like Frank Gallagher, you can only think of the dog’s human side and not the scraggly look.

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