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If your dog is in your ear you may be wondering what the reason is and how you can do to stop it. This article will provide the possible causes and how you can do about them.
What is the reason my dog love to sniff my ears? The reasons your dog is able to sniff your ears is that it’s learned that this behavior is rewarding or that you have a peculiar scent that surrounds you ears. It loves the scent that emanates from the ear, or it’s displaying the excitement.
There are a variety of reasons that your dog has been snoring your ears. It could cause a mix of these. There are several options to think about in determining the primary reason and many ways to fix it.


Reasons why your dog sniffs your ears

Here are a few possible causes that your dog might be listening to your ear and what makes each one probable to represent the most likely reason.

Your dog has learned that sniffing your ears is rewarded

The reason could be that the dog has come to understand that this behaviour is rewarding. If you are prone to giving your dog items like treats, toys, or more attention, whenever you pet your ears, it is likely to perform the same thing more often in order to receive more rewards.
It is better you reward your pet whenever it behaves in the manner you expect it to, and avoid rewarding the dog when it is not.

To gather information

The main reason it is able to sniff things frequently is because it has a powerful sense of smell. being able to sniff objects can help it gather information about the item it is taking a sniff of.
For instance the urine of other dogs can reveal the location it was in as well as its health condition and what it’s been eating. This is also the same for humans as well. They are even able to detect the ovulation pattern of humans, and that is the reason they look more closely at females at certain times in the course of the month (source).

You have an unusual scent around your ears

It could also be due to unsettling smells around your. It is more likely to be more noticeable during certain times, such as when you return from a place with a smell that is strange or when you are around a lot of people, such as in the bar or restaurant.

Your dog likes the smell of your ears

The reason it does it could also be due to the fact that it enjoys the smell within your ears. It is more likely if it happens more frequently at certain times for instance, when you’ve just cleaned your hair.


It could be because it is excited. This is especially likely if it is inclined to snort at your ears while it displays some other indications of joy in certain situations, such as the moment you get at home.
One reason that excitement might be the cause is because it could be a desire to greet you on the face. This could be due to the fact that puppies were fed by their mothers by rubbing their faces and they would leap up to grab food.
It could be the situation that there are additional reasons that are at work. For instance, if it occurs most frequently after you get home It is more likely to know the places you’ve been.


Things to consider about your dog sniffing your ears

Here are some suggestions to think about when trying to figure out the primary reason your dog is doing this.

What else happened when your dog first started sniffing your ears

If your dog didn’t always take a look at the ears of your pet, it could be beneficial to look into what occurred when it first began doing it.
If, for instance, you noticed it was happening at the time you started at a new job that involves you interacting with many people, it could be because your dog has picked the scents of other dogs around you. If it began doing the behavior suddenly, it could also be because it has learned that this behavior is rewarding.

What else is different when your dog sniffs your ears

It is also helpful to think about if there’s something different about the time that it is prone to doing it. For instance, if the system typically does it at night then it is more likely to know where you’ve been. If it does it while you’re sitting down the possibility is that it’s showing enthusiasm or perhaps because it is aware that the behavior is rewarding.

What to do about your dog sniffing your ears

Here are some ideas that you could consider when you want to get the dog off looking at your ears.

Avoid encouraging the behavior

As we mentioned earlier It could be the possibility that your dog has been taught that certain behaviors are rewards. Instead, it is beneficial to reward your dog when it behaves in the manner you would like it to. If it begins to sniff the ear of yours, it will encourage you to get up and wait until it calms down before paying it attention.

Positive reinforcement training

Positive reinforcement training is where you encourage your dog to behave in a certain way by rewarding it when it shows signs of behaving that way. Use it to convince your dog to stop rubbing your ears, you can reward it when it’s not sniffing at you but stop rewarding it once it starts to sniff and reward it once it has stopped sniffing.
To accomplish this, stand up, then wait for it to stop sniffing and then give it your attention. If your dog begins to sniff repeatedly, you’ll need to get up while waiting for the dog to settle down before paying it attention again. Repeating this procedure will instruct it that rubbing your ears is a way of receiving less focus.


Redirect its focus

Another option is to divert your dog’s attention on other things when it is likely to begin sniffing your ears. This should help eliminate your dog from the habit of sniffing at your ears.

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