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An outside hummingbird feeder on a tabletop looks like a fantastic idea; don’t let a little creativity stand in your way.

A hummingbird feeder can be placed on an outside countertop, but care must be taken to prevent the feeder from tumbling over or falling into the reach of curious dogs. Saucer-shaped hummingbird feeders are the most secure alternative, but make sure to only fill the taller models halfway.

tabletop bird feeder

Bring the hanging hummingbird feeder down from its bracket and set it up on the table of your patio furniture.

Expecting to see hummingbirds relocate in this time frame is optimistic, but it’s possible that additional time will be required, and that the migration will need to be staggered rather than all at once.

Although most hummingbird feeders are designed to be hung from the ceiling or installed on a window, placing one on a tabletop or other flat surface is also acceptable.

If you’re always having to refill your hummingbird feeder with sugar water, you’ll like the fact that most models feature a flat base so you don’t have to worry about knocking it over or losing your sugar water mix.

The flat bottom is necessary for positioning the feeder on a tabletop, but the more surface area it has, the better for safety.

In this video, a hummingbird can be seen contentedly feeding at a feeder placed on the ground in the backyard, proving that the proof is in the eating.

While there is always a chance of a feeder tumbling over, using a flat saucer style hummingbird feeder eliminates this risk. If you fill it less than halfway, it won’t be top heavy like the taller feeders would be.

Place the hummingbird feeder on the table so that the hummingbirds can safely hover above it while they drink from the port feeding wells. The center of the table is the best option, but placing it on the edge or corner also works.

Feeders can be on table

Although it may not be as efficient as a hanging hummingbird feeder, a hummingbird feeder can be placed on a flat surface such as a table in the garden.

Hummingbirds need to be able to view the feeder, so place it on a table.

If you want to get hummingbirds to feed from a tabletop feeder, you should start by luring them to your feeders the way they are most accustomed to doing it.

This is not the typical placement for a hummingbird feeder, but if you have a lot of hummers in your yard, they will likely flock to your tabletop feeder.

Follow all the same guidelines for hummingbird placement as before, but this time make sure the birds can’t get hurt from anything near the table.

Safe saucer type feeder only

tabletop bird feeder-2

If you want hummingbirds to use your yard as a feeding spot, it’s crucial that you provide a secure setting for them to do so.

This situation is complicated by the fact that there are many different kinds of hummingbird feeders.

As you may well know, there are several hummingbird feeder options, but they can be roughly classified into two groups: those with a flat saucer form and those with a tall tower.

Both designs, as with many others, feature a flat base, but it’s important to remember that this can make the feeder collapse over if the birds are particularly heavy on top.

This snapshot shows a hummingbird not only using a feeder placed on a surface, but also one placed on the hand of a woman who has attracted the bird to feed from it.

For this reason, I advise using a saucer-shaped feeder if you plan to put it on a tabletop, though tower feeders can be used too so long as the sugar water combination is poured no more than halfway up the plastic or glass tube.

I would advise you to utilize the flat feeder only for the sake of safety because of the more even distribution of weight it provides.

Where to place on table

If you want to attract hummingbirds to your feeder, you should give some thought to where in your backyard would be both safe and productive to do so.

Hummingbirds that prefer to hover while feeding will have an easier time if the feeder is placed near the edge or corner of an outdoor tabletop, as opposed to the center of the table.

There isn’t much space between the feeding port wells and the tabletop, so when hummingbirds fly in for a landing, they’ll be hovering dangerously near.

There are two open sides, so you may rest the hummingbird feeder on the edge of the table without worrying about it toppling over. However, if you only put it on one side, there will be no place for you to put your feet if you choose to sit on the floor.

Hummingbird feeders can be placed on a tabletop, and while the center is the safest bet, experimentation may be required to attract birds.

Flat on tabletop or hung options

tabletop bird feeder-3

If you have a hummingbird feeder that is sitting too low to the ground, I may have the solution for you, or at least three alternatives.

Although there is nothing wrong with using a steady hand to maintain a hummingbird feeder upright when in use, let’s look at a number of other options for where to put the feeder.

I would recommend considering a stand that can be used both as a desktop feeder and as a wall-mounted feeder, so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Putting the hummingbird feeder on your patio set may seem like a lazy solution, but it actually works rather well.

This hummingbird feeder can be hung from the ceiling or a tree, or it can be perched on a tabletop, however it may be more successful if set on a wooden post further from the home.

Without a doubt, hummingbirds prefer to feed from a perch or perchless perch at a safe distance, therefore increasing the height by only a foot or two might increase the likelihood of success.

The metal stand can be used to hold flower baskets or, as in this case, a hummingbird feeder, and is stabilized by use of a huge loop at the base of the stand.

A similar device, known as an adjustable decking rail hook, might be installed to hold things like planters and bird feeders. This hook can be attached to the table’s edge to keep the hummingbird feeder suspended safely above it.

Be mindful of setup

Hummingbird feeders placed on top of outdoor tables provide several potential hazards, thus care must be taken when installing them.

First of all, some hummingbird feeders are not stable enough to withstand even a light breeze and might easily fall over.

As you may imagine, this is a major concern when hummingbirds are actively eating nearby.

Having dogs, especially cats, in the yard can put the hummingbirds in danger, so it’s best to keep them away from the feeders altogether.

Similarly, if you leave hummingbird feeders out on a table during the day, squirrels will be able to get to them.

A hummingbird feeder on a tabletop will attract hummers, but if you’re constantly fiddling with it or if it’s too close to your noisy neighbors, they won’t bother coming at all.

Despite the fact that we are concerned about the hummers, it is also important to consider the potential environmental impacts of keeping a feeder outside.

Risk of damaging table top

People who want to hang a hummingbird feeder in an unusual place frequently overlook the fact that the sugar in the feeder might corrode the surface it is hung from.

It’s true that a hummingbird feeder’s sugary contents can leave a stain on your outdoor table if it’s sitting on it, or if you hang it above it like I do.

When in use, hummingbird feeders can make a mess due to the water that inevitably spills or leaks onto the ground.

Stains can be avoided, of course, if the hummingbird feeder is cleaned on a regular basis (at least twice weekly) along with the area beneath it.

If you’re too lazy to clean your hummingbird feeder, pests will be drawn to it, and you’ll have to take preventative measures against them, such as eliminating bees.

When these insects are present, hummingbirds will not visit the tabletop feeder.

To summarize

Simple hanging hummingbird feeders can be placed up on the smooth surface of a patio table with no problem at all.

The worst case scenario is that the hummingbirds ignore the feeder altogether, but if you move it about the table, you’ll eventually attract a flock.

The flat bottom of a hummingbird feeder makes it simple to disassemble and refill; this flat bottom can also be utilized to set the feeder down on a tabletop.

However, put precautions first because any hummingbird feeder can topple over in a strong breeze.

Therefore, I advise you to convert to a flat saucer-style feeder that can’t fall over in any way. Unlike the top-heavy tower varieties of hummingbird feeders. But if you fill the feeder only halfway with a sugar water mixture, that won’t be the case.

Find a spot in the middle that’s flat but yet provides some security on your outside table.

However, if hummingbirds insist on hovering while they eat, you can give them additional breathing room by placing the feeder near a wall or in a corner.

For example, if you put a hummingbird feeder down low, cats and other pets might easily steal the nectar and dine on the birds.

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