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This essay is going to be very helpful to Denver locals who are on the hunt for a stunning parrot.

Denver is home to eight different bird businesses, so you can pick out the perfect feathered buddy for you and your family.

The basic necessities for birds, like as food and supplies, may be found at nearly any supermarket. If this is your first time caring for a bird, don’t panic; you’ll learn everything you need to know to provide the best possible environment for your new pet.

Or, you may simply peruse our page, which is filled with helpful hints and suggestions.

Exotic Birds Of Denver

Exotic Birds Of Denver

Denver is home to Exotic Birds of Denver, a one-stop shop for all things parrot-related.

Various varieties of parrots, as well as baby parrots, and all necessary equipment, are available for purchase.

They sell everything a parrot owner might want, from seed and pellets to toys and perches.

Appointments are required for the parrot grooming services offered at this pet shop.

Covid-19 necessitates that they maintain appropriate social distance and standard operating procedures.

Find your favorite feathered companion in their extensive parrot portfolio.

Extra loving boarding services are also available.


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You may find both adult and baby birds at PAPAGAN PARROTS, making it a very remarkable sanctuary.

The birds at the sanctuary have been handled and socialized sufficiently to make a smooth transition into a new home.

They stress the importance of the birds’ well-being so that they can coexist peacefully with children and other household pets.

African Grey Parrots, sun conures, red crown amazons, cockatoos, conures, cockatoos, cockatoos, and more are all available there.


Aside from selling pets and bird supplies, Petco also provides pet care services.

Petco Denver is an excellent place to find a large selection of birds and other pets.

Parrots, cockatiels, parakeets, conures, and finches are just a few of the exotic birds they keep.

The addition of one of these docile and healthy parrots to your home can be a lot of fun.

Petco has a number of special features, including pet grooming, vaccinations, and training.

Keeping a pet at home can be made easier with the store’s extensive selection of nutritious food and helpful accessories.

World Of Birds

Travelers interested in birds should make a stop at World Of Birds.

All kinds of parrots from different regions can be found in their shops.

Cages, food and water bowls, fun toys, healthy treats, and nutritious food are all available, and they are all of the highest quality.

One of World Of Birds’ many offerings is pet boarding in a clean and safe environment.

A bird’s medication, food, and other needs are all meticulously attended to while in boarding.

They are given a variety of seeds and fresh veggies.

If you’re looking to purchase birds, this shop has some fantastic, complimentary deals to give you.

  • Your skilled veterinarian will give you a free checkup thanks to this health voucher.
  • A lifetime of no-cost grooming services.


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PetSmart is a major provider of goods and services for pets all around the globe.

There is a wide variety of birds and other pets available for purchase or adoption.

Thousands of premium pet and bird supplies are available for purchase on their website.

The staff is incredibly accommodating and helpful when it comes to returns and exchanges.

Free delivery is provided for orders over $49, and customers can choose between in-store and curbside collection.

They offer services like bathing, boarding, and training.

The website features a “learning center” with informative pieces on a variety of pet and avian-related issues.

Birdopia Sanctuary

In addition to being a refuge for rescued exotic birds and parrots, Birdopia Sanctuary also serves as an avicultural breeding research center.

From infant Umbrella cockatoos to adult Green Winged macaws, scarlet macaws, blue-fronted amazons, and scarlet macaws, you’ll see a wide variety of colorful birds and parrots.

The birds are hand-fed and socialized so that they can easily integrate into human societies.

The Gabriel Foundation

The Gabriel Foundation looks out for parrots in need.

They are 2.7 miles apart and may be found in Denver’s leafy suburb of Elizabeth (9min drive distance).

Whether the parrots are housed at the sanctuary or adopted out, they make sure that their natural physical and mental states are preserved.

And for the benefit of parrots everywhere, they also distribute trustworthy public education materials.

You may rely on the paperwork, all-encompassing support, and constant follow-ups that they offer.

The Gabriel Foundation is the best place to adopt a well-cared-for parrot.

For The Love Of Birds

The birds and parrots at the For The Love Of Birds sanctuary are all fed by hand.

Their birds are only sold at the Avalon Aviary Birds Store and cannot be purchased from them directly.

On the last Thursday and Friday of the month, as well as the final Saturday, they conduct DNA tests and provide grooming services for birds.

Parrot chops are cooked fresh every Thursday and are reasonably priced.

Used, pristine cages are for sale and could be a great financial option for you.

Food and water dishes are provided in some of the cages.

You can also get many accessories relating to birds.

Top-quality parrot food is also available from this supplier.

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