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Imagine spending all the free time to keep your yard lush and clean, only to have your neighbor’s dog use it as its peeing ground. It is frustrating and annoying, and the first thing that would probably come into your mind is to throw something at the dog or match to your neighbor’s home in anger.

Some neighbors may assume that it is all normal and a dog thing. Some might call it co-existing. However, a dog’s pee creates yellow or brown dead spots on the grass that look ugly. Instead of resorting to anger-driven measures, you can use the following few techniques to stop the neighbor’s dog from peeing in your yard to maintain its beauty.

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Things To Do To Stop Your Neighbor’s Dog From Peeing In Your Yard

How To Stop Neighbors Dog From Peeing In My Yard

Talk to your neighbor

Before you think of doing anything to keep your neighbor’s dog off your yard, you should try to have a cordial meeting with the dog’s owner-your neighbor. A friendly chat without losing your cool may bring solutions on how you two can handle the situation. It may even surprise you that talking to the dog’s owner are all you need without resorting to other measures. If that fails, then you take the following steps to try to alleviate the problem.

Use repellants to Eliminate Any Form of Enticing Smells

Dogs like to mark their territory, and one way they do this is by frequently peeing on the same spot. A specific smell may attract them to a particular area they choose to carry out their businesses. Once one dog picks a place, the pheromones may attract other neighbor dogs to follow suit.

You can prevent this by eliminating any enticing smells in your yard. The best way to do this is by using repellants. Spray a neutralizing and repellant agent such as vinegar on the spot and around the yard perimeter. For effective results, do this daily but avoid spraying it over the whole lawn to prevent damage.

Likewise, you can also baking soda that has the same effects as vinegar. Other repellants that you can use to keep the dog away include citrus, ammonia, and chili pepper. If you think the smell of the current fertilizer you are using in the yard is attracting your neighbor’s dog, you should change it. If this fails, you can take the following steps to bring the situation to a stop.

Eliminate or hide Attractions

Boredom and curiosity can lead dogs into other people’s lawns. If they see things in your yard that they do not see in theirs, the temptation to come around may be too overwhelming. Some of the things that may attract your neighbor’s dog include garbage, BBQ, smell, or sight of food, and water points.

To prevent the dog from coming over, cover the garbage cans, feed your pets indoors, keep away your pet’s toys, treats and kibbles, clean after your dog, and cover water bowls strewn around the yard. If you have a female dog, you might have to consider spaying it to avoid attraction to a neighbor’s dog.

Put up a fence

How To Stop Neighbors Dog From Peeing In My Yard

A fence around your yard is enough to keep off wandering dogs and unwelcome people into your compound. Fencing is a clear sign that your home is out of limits for anyone other than those residing there.

Put up motion-operated sprinklers

Motion-operated sprinklers may not go well with your neighbors, but they will definitely keep dogs and any other wandering animals away from your yard. Ensure the sprinklers target specific areas of your yard.

Put up a scarecrow

A simple scarecrow may not scare away the dog, but if you put up a motion-detecting spooky thing up on the yard, it might work to scare the animal away from peeing on your yard.

Change the landscape

You can also get creative and change the current landscape to one that does not appeal to dogs. Some of the suggestions are:-

  • Shrubs such as Coleus Canina around the yard that have smell dogs do not like.
  • Sharp gravel around the yard that may hurt the dog’s paws
  • Thorny plants such as vines around the perimeter of the yard
  • Pinecone mulch, which has the same effects as sharp gravel around the yard perimeter

Wrapping It Up

Dogs are lovable pets, and they make us all happy. We also love to see our neighbors enjoying the company of their dogs just as much as anyone else. However, when a neighbor’s dog breaks all kinds of the protocol to pee on our yards, it is frustrating because of the ugly and unsightly spots left behind by the urine. The above tips will deter any stray dog from coming to mess up your lush lawns.

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