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Are you bringing home a new grey cat? Having a grey cat is absolutely beautiful and everyone will love him because grey for cats is not a common color. But, have you already chosen a charming kitty? Having a grey kitty does not mean that you should choose a dull name. There are thousands of beautiful names out there that you can give your cat.

The thousands of beautiful names available means that many cat parents become overwhelmed when they have to make a choice. Our top ten list of grey cat names will help you out whether you are just beginning your search for the perfect name for your new kitten or you have already checked the internet for names to no avail. Read on to get the best names for your grey cat.

10 Most Popular Gray Cat Names

Grey Cat Names


Tom is the name of the most famous grey cat in the Tom and Jerry Cartoon. Now that you have your own Tom to take care of, you can give your cat this name in honor of “Tom and Jerry” cartoons that entertained you in your childhood days. You can bring these memories back to life with your beloved grey cat name Tom.


Gracie is one of the most popular grey cat names for female kitties. Gracie has lots of meanings attached to it such as mercy, kindness, beauty, and many more. Furthermore more, the name sounds similar to the color of her fur.  Am sure your grey cat would love the name, Gracie.


This is a unisex name and is a perfect choice for your grey cat.  It is a more fascinating alternative to more common names such as Smokey or Ash. Furthermore, this name gives you the option of naming your cat after the famous little princess Cinderella. If you are into Disney animations, cinder is your perfect name that spells royalty.


Ashley is a great name ideal for both male and female grey felines. This name hints at the beautiful hue that your cat’s fur has irrespective of the lighting or season. Ashley is derived from the word Ash, which is also grey in color. If your male or female cat has furs with a light grey color that is similar to ash powder, then Ashley is a perfect name.


Gandalf or Gandalf the Grey is a famous character in the Lord of the Rings is one of the greatest wizards around. Gandalf will make a perfect name for your grey-haired kitty. This name is ideal for a senior cat that is wise and brave. If you are bringing a senior cat to your home, then you should name him Gandalf. Most senior cats have so much love and affection to give even though they are overlooked because people prefer younger felines and kittens.


Any grey cat can have the name Dusty. Irrespective of how light or how deep the greys of their coat is, this name will definitely fit their looks. You can try calling your cat Dusty a few times to see whether he will respond and if you get positive feedback then you should give them this name.


This is a Welsh name that means grey. This is a great name for those who want to borrow their grey cat’s name from another language. If calling your cat Grey feels too much, then you can go for the Welsh version of the color. Lloyd is a good name that is very easy and short to say. Furthermore, the meaning of the name is derived from the stunning looks of your cat.


Grey Cat Names

Do you have a grey cat that always follows you around? Shadow is a good unisex name for a grey kitty that cannot get enough attention or presence of their human. This is a perfect name if you have one of the most affectionate breeds of cats like Persians, American Shorthairs, Maine Coons, Scottish Folds, and Ragdolls.


This adorable name is perfect for girl and boy cats. This name holds meaning because, during rainy days, the gloomy skies resemble the coat of your cat. Furthermore, you do not have to go for the actual spelling of rain either. You can get a chic version of this name like Rainn or Rayne for your feline friend.

Freya or Freyja

Freya was the goddess of fertility and domesticity. Freya’s chariot was towed by two blue-grey cats. The cats were given as gifts to Freya from Thor who is the Norse go of thunder and lightning. Freya makes a perfect name if you want to name your blue-grey cat after the goddesses.

Wrapping it Up

Hopefully, you have now found the right name for your grey cat. If you are still having challenges, you can involve your lovely kitty by calling out different names and watching their reaction. After choosing the right name for your feline, ensure that you have everything in place to make your home ready for your new family member.

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