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Keeping birds as pets is a new activity that offers psychological benefits.

Senegal parrots are beloved by bird watchers for their endearingly small size and bright yellow eyes.

It’s a parrot of the Poicephalus species.

Even though they don’t say much, these beautiful birds can pick up your language quickly and communicate effectively.

This parrot is highly lively and calm, so make sure to stock up on toys and accessories if you plan to raise one.

The Senegal parrot is not a finicky eater and enjoys virtually any kind of food you can provide it.

Aspergillosis and Bornavirus are two fungi that cause serious illness in these parrots (PPD).

The bird’s lifespan could be extended by up to 30 years if it is kept in a clean and safe habitat.

Insights from this post will lead you to great places to get one of these stunning Senegal parrots in the Miami, Florida area.

Senegal Parrot For Sale In Florida

Senegal Parrot For Sale In Florida

Birds Breeders

Birds Breeders is a marketplace where bird owners may advertise their birds and aviaries to a community of buyers and sellers worldwide.

In excess of 150,000 bird species from around the United States have been documented so far.

Those interested in purchasing a Senegal parrot in Florida can do so through the group’s established breeder/seller network.

Their facility has a wide variety of parrot species.

The Aviary At Cauley Square

Located in South Florida since 1981, The Aviary at Cauley Square began as a humble shop.

You won’t find a more established bird shop anywhere else, and their parrots are both incredibly well-behaved and healthy.

Parrots, especially Senegal parrots and freshly hatched baby parrots, can develop a strong bond with you at a young age.


  • They train the young birds to respond to human affection by hand-feeding and socializing them from an early age.
  • Toys and equipment for birds are available for socialization, housing, maintenance, feeding, and other basic needs.
  • Unique, handcrafted, and specifically designed for Senegal parrots, these playthings are a cut above the rest.
  • Name-brand products to maintain your parrot’s health and happiness.
  • Nail and feather trimming are among the many grooming treatments offered.
  • In other words, a beak cut.
  • Scientific method of determining sexual orientation based on DNA.
  • Assistance with events and picture shoots.
  • Boarding.
  • Websites dedicated to parrot maintenance

Parrotmount Aviaries

There are many species of parrots, including Senegal parrots, that may be purchased from Parrotmount Aviaries, a producer of exotic birds.

For almost 30 years, their aviaries have provided bird lovers with the best, most well-cared-for parrots anywhere.

Bird education and exhibition shows are a regular occurrence at Parrotmount Aviaries.

Complete information about chicks is kept and shared, including information about when they hatched and whether or not they were vaccinated.

Here’s what they offer

  • You can easily find everything you need to care for your birds.
  • Their retail establishment offers a wide variety of playthings, perches, ladders, playstands, and cages.
  • Low-priced, nutrient-rich food and treats are easily accessible.
  • Their website also sells tickets to their shows.
  • Grooming
  • You may find information about the company, ask general questions, and view the available products on their official Facebook page.

Simbad’s Bird House Inc

If you’re looking to add a feathered friend to your family, Simbads Bird House Inc is the place to go.

Since 1980, they have been engaged in the trade of exotic birds and Senegal parrots.

They are able to do so because they have their own farms where they can cultivate healthy stock and store it safely throughout hurricane season.

They are a one-stop shop for purchasing exotic birds (including Senegal parrots) and all the supplies you would need to care for them.

They offer free shipping all around the United States, and their multi-item discounts are rather generous.

What is unique about Simbad’s?

  • In particular, they do well by parrot breeds and their young.
  • Each bird is well-cared-for and well-tamed, as is their policy.
  • A parrot’s natural habitat and the benefits of natural light are preserved in a cage that extends outdoors through a wall.
  • The birds have access to a special sprinkler system that uses droplets of water to clean them.
  • Parrots are vetted and given vaccinations before being placed in new homes.
  • The best possible diet, complete with all the nutrients parrots need, is provided for them.
  • They have special nurseries where the birds grow up with lots of human interaction.
  • When you spend more than $250, your shipping is on the house.

Birds Off Broadway

Senegal Parrot For Sale In Florida-3

Birds Off Broadway was founded in 2007 with the intention of promoting the sale of only healthy parrots and educating the public about the benefits of keeping birds as pets.

You can get everything you need to care for your parrot here.

This is a well-respected parrot shop, and they are famous for their deep discounts on high-quality parrot species.

Let’s take a look at some of Birds Off Broadway’s most appealing benefits and features.

Distinguishing features of Birds Off Broadway:

What’s unique about Birds Off Broadway:

  • The great team there takes the time to get to know both the bird and its owner.
  • Alluring additions for your rambunctious Senegalese parrot are available here.
  • Organic pellets, seed mixes, and healthy snacks galore are all available here.
  • Importantly, if you purchase the bird, cage, food, and other accessories all at once, you will receive a 10 percent package discount.
  • Accommodations for staying overnight are offered.
  • Your parrot can get professional grooming treatments.
  • Blogs containing a wealth of knowledge regarding avian species

Florida Bird Breeders

We at Florida Bird Breeders are a reliable bird company that specializes in the sale of Poicephalus parrots and Senegal parrots.

Their delivery service covers the entire United States, not just Florida.

Conveniently, they also sell the gear you need to get the job done.

They’ve been working hard to improve the more wholesome parrot breeds so that you can have a loving companion for life.

Now, I’d want to talk about some of the niches that Florida bird breeders fill.


  • Surely it is Poicephalus Parrots that you seek from their shop.
  • Only the genetically and physically healthiest birds are used in breeding programs.
  • Currently, baby parrots are out of stock but will be available again in the summer/spring of 2022.
  • They sell a vast selection of different kinds of equipment, such as cages, toys, and personal care items.
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