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Is your pet bird making you scratch your head with its antics?

The first time my parrot sat in the bottom of her cage, I nearly had a heart attack because I couldn’t see her.

I panicked when I couldn’t find her in the cage and began searching the entire home for her.

I opened the cage’s door to see her seated inside.

If you’re here looking for an explanation to the query “Why does my parrot descend to the bottom of his cage?,” you’ve probably wondered the same thing.

Most people think parrots sit like that to help them retain body heat during cold weather.

But there are further justifications to consider.

Here in this piece, we’ll discuss each and every one of them.

Come on, let’s just drop in from the sky.

Why Is My Bird On The Bottom Of The Cage?

Why Is My Bird Sitting On The Bottom Of The Cage

There’s no need to panic if your parrot spends most of its time in the bottom of its cage.

Are you curious about their motivations?

Some possible explanations for why your parrot is cage-bound are as follows:

Trying to Gain Heat 

This is the most typical cause of a parrot’s descent to the cage floor.

This is because the bottom of the cage is an open area and therefore retains more heat.

If it’s cold outside, your parrot will likely head there in an effort to get toasty.

It’s Young 

Birds, especially young ones, are easily frightened and will retreat to the bottom of their cage when they feel threatened.

My parrot had good reason to be under there the whole time I was going crazy looking for her.

They Like It!

Some parrots will always choose to sit at the base of their cage.


Alas, that’s a mystery we’ll never solve.

No parrots we spoke with wanted to be quoted. Lol! To jest

No, there’s nothing to stress over.

Check the bottom of the cage before you freak out!

Why Does My Parrot Sleep On The Bottom Of The Cage?

Why Is My Bird Sitting On The Bottom Of The Cage-2

Only juvenile birds, who have not yet learnt to perch, will typically spend the night at the bottom of the cage.

When they reach adulthood, though, they will gravitate toward perching.

However, this could also be a cause for concern.

Is This Something To Be Worried About? 

However, if your older bird has been sleeping at the bottom of the cage and exhibiting other indicators of disease, such as a lack of appetite, unseasonal molting, etc., you should consult your veterinarian.

Is Your Bird a Female? 

If you know your bird is female, and she has been eating more and lying on the floor, she may be preparing to lay eggs.

Dietary Issues 

Complications Associated with a Poor Diet

It’s possible that this sort of conduct is related to food allergies or intolerances.

If you want to test if your bird’s behavior improves, try switching to a more well-rounded diet.

Wrapping It Up 

Did you learn something new from this article?

The following are the causes for a parrot to descend to the bottom of its cage:

  • For the purpose of getting warm.
  • Simply because they are young and timid.
  • And they like it!

However, if your bird has been exhibiting any unusual behavior or symptoms, it is important that you contact your veterinarian immediately.

You shouldn’t normally be worried about this kind of conduct.

Is your bird a fan of the bottom of the cage for some R&R?

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