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The relationship between man, woman and their dog is an old relationship that probably grew out of human needs for assistance in herding and hunting.
They also functioned as primitive alarm systems that warned people of imminent danger. As a reward, Canis lupus familiaris received regular food as well as the companionship and protection from those they assisted. What is this got to do with why dogs lie in your shoes?


Why Do Dogs Sit on Your Feet?

A 2017 study by a group comprised of Swedish research suggests earlier dogs that were more likely to snuggle with humans, could be doing so because of their sensitivities to Oxytocin.
Another study conducted in Vienna, Austria agrees, saying that oxytocin could increase tolerance, as well as less anxiety and fear and also enhanced social cognitive ability and attachment.
These behaviours are in line for a dog who loves to lie in your shoes or lean on you, ensuring a tight relationship.
When people hug, oxytocin levels increase which is why it’s dubbed “the love hormone.” The sensitivity to oxytocin could explain why certain dogs are more affectionate towards their owners more than other dogs. This could, therefore, be the reason to why your dog is at your feet rubs your legs, lies on your lap or rests against you.

More Answers to Why Do Dogs Sit on You

Pack Mentality

Dogs are social animals. However, even if the curly coat of your well-groomed, bow-wearing dog hasn’t spent any time in the outdoors, he or she is still a member of a group. The reason your dog is seated on your feet may be the result of their family’s genetic heritage.
To stay safe To stay safe, wild dogs are in groups and work together to stay alive. While they rest on their backs, they gather together in a group with their leader, who gets the best vantage point, while other dogs rest nearby.

Guarding Instincts

In the role of being a pack animal your dog is trained to protect his pack. This he does by putting himself in between you and any danger. This is accomplished by lying down on the floor. We contacted Arden Moore America’s pet’s Health and Safety Coach, and here’s what she had to say:

Territoriality (aka Claiming YOU)

Your dog might view your body, or even you as an object of prize. The reason the reason dogs lie on your feet, your lap or other body parts is straightforward that the dog is trying to claim your space to his own! If your dog lies on your feet in the park, or other public areas, it’s likely making a mark on his area of territory. He’s telling the other dogs that you’re the one who rules and that the rest of the dogs must be quiet.
If you are in a household with multiple dogs and you have two dogs fighting over who sits and who lies on your backs out of jealousy, you should seek out help from a dog behaviorist. This will make sure that nobody is hurt, whether it’s a dog or otherwise, as well as will help maintain peace in the your home. It might take some time therefore be patient.
The dog’s being able to sit in your shoes is a way of showing the world that you are part of them. It is important to manage power battles like this only through positive reinforcement. One option is to give each dog a SPOTLIGHT NEAR YOUR FEET, with no dog taking your feet his own. Employ a professional to assist you and make sure that every dog has his own private moment with you.



Dogs are extremely sensitive to our emotional signals. If you’re unhappy or sick or are showing signs of stress the dog is there to help it easier for you to feel more relaxed. Family members are supportive of one another and even though your dog might not speak, his presence will comfort you. Moore addsthat
A different possibility could be that, since the most desirable pet (that’s you) is the one who enjoys the position of the highest luxury, perhaps your dog is keen to take advantage of the physical pleasures of that place as well. Therefore, he will do his best to be close to it. And you.


If it’s canis familiaris or homo sapiens an anxious creature often seeks security from his family. Any changes to your routine (i.e. strangers in the home, loud noises, changing the arrangement of furniture) could cause anxiety, which is why your dog might lie on your feet and feel safe.
Sometimes, IT’S SOMETHING AS SIMPLE AS THE HUMAN TOUCH THAT CAN MAKE YOUR DOG FEEL SAFE. If your dog is submissive , or takes some role that resembles an intimidating animal in times of fear and is afraid, he might turn to you to seek protection. In contrast, Moore says:
Certain dogs are fearful of strangers, and may lean on their owners when they are around other dogs. This is known as” displacement signal” or “displacement signal,” but other signals that are similar include lip licking and yawning and avoiding eye contact.


What If My Dog Doesn’t Sit on My Feet?

Every dog is unique and displays affection and love to their owners in various ways.
Perhaps your dog isn’t the cuddly, touchy pet however, he does enjoy being able to lay or sit next to you. Your dog may just like being with you and not require as much physical contact. And it’s fine.
Your dog could be affectionate in other ways, like welcoming you home at the door when you arrive home, offering you his favorite toys or even following your movements from one room to another. Imagine your dog has a certain affection expressions.
You might be happy that your dog is large enough to not want to lie in your shoes. Believe me, I’ve learned from my own experiences.
No matter if your dog is a sit-at your-feet or a follow-you-around dog and enjoy your dog’s distinct character.


If it’s sitting at your feet, lying on your lap, or leaning against your back the dog’s primary goal is to make you feel secure and safe or perhaps even defend and claim the person as their very own! The feel-good or love hormone certainly plays a part however, the most important thing is that your dog is on your feet due to trying to make contact to his best friend and by doing this, it assists us too.

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