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If you are into dog breeding, knowing how much sperm cells dogs produce is a crucial component. When you know the number of sperm cells that dogs produce, you can become a better breeder and always know when there is a problem. As a result, breeders can verify the quality of the semen their studs produce. Superior quality dog semen can be frozen or chilled for later use or selling.

When breeders know the amount of sperms a dog produces, they can evaluate the breeding soundless of their studs and identify infertile and subfertile dogs. In some cases, the American Kennel Club (AKC) can request for a sperm count report. When older or younger studs are used in breeding, the AKC will request for documentation and this includes semen evaluation reports that prove the ability of the stud to sire.

How Much Sperms Does a Dog Produc

How Much Sperms Does a Normal Dog Produce?

Normal dogs produce semen that ranges from 1 to 30ml per ejaculate and this contains about 300 million to 2 billion sperms. The quantity of sperms cells produced will vary depending on the size and weight of the dog and you can expect about 10 million sperm cells for every pound of bodyweight. Sperm count also depends on the testicular size of the dog, but most normal canines exceed the minimum sperm count significantly.

If the sperm count is low, then it may be because of a primary problem affecting the production of sperms or the dog may withhold the release of sperms because of an aggressive bitch. However, if your dog has a high libido and appears comfortable, and still has a low sperm count, then it is likely that there is a problem with the sperm cells production process. Keep in mind that volume does not indicate semen quality and the concentration of sperms in the ejaculate must be measured to determine quality.

Dog semen is usually produced in three fractions. The first fraction is normally small in volume at about 5 ml and it helps to eliminate any contaminants from the urethra before the actual ejaculation. The second fraction is mainly rich in sperm and has a volume of 0.5 to 4ml. The third fraction consists of a few sperm cells and prostatic fluid and has more volume of between 3 and 80ml.

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Can Dog Sperms Be Stored?

How Much Sperms Does a Dog Product

With technological advances, dog sperms can now be stored. The ability to store dog sperms enables breeders to carry out breeding processes with success. Most breeders use transcervical and vaginal insemination and they can breed their female dogs using semen from dogs around the world. This helps to reduce the traveling costs for breeders and also lower the stress levels for the dogs.

Storing dog semen is a perfect way of preserving the bloodline for use in the future, especially when the stud is to be neutered. The breeding processes can still continue even when the dog has a busy schedule or cannot perform any work because of injuries or temporary illness.

Storage of Dog Sperms

Collected dog semen samples are extended using a buffer solution to help protect the sperm cells during freezing. A sperm count is carried out and the sample is diluted further to create a uniform concentration. The diluted samples are then divided into different straws based on the initial sperm count. The straws are then stored in liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees Celsius.

After cooling and freezing one straw will be thawed to examine the sperms for motility. The average post-thaw motility rate is usually 40 to 60%, and this means that 40 to 60% of the dog sperm cells will survive the thawing process. This data is crucial as it will also determine the amount of semen that you will require for insemination.

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Can Dog Sperm Be Sold?

Yes, dog sperms can be sold and stud dogs are advertised online for their frozen or chilled sperms and one-on-one mating services. The cost of sperms will vary depending on the pedigree and heritage of the stud. Some breeders will even charge you a handling fee if they have to assist with the mating or insemination process.  Chilled or frozen semen can be dispatched using specialized kits that are commercially available, for example, the CLONE hilled Semen Kit.

If you opt to sell your dog’s sperms, you should consider the ethics of doing that. You should also have your dog tested for any inherited disorders that affect the breed and perform general DNA testing. Additionally, should not collect too much sperm from the dog, as it can reduce the dog’s sperm count and affect the quality of semen.


Different factors can determine the fertility of an individual dog at a specific point in his life. Low sperm numbers in dogs can be caused by recent testicular insult, frequent breeding, and obstructions like tumors. If you are a dog breeder, you should talk to a veterinarian to help your dog if it has fertility issues or is producing low levels of sperms.  Your veterinarian will carry out a fertility examination to determine the cause of the low quality sperm production.

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