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Is it possible to build a dog from a wild fox? Can you even start to imagine what you would need besides a wild fox? You will need everything that makes a dog what it is including loyalty, cuteness, gentleness, friendliness, a tail-wagging in joy at your site, and big eyes looking up to you for cuddles, petting, and some grooming.

Now, picture yourself domesticating a fox.  The cute appearance of a cuddly canine with languid eyes and a wagging tail might fool you into thinking that it is easy to tame it into a pet. Then again, the fox is a wild animal. Like all wild animals, it is intimidating, unpredictable, and capable of attacking at the slightest provocation.

How To Tame A Fox And Build A Dog

Owning and taming a fox is not new, especially in states that allow domesticated fox adoption. However, breeding and owning one is illegal in many other states in the US. Therefore, you have to be conversant with the laws about taming a fox in your municipality or state.

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The Science behind Taming a Fox and Building a Dog

Dmitry K. Belyaev and Lyudmila Trut, Soviet geneticists, started taming foxes by secretly breeding domesticated foxes using a secretive experiment in 1959. Several decades later, The Institute of Cytology And Genetics based in Novosibirsk Siberia continues studying domesticating foxes. The study focuses on traits that include physical, behavior, and breeding.

However, non-scientists look at the project on a different level. They want to adopt the foxes, hug them, and build them into dogs and like them just as much as they enjoy their pets. Only one facility in Siberia keeps domesticated foxes. With Kay Fedewa approval, you can import a domesticated fox at the cost of $8,000 depending on your municipality or state’s regulations.

Domesticating Vs. Befriending a Fox

How To Tame A Fox And Build A Dog

Domesticating a wild animal is not the same as taming it. Taming involves raising the animal from birth not to kill you though there is no guarantee it will show any affection towards you. On the other hand, domestication is trying to change the animal at its genetic level in the hope that it changes from an aggressive animal to a more docile and less skittish animal.

Befriending a wild fox is not the same as domesticating it. You can befriend a fox that ventures close to your home without taming it. Foxes hovering around homes are a common thing, and unless provoked, they are not aggressive.

However, you still have to bear in mind that a fox is a wild animal, and you have to do so with the utmost care. Remember, you can befriend a wild fox, but you cannot tame it unless you have the law on your side and the right domesticated one to build into a dog.

Adopting and Building a Fox into a Dog

How To Tame A Fox And Build A Dog 3

  • Research about fox ownership in your municipality and if the laws agree, look for a reputable organization that puts them up for adoption.
  • Once you get an approval, make enough inquiries about the necessities that include fox diet and likes.
  • Choose a vet that will agree to treat your fox in the case of a medical issue. Pay regular visits to the chosen vet to ensure your new pet’s safety and health is always right. Because this is a wild animal, you can go with a zoo vet.
  • Make an enclosure for the fox with a concrete floor to prevent the animal from digging its way out. The enclosure space should be enough for sleeping, water, food, litter box, hide box, and toys.
  • Before becoming too close to the fox, learn its personality and earn their trust. Start socializing after about five days and afterwards introduce it to the other animals around, but away from rabbits, birds, and mice.
  • Play with your fox at least for one hour each day. Walk the fox as you would a dog and give it toys to avoid boredom.
  • Train the fox to use the puppy pad or litter box.

Wrapping It Up

Adopting and turning a fox into a dog is not an easy thing, but it is doable. Once it gains your trust, all you need to do is treat it as you would treat your dog. It can also get as naughty as a dog, so always ensure you put it on a leash when walking it.

However, even as you domesticate the wild fox, you still have to bear in mind that it is a wild animal and you can only do so much. A little aggression and it would turn tables on you.

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