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Squirrels can be difficult pests to control; it takes some creative problem solving to keep even one suet feeder squirrel-free.

To prevent squirrels from eating suet, hang the feeder from a bracket or a bird feeder. Then, and only then, can you install a squirrel baffle halfway up the pole to keep rodents at bay, as access to the upper part is blocked. Suet suet could also be hung from a branch with the help of a squirrel guard.

While this is written with the intent of discouraging squirrels from a single suet feeder, the cage variety that stores suet cakes, feel free to use my suggestions to any and all suet feeders you may use in the future.

If you want to keep squirrels from getting into the suet in a single feeder, a squirrel guard can be a good first step.

The suet feeder is hung from the disc-shaped squirrel guard, which doubles as a hook. The suet is protected from the rain and squirrels, and the guard doubles as a handy decoration.

One other choice you have is to purchase a pole-mounted bird feeding station, which is your best bet for discouraging squirrels from using the feeder.

Squirrels can’t get to the bird feeder hanging from the ceiling unless someone sets up a pole and attaches a squirrel baffle to it.

If only one or two suet feeder brackets are needed, a shepherd’s hook may be appropriate; however, a squirrel baffle must still be attached to the pole.

Explore these and other options for real solutions to the problem of persistent squirrels trying to get into your suet feeders.

Situate suet under squirrel guard

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The standard methods of warding off squirrels in the backyard are effective for keeping squirrels away from suet feeders.

Without the proper bird feeding apparatus, protecting your single suet feeder from squirrels can be more of a challenge.

You need something called a squirrel guard, which functions similarly to a squirrel baffle but has a somewhat different design.

Except for the fact that this particular squirrel guard can also shield its human occupants from the elements, this one has no equal.

Hang the suet cage feeder from the chain that is normally attached to it, and then hang the feeder below the squirrel guard to deter squirrels from eating the suet.

This is for hanging suet feeders only, but it’s a cheap and easy solution to keep squirrels from eating all your suet.

Hang Suet Feeder above squirrel baffle

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You can safeguard the suet feeder along with the rest of the feeders if you have a number of them strung from a perch that would otherwise serve as a bird feeding station.

This time, the only thing you have to worry about is keeping the squirrels from scaling the pole of the bird feeding station, or the square wooden post if that’s what you’re using.

A squirrel baffle, which can be attached to various bird feeder poles, is all that’s required to achieve this goal.

Squirrel baffles function by making it so difficult for the critters to pass through that if they do, the baffle will break and send them flying in the opposite direction.

When installing a squirrel baffle, height is of the essence. The higher up the metal pole or wooden post the baffle can be installed, the better, as this will prevent squirrels from jumping over it to get to the suet feeders that are fixed or hung around the baffle.

When you have numerous bird feeders that need to be protected from squirrels, a squirrel baffle is the device of choice, and a single baffle may protect all feeders that are located above it, not just the suet feeder.

Feeding station compatible

The bird feeder can be used with either a mounted squirrel baffle or a hanging squirrel guard.

Squirrel baffles can be used on the skinny metal pole of a bird feeder by simply tightening them on the post so they won’t fall off if squirrels try to climb them.

However, the wooden post mounted feeding station is typically made with a square post, so installing a standard squirrel baffle that mounts to rounded poles can be a bit more of a bother.

But have no fear; this problem may be easily fixed with the purchase of a squirrel baffle designed to be attached to standard square wooden posts.

Unlike the bolt on the bird feeder baffle, which can be easily adjusted, this square-mounted baffle must be screwed on securely for installation.

The most effective squirrel baffles are the ones that can be attached to virtually any pole of a feeder without the use of any additional hardware.

Isolated shepherd’s hook pole

A shepherd’s hook, used only once, can keep unwanted visitors out of your suet feeder cage.

This metal pole can serve people with fewer bird feeders than those who have a full station because it only requires one or two bird feeder brackets.

The shepherd’s hook needs only to be stabbed into the earth, or more precisely the grass, and the structure is ready for use.

But that’s not all; squirrels can easily scale a metal pole like this one, so we’ll have to use a baffle again.

The baffle needs to be attached to the pole as high as possible to block the squirrels from climbing up and getting to the suet on either side.

Even though squirrels can scale masonry walls, this is the foolproof method of keeping them away from suet feeders and other hanging bird feeders.

Revert to squirrel proof suet feeder

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If you’ve exhausted all other options for deterring squirrels from your suet feeder, it may be time to upgrade to something more effective.

To be more exact, you could spend up to $30 on a suet Squirrel Buster, but you could also use a conventional suet feeder enclosed in a metal cage.

The suet cakes in the Squirrel Buster feeder can only be reached by backyard birds when the feeder is hanging and the feed ports close under the weight of a squirrel.

For less money, you can get a regular suet feeder with a metal cage.

Basically, a squirrel proof suet feeder is just a regular cage suet feeder with an extra cage around it. This second cage prevents squirrels from getting to the suet or other bird food inside.

If the squirrel baffle or guard doesn’t work, or isn’t a good fit for your needs, you’ll have to spend more money.

To summarize

Squirrels can be kept away from suet feeders in the same way that other types of bird feeders are protected from rodents.

A single suet feeder, as opposed to the several feeders on a bird feeding station, would require assistance.

Make sure no other poles or hooks can access your suet feeder so that you can start securing it right away. That manner, you may prevent squirrels from reaching the bird feed by attaching a squirrel baffle to the pole.

There is a workaround if you only have a single suet feeder and would like to suspend it from a single bracket or a tree branch.

This time, use a squirrel guard and hang it from the bracket or tree branch before attaching the suet feeder to the hook designed to hold individual bird feeders.

A tall pole is ideal for mounting a baffle, but a baffle designed to keep out squirrels needs to be installed at a height of at least four feet.

Suet Squirrel Busters and regular suet feeders placed in the exact middle of a squirrel-proof cage are two options to consider if all else fails.

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