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If you keep a bird, you should give it a balanced diet.

You should make sure they eat well at each meal, but snacks are just as crucial.

Bird treats come in a variety of varieties, so you may pick and choose what works best for your avian companion.

Popcorn kernels are one example of this.

Unpopped popcorn is too tough to bite for humans, but birds’ beaks are designed to easily break through the kernels.

However, it may be helpful to boil the unpopped kernels in just simple water to soften them, particularly if you have a little bird.

Can Birds Eat Popcorn?

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Giving your bird popcorn as a special treat is a great idea.

But there are a few qualifiers that you need to know.

First and foremost, popcorn of any kind—whether microwaved, pre-popped, air-popped, or unpopped—should be absolutely plain, with zero salt, zero toppings, and zero fat.

Birds should avoid eating microwave or pre-popped popcorn because of the high levels of salt and fat that are typically added to these varieties.

The high levels of sodium and fat will almost certainly make your bird sick.

To keep your bird healthy, only give it plain popcorn.

Second, even if you use an air popper and coat the popcorn with a tiny bit of oil, it still lacks the essential vitamins and nutrition for a bird.

In other words, you shouldn’t consider this snack to be a replacement for a full meal. Popcorn should be served rarely and only as a special treat.

Popcorn kernels, both unpopped and popped, should be eaten without salt or butter.

What Snacks Are Good For Birds?

What other treats can you give your bird besides plain popcorn?

Here are some healthy snack ideas that won’t sacrifice flavor.

  • To get your daily dose of vitamin A and fiber, try some sweet potatoes. In addition to protecting its heart, your bird’s eyes will benefit from this tasty treat. Can Budgies Eat Yams? is a related article.
  • Grapes are a wonderful addition to your bird’s diet because they are high in fiber. If you want to feed your bird some grapes, you’ll need to cut up just one or two of them. Make sure you thoroughly wash the skin to get rid of any pesticides or bacteria before feeding it to your bird.
  • Nuts: certain birds require a nut-based diet, while others can only eat them occasionally. Keep in mind that nuts are high in fat, so while they are an excellent source of protein, you shouldn’t give them too much.
  • Toss some cooked beans into your bird’s diet. Beans come in a vast range; just make sure they are cooked and not uncooked. Toxic to birds if eaten raw, beans should be cooked before being given to them.

What Snacks Should You Avoid?

To the contrary, what foods should you never give your bird?

You might be surprised to learn that you shouldn’t give these common treats to your feathered friends.

  • Bread is a typical treat tossed to birds of all sizes and species. Don’t give this to the birds, though. Filling birds up on bread, which has almost no nutritional value, will result in unhealthy and sick birds.
  • The high levels of sodium and/or sugar in foods like potato chips may seem harmless to humans, yet they can be fatal to birds.
  • Milk, most birds are lactose intolerant and cannot drink milk. Birds, like humans, can handle very small amounts of salt, but milk-based treats are best avoided. The same goes for cheeses.
  • Pits and seeds from fruit are harmful to birds, despite the fact that birds love fruit as a diet. To keep your bird healthy, always cut off the pit or seed before feeding it an apple, pear, apricot, or cherry.

This page is useful if you own a budgie.

Can Birds Eat Popcorn Seed?

Can Birds Eat Popcorn Kernels-2


Birds may consume popcorn seeds.

It’s actually a terrific snack for them too

It can be eaten by both wild birds and domestic birds

So that you can feed birds popcorn seed.

If you want to feed your pet bird popcorn seed, you should check with a professional first, like an avian vet.

Wrapping Up

Birds like to graze on items throughout the day much like we do.

Snack food is beneficial since it keeps kids occupied and, if prepared correctly, adds nutrients to their diet.

Unpopped kernels or popcorn without salt is a nice treat for birds.

You can give this to your bird with no problems.

There are many more snacks you may offer to your bird to keep it happy and healthy, but there are also some snacks that you should avoid.

So make sure you do your study beforehand!

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