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Have you ever noticed that your dog swallows food without even chewing it? Sometimes this behavior can upset the dog’s stomach, which can cause him to vomit up whole pieces of food. However, often your dog is perfectly fine after eating an entire meal without chewing once. This makes us wonder why dogs don’t chew food. Many pets exhibit this behavior, including cats. However, the way dogs are built is one of the main reasons they sometimes eat this way. Dogs don’t understand the concept of tasting food like humans do. Their instinct is more to fill their bellies than the need to taste food.


Why is my dog not chewing their food?

There are a few possible reasons your dog isn’t eating their food:

1. They have dental problems

Your dog might suffer from toothache, which causes the dog to feel pain when you chew your food. If you suspect your dog is suffering from dental issues and you suspect that they have dental problems, it’s recommended to visit the vet.
Your veterinarian may suggest soft foods, like canned or wet foods. You could also provide food that include gravy or soup to assist them to chew or take in their food.

2. Eating fast is part of their wolf ancestry

As canines who descend from wolf ancestry out in nature, canines must to be scavenger hunters, and also consume food fast, prior to it being taken from them. It’s all about the survival of the most fittest in the wild and your dog may have learned this behaviour because of their wild-life genes.
However, this doesn’t mean that your dog’s eating habits can’t be managed. If your dog’s eating too fast, give them a slow meal to slow down their intake so that they can slightly take their time eating.

3. Your dog could be stressed by different factors

If you live in multiple dogs in your family, it’s possible the dog you have is eating quickly and isn’t eating their food properly because they are afraid of competing with other dogs. This again goes in our survival instincts when they are in nature.
Unfortunate sounds that can make your dog stop chewing their food properly are the sounds of the bowl, particularly if it’s made from glass or metal. Unexpected sounds typically scare dogs and, if they do become nervous, they will not feel at ease eating, so they’ll tend to consume food faster.


How to get your dog to chew their food

If your dog isn’t eating their food, here are some tips to assist them:

1. Brush their teeth regularly

Establishing a daily routine to maintain dental health will ensure that your dog has healthier teeth. It is essential to allow them to chew food with ease and without pain. If you are brushing your dog’s teeth make sure you use dog toothpaste or at a minimum, pet-friendly toothpaste.

2. Give them crunchy treats

To avoid dental issues in the future, chewy treats will to strengthen your dog’s teeth. They have a firm texture that can help battle the many issues associated to their dental. Be cautious when you are giving them treats, so it doesn’t cause to the calories they consume.

3. Give them appropriately-sized kibble or food bits

Certain dogs, particularly large breeds, are more likely to eat their food in one go instead of chewing them because they’re small. The best thing to do is purchase them kibble that’s appropriate to their size.

4. Use large, low-noise plastic bowls

The most important thing to remember when eating is feeling at comfortable. As we have mentioned earlier that dogs may be terrified of loud noises It is possible to use plastic bowls rather than metal or glass. This will make their food consumption to stop abruptly making noises.
If you opt for a large bowl in place of a smaller bowl, your pet is less likely to experience being bloated because the food won’t be placed in a pile or stacked up in a pile. If the food in your bowl has been laid flat, it won’t make your dog want to eat lots of food.

5. Don’t distract them when they eat

Inform your family members at home to keep your dog from being distracted while they are eating. Dogs take their food in a slow and peaceful manner in the event that they aren’t scared or distracted by people. Think about feeding your pet in a calmer space in your home or at the very least, far from foot traffic. If you have children at home, let them know that dogs cannot be able to eat well if they are concerned.

6. Consider a slow-feeder bowl

Another method to make sure your dog to not eat their food is using an oversized slow-feeder bowl. These specially designed bowls can assist your dog in slowing down when eating like the name implies. If you dog has been certified as a gobbler this is an excellent purchase, particularly if your breed is susceptible to bloating and other issues.

7. Add some liquid to their food

Perhaps a small amount of soup or gravy could assist your dog to avoid constipation and difficulties eating or taking their food. If you’re unable to make your dog stop eating and eating, having liquids in their food can help the food to pass through the digestive tract without having any adverse consequences.

8. Increase the height of the feeding bowl

Sometimes, bloating can be due to a poor posture during the time your dog eats. Think about adding height to your dog bowl when they’re prone to digestion issues or bloating.


9. Try feeding them away from other dogs in the house

As previously mentioned If you have multiple pets in your home, think about feeding them in separate areas. The rivalry between dogs is common for domesticated dogs like they did during their wild lives. The rivalry can cause them to eat more quickly and may even fight with each other for food and can result in your dog eating their food correctly.
To resolve this issue To solve this problem, set different schedules for your dogs , especially for dogs that don’t consume their meals. This can help to relax your dog during eating.

10. Consult your vet for other options

If you’re still unsure why your dog’s not eating their food correctly or you’re unable to convince your dog to stop eating, you may want consult with a veterinarian. They will assist you in figuring out the most effective method for your dog’s best friend.


How your pet eats is a natural behavior for them. It is possible to ease tension and assist them in chewing their food better by changing the way they eat their bowls or food. However, don’t worry over this issue until it causes an issue with digestion. Dogs will always be dogs in the end.

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