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Dog owners will have to consider neutering their dogs at some point in time. Unless you want to use your pet for breeding, getting them neutered is the best option. However, neutering is a form of surgery and your dog needs rest to ensure full recovery. The recovery period can be inconvenient, especially for pooches that love the outdoor and cannot play or engage in their favorite pastime.

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After How Long Should I Start Walking My Dog?

How Soon Can I Walk My Dog After Neutering

When it comes to walking your dog after the neutering process, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. This is mainly because no two dogs are the same. Most veterinarians will recommend dog owners to walk their pets after 14 days. Some dogs may recover quickly and can be taken for walks within 3 to 4 days, while other pooches may take longer than 14 days for them to recover fully.

It is advisable that you take your dog for a checkup 3 days after the surgery. Your veterinarian will examine your dog to see how they are recovering and any problems they may be facing. During the checkup, you can ask the veterinarian when you should walk your dog and adhere to the advice given. If you are tempted to walk your dog sooner than recommended by the vet, you should remember the risks involved.

How Far Should I Walk My Dog After Being Spayed Or Neutered?

The distance you will walk your dog will depend on whether or not they are used to an extensive amount of daily exercise or light amounts of exercises. It is recommended that your pooch should only undertake just 50% of their everyday routine three days after the surgery procedure and just 25% in the first two days post-surgery. When taking your dog out, you must ensure that that the wound is covered and remove the covering after getting back home.

A General Timeline For Walking Your Dog After Neutering

Time after Surgery Activity
24 hours to 48 hours Complete rest and no walking
2 to 3 days Light garden exercise only
3 to 10 days Short walks only
10 days onwards Back to normal activities and walks

The Dangers of Walking the dog too early after Neutering

How Soon Can I Walk My Dog After Neutering

Most dog owners loves their pets and they may feel sorry for them and be tempted to take them for a walk earlier. However, before you think about walking your dog before your veterinarian recommends, you should consider the risks below.

Increased Pain. If your dog is not completely healed, they are still sore from the neutering process and moving around may cause immense pain. It is best to wait for the dog to heal before you walk them.

Increased Swelling. Swelling will delay the process of recovery for your dog. In addition, it will also increase the pain that the dog is experiencing.

Infection. After surgery, your dog will be at a high risk of infection. This is because the body is trying to heal and has a difficult time fighting off disease-causing pathogens. Whenever you take your dog outside, you will be exposing them to lots of bacteria that may cause infection.

Opening of the Wound. The wound may open up if your dog becomes active before the opening closes completely. This will end up hurting your pooch and you will also spend more money getting the wound stitched back up again.

Delayed Healing. When your dog is walking, they will breakdown and even fatigue their body muscles. This means that the body will switch from focusing on healing to muscle recovery. The healing process will be delayed and the pooch will take more time to heal and get back to normalcy.

Female or male dogs require rest after surgery. Therefore, you should not try to play with them as they may get excited and you should also inform your children to do the same. The more your pooch rests, the less likely they will have any complications that comes from the surgery.

Another essential task should be protecting your dog’s stitches. The stitches may come loose if the dog is running around your house and getting playful and excited. Whether you pet is a recently neutered puppy or adult dog, you should always adhere to your vet’s advice.


Most dog owners know that it is difficult to keep their dogs running around after a surgical procedure. One would think that after neutering, your dog will want to just rest and recover. However, not all pooches will do that, others will want to play and get back to their normal life.

Neutering and spaying are quite invasive to pets and they should be given adequate time to rest and heal once they are home. This means putting some restrictions to the physical activities your pooches engages in after surgery. Before taking your dog for a walk, you should also consult your veterinarian to avoid any problems in the future.

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