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Obviously, a window bird feeder is not the tried-and-true type of bird feeder that guarantees birds will flock to it.

A huge number of birds can use a window feeder, but only if you have the patience to watch them use it less frequently during the week. Because of its limited weight capacity, a stick-on window feeder attracts a smaller variety of birds, but persistence pays off in the end.

Bird Feeders That Stick To Window

Perhaps your concern that window bird feeders are ineffective stems from the fact that you have noticed fewer birds at your feeders recently.

Suction-cup bird feeders may not be as effective as other types of feeders at luring avian visitors because to the stress that the proximity to people and noise may cause shy birds.

While some of us may have noticed a decline in the number of typical backyard birds, others may have seen an increase.

There is no simple solution to the question of whether or not bird feeders placed in windows are effective.

Additionally, a home with little to no noise and disruption would see more success, if not a certainty, but a noisy house full of kids and pets would just drive away any birds who would typically be willing to give it a try.

All you can do is hang your feeder from the interior window with the least amount of traffic and feed as many different species of birds as you can.

Not GOOD as classic feeders

Do not be fooled; bird feeders designed for use in a window are not nearly as effective as those designed to be hung from a bird feeder station.

Only if the yard is peaceful and undisturbed by people or pets will birds visit window-mounted bird feeders.

Having birds eager to come to your window to be fed is an uncommon occurrence for most people, but here is where window bird feeders come in handy.

Because traditional bird feeders are typically positioned far from the home and out of the way of you and your family, they do not have these drawbacks.

However, this is not the case with a feeder that is placed in close proximity to a window where there is likely to be a lot of background noise and activity.

Low success rate

Bird Feeders That Stick To Window-2

The success rate of getting birds to visit a bird feeder is poor, with most of us not seeing any birds at all.

Some of us who prefer to leave the birds to their own devices may find this to be a great success, but for the birds themselves, all the activity, commotion, and pets on the other side of the glass can be quite distracting.

Even while we benefit more from being able to watch birds up close as they eat from window feeders, I wouldn’t call them a novelty because they can be a practical bird feeder.

Although attracting birds to a window feeder isn’t easy for most of us, it can be helpful in a pinch because birds aren’t as choosy as humans.

Stick-on window feeders may seem convenient, but they aren’t used by the birds they’re meant to attract since they’re so easy to miss.

Limited too specific feed

Remember that only particular types of bird feed can be stored in a window bird feeder, even though this information is not provided in the package or on the manufacturer’s website.

Since its compartments can only fit seeds or peanuts, this window feeder can only be used by birds who eat those foods.

The number of typical backyard birds that can visit your window feeder may drop dramatically as a result.

Larger birds, such Blue Jays, can’t land on the short perch clearing to the window, and smaller birds, like Cardinals, can’t perch on little window feeders, so overall numbers are limited.

If there is a chance that a window bird feeder will fall, it poses a greater threat to the birds using it as a source of food.

Thus, only small backyard birds that consume seeds or nuts in the wild are likely to feed at window feeders.

Of course, if you want to attract a wider variety of birds to your window feeder, you may do so by upgrading to a larger feeder that can still be securely fastened to the window, even when loaded with birds and food.

Good feeling when it happens

Bird Feeders That Stick To Window-3

Seeing your new window bird feeder in action only once will give you a taste of the benefits it can provide in the future.

It’s easy to give up if you don’t see immediate results or if only a few birds land on the feeder but don’t eat, but I assure you that even seeing one bird use the feeder once in a while is an incredible experience.

Because of how happy it makes you feel, you might not want to stop putting out food for the birds in your window feeder.

However, I recommend keeping your regular bird feeders out in the yard, as it’s unlikely that many birds will risk a flight across the yard to your window in search of food.

However infrequently, having birds visit your window feeder is a pleasant experience.

This unusual translucent plastic device that you stick to your window may only be used sometimes, but if you have the patience for it, it is a good feeder to use.

Stick to traditional bird feeders if you’re not patient or don’t plan on waiting it out.


Stick-on window bird feeders, in my opinion, are only useful for a small percentage of the population.

That’s not to say we shouldn’t provide food for the birds in our backyards, so installing a window feeder is a bad idea.

To be fair, only a select handful of the birds that visit our yard can use the most of the window feeders, thus they tend to get less use overall.

The disturbance you cause inside the house, or the motion of other family members or pets, might also discourage birds from visiting your window feeders.

If you want to attract more birds to your window feeder, try placing it on different windows, just like you would with a traditional seed or peanut feeder hung in various locations around your yard.

If no birds first visit your window bird feeder, you won’t lose much money.

Keep in mind that a window bird feeder will attract fewer birds than a traditional feeder, so only use one if you don’t mind seeing only a few now and then.

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