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The scent glands of dogs are located on their faces. Therefore, whenever your dog touches you with its head it could be a bid to identify you by the scent. This type of territorial marking acts as a warning to other dogs to stay clear. Your pet isn’t an odd animal! This is completely normal particularly in a new area or is experiencing changes.

This article will discuss the most important reasons your dog’s face against your bed. Finding out the reason they’re doing this will help make it easier to stop this behavior.


Expressing Ownership

Dogs are territorial creatures and have a variety of methods to claim their territory. Each method requires leaving their footprints. Though urination is by far the most commonly used method to release their scent however, there is another method, which is to apply pressure to it.

When your dog rubs its face against your bed, they could be claiming the mattress for “theirs.” Although you might not like the idea the dog is trying to assert your bed as their own and not yours, you should be grateful that they’re not spilling their urine or the feces that they poop on!

Health Concerns

The occasional face rub is not harmful however if it’s occurring every day it could indicate that something’s wrong.

Dogs show their discomfort by chewing or scratching. If the issue is in an area that they aren’t able to reach, they’ll show it by the rub.

If your dog is always rubbing his face against your pillow, you should determine if he’s rubbing in the same area on his face repeatedly. There may be an itch, scab, or an irritation that demands your care.

Below are two of the most frequent health conditions which could cause this behavior.


Humans experience allergies by having red/watery eyes and coughing. Dogs show signs of allergies through their skin.

It causes severe irritation and can result in scratching or rubbing. Certain household items and foods could trigger reactions in the pet. Other allergens that are common include pollen and grass.

Make sure you are aware of items within your home that may cause harm to your pet and make certain to keep them away from the reach of your dog.

If you are introducing your dog to new foods or treats, begin by giving them just a tiny amount to ensure they don’t experience any allergic reactions.


Skin damage that is constant caused by scratching or rubbing could result in an infection. The signs of infection are the appearance of redness, possibly losing hair, skin pimple forms and itching.

If you see an infection developing, make certain to notify your veterinarian promptly. Doctors will recommend antibiotics in order to accelerate the healing process of the infection.


What does a dog rubbing face mean?

If your dog is regularly often rubbing its face against things, then they could be a sign of an issue. A nagging issue like dirty or wet fur the pain of a tooth or eye injury irritation due to allergies or fleas or simply since it feels good possible motives for dogs to be rubbing its face against something.

What does it mean when a dog nuzzles you?

Animals and dogs have smell glands on their face . when they rub against you they’re leaving their scent all over you. This is a sign that you are their territory. This means the dog really loves you. If your dog thinks that you’re worthy of their affection and affection, you’ll be greeted with an nudge or a nuzzle.

Why does my dog push against me?

Dominance. If your dog appears to be yanking away from you, then it could be that he is leaning against your back. Leaning on the human or other animal is usually an indication of dominance. He’s confident and at ease and is basically signaling to the other dog that you’re not.

Why does my dog rub his face with his paws when I pet him?

To scratch an itchy dog do not just utilize their front paws alleviate itchy skin or eyes, they can also make use of them to remove eye-related gunk or other substances that are stuck in their furs and cause discomfort. A constant scratching could be an indication that your pet is suffering from discomfort and should see an animal veterinarian.

Why do dogs sleep with their bum facing you?

The primary reason that dogs smack their bums at their pet owners during their sleep is because they trust and love you. The position of sleep makes your pet feel secure since they know you’ve got their back (literally). Furthermore, some dogs perform this behavior because they want to identify you by scent.


Why does my dog bury his head in my legs?

A few dogs will nudge their noses in the crook of your arm or place their head on your feet. Others show their love by placing their heads on your knees or leaning against your back. This is the perfect best time to build your bond and cherish the moments of love.

My Dog Rubs His Face On Me To Mark Territory

This is typical for species that are territorial, such as dogs. They want other to understand that you are only theirs! This behavior should not be taken seriously except if your dog is showing indications of an excessive amount of possession. It could result in aggression towards other dogs , or even people who would like to meet you.

Additionally, dogs can use markings to show the dominance. They believe that they are in control and not the other way around. Therefore, it is important to be aware if they appear to take over your position as the leader in the group.

My Dog Rubs His Face On Me To Tell Me That He’s Itching

Another reason why dogs may rub their face against yours is that itchy, and soliciting assistance. Make sure he’s not suffering from any skin issues and if the issue is just a temporary irritation. Sometimes your dog likes to apply pressure to your face.

If your dog keeps rubbing his head, not only you , but on other things too, be aware. This could be a sign of more serious issues like dental pain allergies, or even stress. Consult a vet If the behavior continues to bother you.

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