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Corn dogs are a perfect combination of savory and sweet and are a great meal or snack that can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of their age. Corn dogs feature a hot dog that is coated in a cornmeal batter that has been deep-fried and then served on a wooden stick. The history of corn dogs is unknown, but it is believed that they were first invented in the 1940s.

Today different brands sell corn dogs and one of the most popular is Sonic Corn Dog. Sonic corn dogs are quite popular because they are delicious, fresh, inexpensive, and readily available. Although corn dogs are considered to be a meal that is made using cheap ingredients, Sonic corn dog products are made of good batter and superior quality sausage.

How Many Calories Are In a Sonic Corn Dog

Calories in Corn Dogs

The total calorie count for a 100g corn dog is as follows:

The total amount of calories in a 100g of corn dog is 250

  • Total Fat is 12g which is just 15 % of the recommended daily value
  • Saturated Fat is 3.5g making up 18 % of the recommended daily value
  • Cholesterol accounts for 44mg which is 15 % of the daily target
  • Sodium is 668mg and this makes up 29 % of the daily target value
  • Total Carbohydrate is 27g making up 10 % of the recommended total value
  • Dietary Fiber is 1g and this just 4 % of the daily target
  • Protein is 8.6g making up 17 % of the recommended daily target
  • Vitamin D makes up 0.40mcg which accounts for 2 % of the recommended daily target
  • Calcium is 72.00mg making up 6 % of the daily target
  • Iron is 1.90mg making up 11 % of the daily target
  • Potassium is 125mg making up 3 % of the recommended daily value

By consuming corn dogs, you are assured of minute amounts of vitamin A and C, iron, and calcium. A store-bought corn dog can contain calories ranging between 250 and 440. Furthermore, additional toppings, condiments, and side dishes will mean more calories. However, you can make your corn dogs healthier by incorporating lots of raw or cooked vegetables.

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How Many Calories Are In a Sonic Corn Dog

Sonic Corn Dogs are great for parties, family meals, and snacks that can be taken at any time of day. With the popularity of corn dogs in the United States, there are different ways that they can be served. Sonic corn dogs can also be served in different ways and topped with condiments for those who like them. Depending on the type of condiment that you add to your sonic hot dogs, the number of calories that you consume also increases.

The most popular topping for corn dogs is yellow mustard and this can increase your calorie count by 10 to 20 calories for every 16-gram teaspoon. Additionally, some people accompany their corn dogs with ketchup, pickles, relish, mayonnaise, and sauerkraut. With a packet of ketchup, you can expect more calories than mustard because of the additional sodium and 2 grams of sugar.

Sauerkraut will add 3 calories to your corn dog coupled with fiber and a few hundred milligrams of sodium. On the other hand, pickle relish will add an extra 20 calories for every tablespoon you consume.  With Sonic corn dogs, there are a variety of condiments that you can try out to find one that you like best. You can either drizzle the condiments on top or you can dunk your corn dogs in the condiments.

Side Dishes

Sonic corn dogs can also be eaten with side dishes for those who want to feel fuller. Consuming a corn dog alone as a meal is not quite filling for an individual or a group. You can enjoy sonic corn dogs with different side dishes to make a whole and fulfilling meal. Some of the meals that you can consume alongside your corn dogs include French fries, macaroni and cheese, coleslaw, chicken nuggets, onion rings, fried chicken, and mozzarella sticks.

Most fried foods will blend perfectly with corn dogs because they are also fried food too. Eating your corn dogs with side dishes will increase the caloric count by about 300 calories or more depending on your portion sizes. Those who want a healthier option can garnish their corn dogs with raw or cooked vegetables like garlic peppers, broccoli, potatoes, sesame seeds, melted or shredded cheese, or other creative toppings.

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The Bottom Line

Corn dogs are a great deep fried treat that can be enjoyed with meals or as a snack for the entire family.  Corn dogs are a delicacy around the world and different counties have invented their own version of this snack. However, before consuming corn dogs, you should remember that based on the condiments and toppings, they can have higher calories, processed oils, and refined carbs. If you indulge in corn dogs be sure to go for healthier toppings and avoid those that can potentially harm your overall health.

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