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Can your cat curl its ears? Does your cat like water a lot?

If the answers are yes, you probably have a Highlander cat in your home or another breed closely related to the breed.  These unique features and traits are some of the things that set the overly friendly breed apart from the others. The Highlander cat is a very new breed as it first appeared into the market in 2004.

Highlander Cat Breed

Even with its newness, the Highlander continues to attract many cat lovers worldwide, which are understandable because once you set your eyes on the cat’s distinctive good looks; you will want to take it home with you. Besides the looks, the breed has some of the most charming personalities you will not find in other breeds. Read on for the rest of the details concerning the Highlander cat breed.


The Highlander is a medium to large cat with distinctive ears and a naturally short tail. A male adult Highlander weighs 15 to 20 pounds while a female weighs 10 to 14 pounds. Some of the same cat breeds weigh even much more than that. The cats muscular and athletic body combines with the physical appearance give it the big cat look.

Highlander Cat Breed 2

However, the Highlander is one of the most domesticated cats with no wild traits.  The unique physical traits are the curled ears and a short bob tail. Some of the Highlander cats have more toes than those of other cats-polydactyl feet though others have normal toes and straight ears. The breed comes in two varieties-longhaired and shorthaired. Their coats have a variety of beautiful patterns and colors.


The cat is a crossbreed of the Desert Lynx and the Jungle Curl, which explains its unique wildcat looks. Joe Childers, a cat breeder, first created the breed in 1993, but it was not until 2004 that the cat got its own identification.

Highlander Cat Breed History

Even though it has physical traits that resemble a wildcat, the cat does not have wildcat genes. It is a playful companion with a docile attitude. The original name of the cat was highland lynx, but in 2005, it became the Highlander. In 2008, TICA accepted the Highlander as a preliminary breed.

Personality and Temperament

The Highlander may have the wildcat looks with a huge muscular body, but it is far from the actual wildcat. Highlander is the typical family cat that loves to chase and play with everyone. The cat loves the company of those around it, and when you open the door, it will be the first to greet and welcome you inside the house. It is not a vocal cat, but it is a show-off, especially to visitors.

Highlander Cat Breed Personality

In its younger ages, the Highlander physically exhibits high energy with more dog-like traits. There are even articles with suggestions that if you cannot decide between getting a dog or a cat as your family pet, just go for a Highlander cat breed because you will have both traits in one. The cat rolls over like a dog, it plays catch, and you can put a leash on it for a walk in the park just as you would on a pet dog.

Unlike many cats that hate water, it fascinates the Highlander. It loves to swim, and on occasion, you will see it hovering over anything that contains water. Its respect levels for both adults and children are high, and it gets along with other pets. It is an intelligent cat with fast learning abilities. The only thing the cat requires more than anything else from its owner is attention and time.


The breed requires little grooming but an occasional coat brushing especially during season changes is good. Because of their curled ears, the cats tend to develop wax build us in their ears.

Highlander Cat Breed Grooming

Even though this is all-natural, you should occasionally clean the ears using vet-approved ear drops and cleaning tools. Other grooming procedures the cat needs are brushing the teeth using vet recommended toothpaste, and regular trimming of the claws.


Highlander Cat Breed Health

Highlanders are healthy cats with no known medical issues. The only possible medical condition that the Highlander may go through is the appearance of ear mites. You can tell if the cat has ear mites if there is a foul smell emitting from the ears. If you suspect it has mites, a visit to the vet will do just fine. It can live for 10 to 15 years.

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Wrapping It Up

Despite the Highlander wildcat features, it does not share the same traits as wild cats. The breed is an extremely intelligent cat that is loyal and loving to the people around him. The cat loves to play, and its dog-like traits make it even more adorable and easier to get along with. If you cannot decide between keeping a dog r a cat, go the Highlander.

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