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Owls are the avian assassins, whereas crows are the bullies of the bird world. As a result, the majority of birds steer clear of crows and owls. When it comes down to it, an owl will not only win, but it will likely eat the crow’s entire family as well if the two go head-to-head.

Because they don’t want to be eaten, crows are probably scared of owls.

You’ll learn all about it in this article.

  • Does the presence of owls frighten birds?
  • Why are crows so averse to owls in general?
  • What are crows’ least favorite things?
  • How can crows be frightened away?

That seems about right, doesn’t it?

What are we waiting for?

Do Owls Scare Crows?

Are Crows Afraid Of Owls

You bet they do!

Owls are feared by practically all birds, from the smallest songbirds to the most magnificent raptors, such as eagles.

It is quite distressing for the entire bird population to see an owl.

As a result, a variety of birds of prey try to fend off the owl.


Because owls are known as avian serial killers.

“What Makes Owls So Terrifying?” might be a better thing to ask.

Owls are generally feared for the following reasons:

  1. Nocturnal Habits

In the dark, most birds are unable to see.

As a result, they’re most active during the day and most susceptible at night, when they’re most exposed.

Even in the tiniest of lighting, owls have eyes that can see clearly.

Because they can see so well in the dark, owls tend to be nocturnal.

Owls have been known to hunt at night ever since.

Because of this, birds have a difficult time spotting them in the distance.

  1. Exceptional Strength

There are three toes in front and one in the back on all raptors.

It’s true that owls have two toes in the front and two in the back, allowing them to maintain a fairly equal footing.

They have a better grip because of this.

In order to suck the life out of their prey, owls frequently use their paws.

In addition to being extremely long, their teeth are also razor-sharp.

An owl’s talons would have no problem penetrating your brain if they were used on your skull!

They have a 1.5-inch hooked beak in addition to their solid footing.

All kinds of skins can be torn apart by these razor-sharp blades.

Owls scare birds because of their nocturnal habits.

Nothing can frighten them.

  1. Remarkable Senses

In order to find their food, birds of prey such as hawks and eagles rely only on their eyesight.

In contrast to other birds, owls rely on both their visual and auditory senses to locate prey.

Owls, on the other hand, have eyes that are ten times better than the ordinary hawk’s.

Other than that, they have ears that work like parabolic noise detectors.

It is impossible for owls to miss any fleeing prey.

  1. Stealth and Swiftness

Owls have wingspans of up to 2 meters because to their wide, silky feathers.

These owls can fly at speeds up to 65 kilometres per hour without generating any audible fluttering noises thanks to their special wings.

The owls are also able to move quickly because to this.

Owls have the ability to catch their prey mid-flight with ease.

  1. Silent Death

The owl is the most vicious hunter in the raptor family.

Swooping down from the sky, the eagles and hawks shock their prey before taking off with their half-dead prey.

An owl dislikes prey that makes a lot of noise and is in a hurry.

Crushing and eating its prey on the spot is standard procedure for these birds.

An owl often kills its victim by squeezing the life out of it with its talons.

If the victim is large enough, the raptor will attempt to paralyze it by biting into its spine.

Owls enshroud their prey in the cover of their wings to muffle any screams or screams of pain or pain.

When all has been done and dusted, there is quiet. Deadly!

It is possible that the owl’s victim has no idea what killed it.

If the bird dies before it can tell its family, it may not even have a chance to do so.

It’s possible for a whole bird family to be wiped out by one owl in a single night.

  1. Fear Tolerance

The brains of birds are small. Although they use it in the most efficient manner possible, however.

Even songbirds have a part of their brains dedicated to sound orchestration.

This enables parrots to mimic human speech and crows to converse with each other within their own groups.

The owl’s enormous eyes, on the other hand, take up the majority of its cerebral real estate.

The Dorsal Ventricular Ridge (DVR), which works like the mammalian amygdala, is missing in the owl brain.

Owls are said to have a high tolerance for fear because of the role of DVR in decision-making.

Owls, on the other hand, are willing to take uncommon risks because they don’t believe their actions will have any repercussions.

  1. Entitled Behavior

A Potterhead may imagine that all owls are like the snowy Sweetheart that is Hedwig.

Owls, on the other hand, are extremely snobbish and self-absorbed.

Disputes over territory are a common cause for them to commit savage acts of self-defense.

For the most part, they don’t even build their own nests.

Prior residents may serve them their first dinner in their new home.

For these reasons, birds avoid owls.

Owls crow, so why don’t we?

We’ll discover out….

Why Do Crows Not Like Owls?

Are Crows Afraid Of Owls-2

Because owls prey on helpless crows at night, crows have no choice but to fear them.

Corvids, on the other hand, form gangs to intimidate their rivals.

Even hawks and eagles avoid crows as a result.

Corvids are daytime creatures, but owls are nighttime creatures.

As could be expected, these two species rarely come into contact.

Owls, on the other hand, target crows’ communal roosting areas and eat them to the bone, despite the fact that crows are omnivores.

In addition, owls frequently kill and eat the young of crow parents right in front of the latter.

Great horned owl markings have been seen on half-eaten crow carcasses, according to ornithologists.

In light of this, crows are more likely to attack an owl that enters their territory.

Owls are known to turn around and kill multiple crows while they are being mobbed, however this isn’t always the case.

The crows will then consume the owl alive.

The birds’ animosity is so fierce that it has been genetically imprinted.

In the event that a bird has never come across an owl, it will nevertheless try to swoop down on it at the earliest opportunity.

Crows are said to be the most averse to owls, according to popular belief.

What Do Crows Hate the Most?

Are Crows Afraid Of Owls-3

Predators can’t get away from reflective surfaces.

Hawks, eagles, owls, and even humans top the list of predators.

Crows, on the other hand, may easily mob hawks and eagles, driving them from their usual stoic haunts.

In fact, these raptors are even bullied by them.

Nevertheless, these raptors rarely attempt to subdue or even devour a crow.


In order to revenge the death of one of their own, the ravens always return.

This means that eagles and hawks will not attempt to provoke crow bullying unless one or both are starving or nesting.

Owls, on the other hand, lack a sense of fear and are willing to take on any challenge.

In addition, crows offer a complete meal and are generally available.

Crows are routinely and mercilessly slaughtered by owls.

Aside from raptors, certain people are particularly cruel to crows.

In addition, crows are able to recognize and remember the faces of humans.

If you’re found near or touching a dead crow, you’ll be treated as a danger to crows.

The “Death Note” for you will be added immediately.

Crows aren’t Light Yagami, so you won’t truly die if you get attacked by one.

The problem is that they won’t stop until they’ve harassed you.

Your car, your house, and even you will be covered in their feces.

Also, they’ll caw constantly or bomb-dive you at any opportunity.

They could even dismantle your possessions.

If they think you’re a threat, some crows will harm your pets as well.

You don’t want birds thinking you’re a threat if you meddle with them!

A crow’s nasty side can happen to you by accident.

The best method to keep them away is to learn how to frighten them.

How Do You Scare Crows Away?

Despite the fact that no one strategy works for all crows, you can try the following:

  1. Scarecrows
  2. Decoys that can be moved are a good idea, too.
  3. Put them up around a tree and see how it looks.
  4. Maintain a consistent demeanor by shifting their weight frequently.

Hang a fake dead crow upside down as an alternative.

Make sure it is able to sway freely in the breeze.

  1. Modifying Surroundings
  2. Set up roosting spikes on the walls, fences, and roofs of your house.
  3. Crow distress cries or wind chimes can be used to generate a loud noise.
  4. Get motion-sensing water sprinklers for your yard.
  5. Mirrors, CDs, reflective tape, and aluminum foil are all good options for creating a reflected surface.
  6. Install bird repellents that emit a loud, piercing sound.
  7. A 4-inch chicken netting is a must.
  8. Removing Attractions
  1. Get rid of anything that could be used as a perch.
  2. Take down any bird feeders that may be in the area. Install feeders that keep out huge birds as an alternative.
  3. Insect and pest control is necessary to prevent birds from feasting on them.
  1. Others
  2. Prevent crow nesting by scaring them away early in the winter.
  3. Reduce the brightness of the lights outside.
  4. Discard any nested spaces.
  5. For more information, contact wildlife services.

Wrapping Up 

Crows are known as the avian bullies because of their reputation for tyranny.

However, owls are the assassins of the night, hunting for their prey in the darkness.

Due to the fact that birds are most vulnerable at night, owls frighten even crows.

It is widely believed that crows are the most averse to owls, as they frequently chase them from their homes.

Crows, on the other hand, despise all predators, including hawks, eagles, and humans.

It’s possible to scare away crows with a handful of the tactics listed in the article.

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