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If your dog is scratching your nose quite a bit You may be thinking how and what you could do to stop it. This article will provide several possible causes and suggest what is the best way to make the bite to cease.
Why does your dog bite me on the nose? One of the reasons that your dog is bitten could be due to seeking extra attention, or a lack of training , or they have learned this behavior is rewarded.
There are many possibilities for the cause, it might be beneficial to look at what might make each one more likely. Once you’ve got an idea of the root reason, it will be an easier task to train the dog off of the behavior.


Why does my dog bite my nose?

Here are a few possibilities for the reasons your dog is doing this and what could make each one more than likely to represent the primary cause.

Attention seeking

It is possible that your dog is doing it to get attention. It is more likely if it occurs more often when you haven’t been paying it attention or if you pay more attention to it whenever it is doing so.
It can be helpful to give to your pet attention all day long through practicing it or walking it around and engaging it in play. It is also helpful to not reward it with praise when it bites at you , by getting up and going out of the room, if needed.

Encouraging the behavior

It could be it is because your pet has learned to earn rewards when it bites you on the nose. If you are prone to giving your dog treats, toys, or time when you bite your nose it is likely to do it again to earn more rewards.


The reason that it bites your nose may be due to excitement. This is especially likely if it is known to do this when it is extremely excited, such as when you get home, or when you go out for a stroll.
In this situation it is best to not do the activity that it is excited about, and be patient until it stops chewing on your nose before proceeding.

A lack of training

If you’ve never taught your dog to not bite you, it could be that it isn’t aware that it’s not acceptable to bite someone. If not yet, you should begin to train it following the suggestions listed below.


It is possible that your dog has begun to teeth and biting things can soothe its gums. It is more likely in the case of an infant and is chewing or biting on other items too.
In this instance it’s best to provide your dog with plenty of chewable things like bones and toys. It is also important to provide it with plenty of time to train now so that it understands what it can and can’t chew on making use of “leave it” training and other tricks discussed below.


Dogs interact with their environment by using their mouths and noses in the same way as they do using their eyes, more so when they’re puppies.
The reason your dog is chewing on your nose might be because it’s playing with it. It’s more likely if it’s young.
In any situation, it’ll be vital to train it to stop and train it not to.


Things to consider

Here are some suggestions to think about when trying to figure out the primary reason your dog is doing this.

What else happened when it first started doing it

If your dog doesn’t always bite your nose, it might be helpful to think about what was going on when it first started to do it, as there could be an event which triggered the behavior. If it began to do it in a sudden manner it could be because of factors like learning that it is rewarded or even teething.

What is different when your dog bites your nose

If there’s a particular moment when it is more likely to bite you, it might be beneficial to determine whether there is something specific about the timing. For instance, if the nose happens to occur at night then it is likely caused by excitement and not realizing that it’s not appropriate for you to bite your own nose.

Why does my puppy bite my nose?

Most likely, the reasons why your puppy is prone to biting your nose is that they are chewing their teeth and the fact that they’re playing. Also, it is the case that puppies naturally interact with their surroundings by putting their mouths in their mouths frequently. To stop this behavior it is helpful to not give your puppy any attention once they begin to nibble on your nose. You can also encourage them to aren’t. Repeating this method will teach them to not bite your nose.

Why does my dog nibble my nose?

The most likely reasons for why the dog is nibbling on the nose is the fact that you dog is aware that this reward is given or that your dog is teething or perhaps your dog has not realized that this behaviour is not acceptable.

Why is my dog suddenly biting my nose?

If your dog suddenly started to bite your nostrils, it could be a sign that it is due to teething , or perhaps having been taught that the behaviour is being rewarded. It could also be that the dog wants to gain more attention from you, after you have stopped paying it as much attention as you normally do.
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Doggy love bites are great to have but if you have your dog nibbling on the nose, it may cause problems. It’s up to what’s going on in relation to what you’ll do… However, when you suspect that it’s not right you should nip the nose-chewing at the root as fast as you can.
Don’t do it, the puppies will learn that it’s acceptable , but there will be occasions that it isn’t.
A dog’s mouth that is close to your face can be an opportunity for danger.

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