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How big of a cage do I need for 2 cockatiels? is the subject of this essay.

Find out what kind of cage is ideal for your two cockatiels.

What to look for when shopping for a bird cage is another topic we’ll cover.

That fine with you?

Come on, then; let’s get started.

Fantastic creatures, cockatiels.

Also, they make wonderful pets.

They’re fun to hang out with and always friendly.

Now, if you’re planning on buying two cockatiels or already have two, you’ll need to know how big a cage they’ll need.

A birdcage, as a rule of thumb, ought to be somewhat large.

It’s preferable that the bird cage be as large as possible.

When possible, I advise going with a larger cage.


As a larger cage provides more room and resources, it is ideal for housing birds.

To keep your bird happy and entertained, you can increase the number of toys in its cage, for instance.

Anyhow, concerning 2 cockatiels

In this case, a large cage is required.

Because cockatiels are medium-sized birds, it stands to reason that they require a cage that allows them some degree of freedom of movement.

Cage Size For 2 Cockatiels

In this case, a cage for a medium-sized pet bird should have the following dimensions:

25-inch width

Inches of Depth: 32

I am 1 meter 35 tall.

Don’t forget that it’s meant for a single cockatiel.

As a result, if you plan on keeping two cockatiels, you’ll require a significantly larger cage.

To which I will now turn

Where can I find the ideal home for my two cockatiels?

Keep on reading to learn more.

The Best Bird Cage For 2 Cockatiels

Cage Size For 2 Cockatiels-2

Like I said before, the size of the cage is crucial while searching for the finest bird cage for 2 cockatiels.

Superior to everything else available

Seriously, look at that

The results are impressive.

Fits in with any home’s style

To what goal do I advocate for this specific birdcage?


It has plenty of room for everyone.

I’ll give you some rough measurements


That’s some serious height, at 57 inches!

18-inch length

Inches in width: 18

The distance between the bars of the cage is 0.75 inches.

The electrical setup is cockatiel-friendly.

I really like that this birdcage is simple to clean.

There’s no need to worry about this birdcage if you’re lazy or have a low tolerance for dirt and grime, as I do.

This cage for birds requires little effort to maintain.

One of the most crucial aspects to think about while shopping for a birdcage is the material it is made of.


Longevity increases with material quality.

Can you recommend a good material for a birdcage?

This birdcage, made of wrought iron, is a good example of this.

The longevity of wrought iron has been well-documented.

This ensures that the cage will last for many years to come.

Knowing that it will last for a long time makes it a wise purchase.

Spending a ton of money on a birdcage that only lasts a few months is not an option.

Invest in the Prevue Hendryx 3152BLK because you can rest assured that it will last for years to come.

Also, there’s no need to go out and get any other supplies; this has everything a cockatiel requires.

It has

  • Food bowls
  • Essentially, it’s just two wooden seats.
  • Towels for wiping down trays
  • There are four of these stainless steel cups.
  • Space for outdoor recreation with no roof

I really enjoy the rooftop play area.

The perch is the perfect place for your cockatiel to relax and play.

You can see how it works in this video.

This birdcage must seem pricey to you right now.

Maybe you’ll find out something unexpected.

To learn more about this, please visit the following link:

It’s great if you’re a do-it-yourselfer who wants to construct a cage from scratch.

Many bird parents have probably done this, and it has undoubtedly resulted in significant financial savings.

I’ve put together a printable guide (PDF) that explains how to do it if you’re interested.

Can Two Cockatiels Live In The Same Cage?

Two cockatiels are able to share a cage.

The first step is to keep a watch on them to make sure there is no fighting.

Providing the enclosure is spacious enough, there shouldn’t be an issue.

This highlights the significance of a spacious aviary once more.

Two cockatiels can happily coexist in a spacious cage.

Is It Better To Have One Or Two Cockatiels?

Cage Size For 2 Cockatiels-3

For optimal happiness, keep a pair of cockatiels.


First, let me clarify

To put it simply, cockatiels are gregarious birds.

Affectionate and attention-seeking, cockatiels are a joy to own.

They thrive in groups and take pleasure in each other’s companionship.

Give your cockatiel a friend this way if you’re not home for most of the day because of work; it’s a wonderful gift for any pet.


The antics of a cockatiel are guaranteed to keep you entertained.

They are quite energetic and enjoy whistling.

Consider now that you have two cockatiels.

It’s twice the enjoyment!

They’ll keep each other entertained.

Reduces the Risk of Boredom

This one is a no-brainer.

Having two cockatiels, though, will keep you from getting bored.

They have mutually entertaining qualities.

If you want your Cockatiel to be happy, get it a friend.

Caged birds might become bored, but this is a terrific way to keep yours entertained.

When you know your cockatiel has company, you can go without worrying about leaving it alone.

How Big Should My Bird Cage Be?

Naturally, a bird enclosure needs to be spacious.

The number of birds plays a role.

You’ll need a big birdcage if you’re going to house two cockatiels, as I indicated before.

Your cockatiels will have plenty of area to hop around and have fun in this setup.

What I’m saying is, a bigger cage is preferable.

Because you care about your bird’s well-being, you should provide it with a roomy cage.

The size of a bird’s cage is irrelevant.

Cockatiels require a cage that is at least

Size: 20″ x 20″ x 24″

The appropriate distance between each bar is

The distance between the two points is half an inch

This is the very minimum, but as I mentioned before

A larger cage is preferable for the birds.

The biggest option is the one

It may be a bit pricey, but you understand that it’s for your bird.

You can rest assured that your bird will be healthy and content with this purchase.

Your cockatiel will be less likely to develop stress if you do this.


The larger the birdcage, the better if you have two cockatiels.

In fact, it’s recommended that you go with the largest

Expanded room for your cockatiels to play

It also accommodates a wide range of toys that can be used to occupy and delight your avian companions.

There is no correct size for it.

You need to find one with lots of room.

Additionally, there are additional elements to think about, such as the bird cage’s construction.

For that reason, I propose the Prevue Hendryx 3152BLK.

It’s safe to say that this birdcage will meet all of your expectations.

Those who keep birds find it useful.

If you want to construct your own aviary but aren’t sure how or where to begin, “How to Build an Aviary” is a great resource.

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