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In spite of their frail-looking appearance and size, Chihuahuas can still mate naturally. Most female Chihuahua owners tend to panic whenever their pet has an unplanned pregnancy owning to the many rumors they have heard. It is a fact that for Chihuahuas, a pregnancy can be quite risky and most of them give birth through cesarean section. However, this does not mean that your Chihuahua will have complications during pregnancy or the outcome will be terrible.

How Can You Tell If A Chihuahua is Pregnant

When you know what to expect during pregnancy, you will keep your dog safe and cozy throughout their pregnancy. This should be a celebratory event and not a worrisome one. This article will give you all the information you need to know about Chihuahuas and the pregnancy period.

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Crucial Facts You Should Know About

How Can You Tell If A Chihuahua is Pregnant 2

Your Chihuahuas can get pregnant during her first heat cycle. Your female Chihuahua can conceive when she enters puberty, which is usually the first heat cycle. This can occur during the 4th and 7th months. During the estrus cycle, the female is receptive to a male and this period lasts for 5 days to 3 weeks.

Just like humans, Chihuahuas usually have a small window where they can get pregnant and this is usually between day 10 and 15. The eggs will drop and the Chihuahua can easily become pregnant. Breeders are usually encouraged to wait till the 2nd heat cycle for them to pair dogs. However, your Chihuahua can still become pregnant even during the first heat even when there is no discharge.

Two different dog breeds can impregnate the Chihuahua. This is usually known as multi-sired litter. This is possible because the ovaries of female canines produce more than one ova and the eggs are available for several days. Any egg may be fertilized if your dog is mounted on day one and another one will be fertilized when it is mounted on another day by a different male dog.

Chihuahuas can be impregnated by a much larger dog. This will result in a dangerous pregnancy period and delivery. To prevent any unwanted conception, dog owners need to keep a close eye on their Chihuahua, especially when on heat.  When the hormones are in high concentration, your female dog will be receptive to whichever male that actively seeks her out. She may dart out of the house whenever the door is opened and will even try escaping through the fence in the yard.

Males will Seek out your Chihuahua when on heat. With every urination, traces of blood will be deposited and they will carry the scent of a Chihuahua that is in heat miles away. Whenever the dog owner brings the female Chihuahuas outside, it is essential to scan for any straying dogs.

Chihuahuas have a litter size of 1 to 3 pups but some may even give birth to 5 or 6 litters. Therefore, if your Chihuahua is pregnant, you must be prepared to take care of all those litters.

Signs of Pregnancy

Whether you paired your Chihuahua purposefully or they had an unplanned tie, you need to check for any signs or symptoms that show your pooch is pregnant. This will help you give her the best gestation care. Here are the common signs that your Chihuahua is pregnant.

  • The stomach will enlarge quickly and this happens faster than other dog breeds and humans.
  • The Chihuahua will clean herself thoroughly than normal and will appear as though she is nesting
  • The pooch will act tired, lethargic and will not be energetic
  • She will have an upset stomach and will experience light vomiting or reluctance to eat
  • The stomach will become firmer
  • The nipples tend to grow very large and recessed teats will start emerging

Timelines That You Need To Remember

  • 15-30 days after conception, the belly will be visibly swollen
  • 45 days-the x-rays can clearly show the growing puppies
  • Labor will start between 60-65 days after conception and day 63 is usually the average length of the pregnancy for most Chihuahuas.

Preparing For your Chihuahua’s Pregnancy

How Can You Tell If A Chihuahua is Pregnant 3

Your Chihuahua will carry the pregnancy 58 to 68 days. The average date of delivery will usually be after 63 days. For Chihuahuas, most physical changes will happen during the last 14 days before the actual birth date. As a pooch owner, there are many things you can do to help to keep your dog comfortable during pregnancy.

You must ensure that your pet gets the necessary nutrition to ensure the healthy growth of her pups. Her appetite will increase during pregnancy and you must ensure you provide her with the necessary nutrition.

You should also avoid over-exercising your pet because they will not have much energy and some exercises may even harm the unborn puppies. Your Chihuahua will want to build a nest for her puppies. You should assist her by finding a comfortable and safe space for her in the home.


From the time of conception to the time of giving birth, your Chihuahua will be pregnant for 63 days or 9 weeks. When you notice any signs of pregnancy, it is best to take your dog to a reliable and trusted vet to supervise the entire pregnancy. This is because Chihuahuas will need extra care to stay healthy during this period.

An X-ray must be performed to help confirm the puppies that your pooch will have to push out. Additionally, Chihuahuas usually have a small body and the heads of their puppies are usually big, your veterinarian will have to determine whether they can give birth normally or they will need a caesarian section.

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