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When your parrot does something, do you find yourself scratching your head in bewilderment?

There are many things that parrots do that could make you scratch your head.

Meethi, my parrot, regularly does things that make me chuckle or raise an eyebrow.

Why Do Birds Eat Their Poop

Since having a parrot in your life can provide you with so much amusement, I don’t see the necessity for any form of electronic media such as television.

As such, I’d want to use today’s post to answer a topic I’ve been asked frequently:

Why does my parrot eat his poop?

Weird, I know, but they really do

Birds often resort to eating their own feces when they are malnourished.

But there are several things you still need to be aware of.

So, let’s go through the following in this essay.

  • Inquiring minds want to know why exactly my parrot is snacking on dried excrement.
  • The consequences of feeding your parrot its own waste. Must you worry about this?
  • What you can do about the disturbing trend of people eating their waste.

Do you like it?

Okay, so let’s begin!

Why Does My Parrot Eat Dried Poop?

Why Do Birds Eat Their Poop-2

This section of the article will explain why it is that your parrot is snacking on old excrement.

The #1 Reason: A Lack of Nutrients 

One of the primary causes of your parrot eating its own feces is a nutritional shortage.

If this is the case, try introducing your parrot to new foods, such as raw veggies and nuts.

Sometimes a nutritional deficiency has little to do with eating habits.

Added to these vitamin deficiencies are:

  • Sunlight exposition
  • Stress from the Environment
  • Integral well-being

The best course of action is to consult an avian veterinarian in order to identify the root cause of the deficit and begin treatment.

Let’s consider some alternatives to explain this peculiar behavior.

Your Parrot is Bored 

When you’re bored, there are many of things you can do besides eating your own feces.

It’s too bad your feathered pal doesn’t qualify for this!

When bored, some parrots develop the habit of eating their own feces.

Birds have been observed nibbling on dust, hair, their own feathers, and other non-edible materials.

I know it’s gross; believe me, writing about this makes me uneasy; yet, if this is what you wanted to know, I’m glad to have helped.

If you want to know how to change this habit, keep reading.

They’re Stressed

Parrots may start eating their own feces as a coping mechanism for the stress they experience in their natural habitats.

If your parrot is experiencing stress due to a move, a change in environment, or a threatening cage mate, it is time for a change.

You probably want to know the results of your bird eating its own poop now that you know some of the potential causes.

Please have a look

What Happens When Your Parrot Eats Their Own Poop?

Actually, there isn’t anything like that.

But after seeing your parrot do it, you could feel repulsed! Simply putting it into words makes me feel nervous.

Eating its own waste won’t harm your parrot’s health in any way.

It will be broken down in the digestive system like food, and that will be that.

It’s possible that your bird could contract a bacterial infection by sitting in its own waste for too long, so it’s important to clean its cage at least once a day.

That’s why it’s crucial to keep the cage tidy.

What To Do When Your Parrot Eats Their Own Poop? 

Investigate why your parrot thinks its waste is tasty.

A series of diagnostic procedures and a thorough physical examination are tools at your veterinarian’s disposal for determining the root cause of this unusual behavior.

In this case, seeing a veterinarian should be your top priority.

How do I get my parrot to stop eating its own droppings?

How To Stop Your Parrot Eating Their Own Poop?

In order to prevent your parrot from consuming its own waste, try the following:

  • The daily cleaning of your parrot’s cage is an excellent way to discourage this behavior. For a week or two, you can clean the cage after your parrot feces to help it unlearn the behavior.
  • by fixing the underlying problem: If you can determine the cause of your parrot’s behavior of eating waste, you can work to help your bird overcome it.


Did you find out everything you needed to know?

If their food doesn’t provide enough nutrients, parrots can sometimes resort to eating their own feces, which is as disgusting as it sounds.

Feeding children a healthy, well-rounded diet is the best solution to this problem.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are ideal for your parrot’s diet.

Your parrot can consume a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

Please read a couple pieces I’ve written, links to which I’ve provided at the end of this one.

Subsequently, this may be associated with preexisting conditions.

If the problem persists after altering your feathery friend’s diet, it’s best to make an appointment with the vet to find out what’s going on.

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