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Are you searching for an amazing Bengal Cat names? Whether you are searching for names that reflect the unique appearance, personality, or kitties that are just cute. There are lots of options that new Bengal cat parents can choose from. The best names for Bengal cats usually take into account their unusual appearance or their character traits.

When choosing a name for your cat, the power lies in you.  We have some of the best ideas that will appeal to you and your cat will definitely love it. Check out the top 19 Bengal cat names.

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Awesome Bengal Cat Names

Bengal Cat Names


In The Jungle Book, Shere Khan refers to a Bengal tiger. This tiger is really smart and very sophisticated although he has a dislike for humans. If you are fond of this story from the Jungle Book, you can adopt the name Khan for your newly-adopted Bengal Kitty. He will surely love this simple and easy name.


Amber is a color shade between orange and gold. Amber color is similar to the coat of Bengal kitties and will be a perfect name for a female cat. Bengal cats always look delicate and sweet and appear like tiny leopards whenever they walk around the home or outdoors. Amber is a name that is just as unique as the cat’s color and this makes it an ideal name.


Simba denotes one of the beloved and most popular cat from The Lion King. Everyone young and old loves this singing and dancing lion. Simba is a perfect name for any little kitty that is quite fun and spirited.

Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily is a great name for cherished Bengal Cat. The best thing about this name is that it can be used as it is or you can choose one of the two words as the perfect name for your kitty. Tiger Lily sounds so delicate and feminine and it is what most people feel whenever they see a Bengal cat.


If your Bengal cat has vivid colors on its coat then it definitely reminds you of copper or the sunset. This adorable name is perfect for a Bengal kitty that has a beautiful copper-like color. Furthermore, with this unique name, you can always be confident that very few cats have it.


Sable is a word that is mainly used for black and dark brown colors. You can give your cat this lovely name choice as it will be a representation of the spots that Bengal cats have on their fur. The best thing about this name is its uniqueness and how it really sounds exotic.


Bengal Cat Names

Bengal cats are precisely the descendants of the Asian Leopard cat. Therefore, you can pay homage to this evolution theory by calling your newly adopted cat, Leo. This name can also be a great choice for cat parents who identify with the Leo zodiac sign.


If there is one thing that almost all cats have in common irrespective of their size is how they like hunting for prey. Hunter is a lovely name for any Bengal cat as it directly relates to their innate hunting skills.


Tawny is simply a color that is slightly yellowish-brown or orange-brown. This color reminds us of the unique fur that most Bengal cats have. If you are amazed by the fur color of your newly adopted Bengal kitty, you should call him Tawny.


Indian is the name of an Asian country and it can be used perfectly for the Bengal breed. Throughout India, there are large wild cats roaming the land and the good thing is that they have a similar appearance to the Bengal cat.


In some cases, Bengal cats tend to have several markings and colors on their fur and this reminds us of marble. Calling your beloved cat marble will make him stand out from all the other Bengal cats.


Speckles is a unique and cute name that is perfect for any Bengal cat with a fun personality. This name can also mean the marking on the cat’s fur. The best thing about the Speckles name is that it can be used by both male and female Bengal cats.


Your Bengal kitten may resemble a wild cheetah due to the patches on its back. Bengals are also highly athletic, earning them the title of world’s quickest animal.


Leopards have rosette-shaped markings on their coat, which distinguish them from cheetahs. If your Bengal kitty’s fur prints aren’t noticeably circular, this may work for him.

Leopards are excellent climbers, and your Bengal will most likely enjoy scratching at the cat scratching post.


This Hindu name means “the one who has a gleaming physique.” This is a perfect name since if you brush your cat well, she will have a sparkling coat. It’s also appropriate for a charismatic cat.


One of the key characters in The Chronicles of Narnia is Aslan, the lion. In truth, he is the only legitimate king of Narnia, and his subjects adore him. The ideal name for a magnificent cat with a devoted owner.


Do you want something a little more divine? Dawon is the Hindu gods Durga and Parvati’s trusty transporter. Dawon is also a fearsome warrior who fights for the goddesses. This is an excellent method to pay tribute to the Bengal cat’s South Asian origins.


The fur of certain Bengal cats is pale in color. The term ‘ivory’ is a sophisticated and subtle way of expressing this. For millennia, ivory has been a valuable commodity, so it’s a lovely reminder of how much your cat means to you emotionally. (It’s also a tongue-in-cheek reminder of how much money you spent on your prized Bengal.)


What a great Bengal cat name! The name ‘Marble’ refers to the swirling pattern on a Bengal’s fur as well as its natural grace. Because marble has been used in some of the world’s most famous monuments for millennia, this is a great reminder to treat your cat like a priceless work of art!

Consider the following factors while naming your cat:

Bengal Cat Names 3

Your Cat’s Appearance

Your cat’s color or markings can assist you in making a decision. Irish cat names are ideal for matching your cat’s coat color. Based on appearance, I’ve listed several different Bengal cat names below.

Examine your cat’s shape, too: is he sleek or solid? Do you prefer pointy ears or ears with a flat back? Is it better to be fluffy or sleek? Consider the phrase “onomatopoeia.” This occurs when a word resembles the meaning it conveys.

Your Cat’s Individuality

Your cat’s personality may be reflected in a superb cat name. This can be tough with a new cat because you haven’t yet gotten to know them, and your cat’s personality may still be evolving. Take a few days to observe and get to know your new pet.


Finding the ideal name for your new Bengal cat is essential, but, the process should still be fun for the whole family. There are plenty of names on this list that you can choose whether you are looking for simply awesome, unique, or cool names for your Kitty. With the right choice, your friends and family will have a perfect name for your adorable kitty.

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