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If you love blue-eyed cats, you will most likely fall head over heels in love with the Balinese cat. If you are familiar with the Siamese cat, seeing a Balinese for the first time might make you think you are looking at another with just a few differences.


The breed has the same Siamese sophisticated coat colors, but the Balinese has a longer coat if you look closely. Besides the coat’s shade, the Balinese share the same personalities and temperaments as the Siamese cat, albeit a few differences. Our review of the breed gives you all the details you need to know before making the Balinese cat part of your family.


The Balinese is a medium-sized breed with a slender, long, and tubular body, combined with firm muscles and fine bones. The ears are pointed, large, and wide at the base, while the eyes are medium-sized with almond shapes. The cat has a long tapering head with a wedge and a size proportional to that of the body.

Balinese Cat Breed Appearance

The wedge starts from the nose and goes all the way to the ear tips to form a triangle. The breed also has a long leg bone structure with a slim build and higher hind legs. The paws are small, oval, and dainty but proportional to the body size. The front legs of the Balinese cat breed have five toes, while there are four on the back legs.

The coat has a medium length, with the longest part being on the tail and subtle shading. Older Balinese cats have darker shades of color than the younger ones, while the tail, feet, ears, and legs have denser and clearly defined shades.


Longhaired kitten breeds started appearing first in the early 1900s, in litters made of the shorthaired Siamese breed. After World War I, some people believe that long hair genes found their way into the gene pool of European Siamese kittens. The war saw the obliteration of the Siamese cats. Mixed breed cats and other cat breeds revitalized the breed. One of the revitalizing breeds was very similar to the Balinese cat.

Balinese Cat Breed history

Other people believe that the long hair gene mutated naturally. Though there is a dispute regarding both theories, the Balinese cats’ entrance in 1940 was a great addition to the existing Siamese cat breeds. The cats got the name from their flowing line and graceful movements similar to the colorful Bali dancers.

Major North American cat associations accepted the existence of the breed by 1970. Another cat breed that found its way to the breed family was Javanese, created by mixing Colorpoint shorthair with the Balinese. In mid-2008, the Javanese became a Balinese breed color division.


The Balinese are playful, agile, athletic, outgoing, curious, and extremely intelligent. The cats have amazing communication skills and a chatty personality. They make great comforters when you are sad, and they readily share your joy when you are happy.

Balinese Cat Breed Personality

They hate scolding, and if you show that side of you, they withdraw in a way that clearly shows hurt feelings. The only way to correct the cats is by using positive reinforcement and a coaching tone. They also have dog-like features, love to play fetch, and are friendly with those around, including dogs, other cats, and children.


Balinese Cat Breed Grooming

The Balinese has a soft, silky coat that does not shed much, making it easy to groom. Weekly brushing is enough to remove any loose furs, to maintain a healthy shiny coat. Occasional ear cleaning and weekly nail trimming are crucial for the health of the cat. It would be best to clean the cat’s teeth regularly using vet-approved toothpaste to prevent periodontal disease. Occasions cleaning schedules with the vet are also important.


The Balinese cat breed enjoys great health with no known physical defects, but some get the occasional genetic health issues that many other animals and people get. The most common health problems with the breed are lysosomal storage disease that results in neurological problems and feline acromelanism, leading to coat color changes with temperature variations.

Balinese Cat Breed Health

Therefore, it is crucial to buy a Balinese kitten from a breeder who provides you with a legit guarantee for good health. The Balinese cat breed has a life expectancy of 18 to 22 years.

Wrapping it up

The Balinese cat is a great addition and companion for any family. It adapts easily to situations around it, and it is friendly with everyone, including kids and other pets. Moreover, the graceful nature and the cat’s intelligence that gives you the impression that it talks its way through everything is an admirable trait that will want you to own one.

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