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Why Do Some Dogs Whine While Carrying Toys?

A dog usually does two things with the toy they love most. It may take it to the places he likes to play and relax on, or sway around with toys in his mouth and whining incessantly.
If your dog is doing the later, you’re likely to wonder what could be the reason. There are many reasons for this behavior, but it’s not complaining because he’s in need of a better pet!


What’s Up With Dogs Carrying Toys and Whining?

Because dogs don’t speak and cannot communicate, we are able to assume their behavior. The gender, age, and the breed of the dog could be important factors to be considered when analyzing specific dog behaviours. There are a variety of reasons that a dog might play with toys and whine.

Signs of a False Pregnancy

If the behavior is being displayed by a female who is not spayed It could be because she’s showing the first indications of false pregnancy. False pregnancy is a sign that the dog has experienced the heat but was not able to mat or her eggs weren’t fertilized.
A female who is in false pregnancy is therefore likely to engage in mothering behaviours like carrying toys around like they were her puppies. Thus, she could develop an emotional bond to her toys, and even whine while she moves her toys around, in search of a spot to settle.
However spayed females and females who have not yet experienced the false pregnancy could also have toys or whine, however, they may exhibit different behavior.

Perception of Toys as High-Value

When dogs are given objects of high value, such as bones or toys, will whine and sway around for a while. After that, they calm down and choose to chew or play with the item.
Certain breeds, specifically ones bred to hunt rodents such as Yorkies as well as rat terriers see squeaky toys as valuable objects. Labs and Goldens are breed to catch waterfowl therefore a squeaky toy that makes sounds that mimics the sound of a bird being shot down could create excitement.

An Instinct to Bury

If your dog doesn’t usually hide things in the backyard or under the cushions on your sofa It could be because you know that there’s something he’s expected to be doing with his precious toy, but isn’t sure what (especially in the event that he’s never witnessed another dog put the treasures of his pet).
Your dog could play with his toy and whine and wailing, but because there’s nothing to bury the toy on and he’ll be able to whine out of frustration, not knowing precisely what to do.


A Sign of Excitement

Some dogs, on contrary, appear to be so excited the new toys that they aren’t sure how to express themselves and that can result in whining. The whining could stop after your pet has vented enough and settled down.

A Desire to Play

It could be that the dog would like to play along with him and whining is his way of communicating his desire. If, for instance, the dog you have taught how to have fun playing fetch, then he might bring his toy into his mouth to request a play session.
If you aren’t paying to him, he might whine. If whining grabs your attention, and you then throw the ball, the whining will be repeated and is likely to be repeated each time the dog wishes to play. This is not the same way of playing than dragging an object aimlessly.

A Way to Self-Sooth

It could be due to the instinct of dogs to ensure their teeth are active and to self-sooth themselves as the levels of arousal increase in a way similar to what baby pacifiers do. This is why many canines reach for toys when they’re eager to meet the person they are with or even guests.
In fact, dogs that tend to jump, nip or get excited whenever people arrive, could be trained to adopt another behavior, such as carrying a toy around.
If you give your dog a ball or other toy during times of excitement or anxiety could result in them getting the toy by themselves in order to control their own behavior as explained by board-certified veterinarian behaviourist Dr. Meredith Stepita in an article in Veterinary Partner.


How to Reduce the Whining

If your dog isn’t defensive of toys, whining can be pretty normal behavior. But, it can become frustrating, especially if you pet is aware that it draws your focus.
If you find it difficult then you should purchase toys that are more engaging, such as Kongs. You can add to Kongs with toys that are filled with food that encourage dogs to explore the contents.
The dog will end up lying in the sun and working instead of carrying it about in circles. This is a win-win for everyone!

Why does my dog cry when playing with toys?

The desire to play It could be that your dog’s desire to engage in a game alongside him. Whining is a way for him to express his desire. For instance, if it’s been taught by your pet how to have fun playing fetch, then he could bring his toy into his mouth to request a game. If you don’t pay the attention of your dog, he might cry.
Your dog could be bored and would like to play. She is trying to attract your attention. She could be crying with the toy in her mouth or throw the toy on your feet and scream. Dogs could be wailing because she knows she has to do something with it, but she doesn’t know what.

Why does my puppy whine when he chews his toy?

What is Crying While Chewing? … When your dog is crying or whines while chewing food or playing with toys It could be an indication of dental discomfort. Puppy puppies from 3 weeks to 6 months are undergoing this process, replacing their baby teeth with permanent teeth which could cause pain in the event that the procedure doesn’t proceed smoothly.

Why do dogs whine when playing?

Whining is among the many kinds of vocal communication that can be done by dogs. Dogs typically cry when they’re trying to get attention, are excited and anxious or when they’re trying their best to make you feel better.

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