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If your dog appears to be more in love with your boyfriend than you, this article will give you the most likely explanations for this and how to deal to address it.
Why is my dog adoring my boyfriend more than me? The most likely reasons for why your dog loves your partner more is that your dog isn’t attracted to him and he pays your dog more attention, or he offers your dog treats or you dog has become bored.
There are plenty of reasons your dog is doing it , and it could be because of some combination of these. But, there are options to determine the cause. Additionally, there are ways to go to fix it.


Why does my dog prefer my boyfriend?

Below are some possible reasons your dog is more suited to you than your friend and what makes your dog more likely.

Your dog likes the new attention

One reason could be that your dog has become familiar with being the center of attention for you, and it is a pleasure for your dog to being the center of attention for your partner. This is especially true when your dog ceases to give his attention to you after having been on the move for more than couple of hours.


It could be the pet is bored, and is looking for something to keep it busy. It is more likely when your dog doesn’t give you the same amount of attention once it’s already been exercising.

He gives your dog lots of attention

Another reason is the fact that your boyfriend pays your dog plenty of attention. If your boyfriend pays your dog plenty of attention, the dog is likely to pay him more attention as it is used to being admired by him.

He gives your dog treats

When your partner has been feeding your pet treats, it’s highly likely that your dog is giving him attention since your dog is eager to get the treats he’s received.

What to do about my dog liking my boyfriend more?

Below are some ways you can do to fix it.

Let your dog do it

If your dog doesn’t appear to try to avoid you then it is possible that your dog is giving his attention due to the fact that your dog is not used to receiving attention from you. In this situation the best choice is to let your dog to keep in this manner.

Give your dog more attention yourself

It may also be beneficial to pay your dog more attention through playing, teaching it, and then petting it.

Reward your dog for giving you attention

It is possible that you’ve fostered your dog to pay attention by shoving it away whenever it is giving you attention, while rewarding it when it doesn’t pay attention. Instead, it is beneficial by rewarding your dog each time you pay attention and avoid rewarding the dog when it doesn’t.

Ensure your dog gets enough exercise

It is also helpful to make sure your dog has received enough exercise given its breed and age.


Why does my dog love my girlfriend more than me?

Most likely reasons that your dog loves you more than you do are because your pet has learned that it receives rewards from her, or that your dog isn’t at all accustomed to receiving the attention of her or that you have been punishing your dog whenever it shows you affection or you have been feeding you treats for your pet.

Familiarity Breeds Contempt

In some instances the two partners in a couple stroll and feed the dog in a similar way however, the dog prefers one person more than the other. It is usually an issue of access or lack thereof. If one person is spending more time in the house with their dog, it is likely that the dog would want to be able to interact with their partner too.
If the absent companion rewards the behavior with treats when they returning the reinforcement is then hardwired. But, says Dr. Gavriele-Goldnot to confuse with a happy “welcome home!” routine with a genuine preference.

What’s That Smell?

In addition, dogs are known to have sensitive sense of smell. They are able to create antipathies against people based on their smells. Dr. Gavriele Gold says that his patients are prone to a particular smell like alcohol, sweat and other unpleasant scents which his Bouviers react negatively to. It’s therefore possible that an animal in the family may have an affinity for one dog due to an unpleasant smell.
However the person who is pleasant to dogs whether because of food, pheromones or even other animals is likely to have a high likelihood of being loved by the dog in a loving way. You don’t have to wear a hamburger fragrance to convince your dog to be to be friendly with you. The scent of affection generally will do the trick.


Why does my dog love my husband more than me?

Here are a few reasons that could explain why your dog is a lover of your man more.

He is the one that feeds or exercises your dog

It is possible that your dog is doing it because your husband provides your dog with food and exercise. If this is the case you can be sure that your dog is giving his attention to the most because the dog hopes to receive food and exercise from him.

He gives your dog more attention

The reason could be that the dog increased attention. and rewards your dog whenever they pay attention to him, and that you’ve stopped your dog from giving your attention.

He has trained your dog

Another possibility is your husband is providing your dog with training and your dog is looking to him for direction the result.

He has been giving your dog treats

If your husband frequently gives the dog food, it will be very likely that your dog pays his attention more often since it’s hoping to earn sweets from him.

Why does my dog love my wife more than me?

Most likely reasons that your dog is in love with your wife more is because she feeds it food and exercise She also gives it treats, or offers your dog more love or perhaps you’ve accidentally the dog to pay attention to you.

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