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Bringing home a new cat or kitten can be quite an exciting time for you and your children. However, it can also be overwhelming given everything that you need to take care of from the gear required, vets, insurance, litter training, to finding potential cat sitters.

Although all these things are crucial, coming up with a perfect name for your new cat can prove a challenge.  You need to pick a name that all your family members will love and a name that will not cause embarrassment whenever you can your cat in front of your friends or visitors. Below are some of the kitten names that you can choose from.

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Adorable Male Kitten Names

  1. Stewart-give your kitten the name of a six-year-old child or a rich butler. Stewart is a perfect name for kittens that sleep too much without caring about what is happening around them.
  2. Thunder-kitties are fast and you can name your kitten thunder as it is more creative.
  3. ED-this is a popular name that fits a nice cat. Although Ed is not a creative name, it is easy to pronounce and memorable for the little kids at home.
  4. Melon-if you have a male kitty that eats a lot, then melon is an ideal name for him. The name is nice and also symbolic.
  5. Gary– In Spongebob Square pants, the snail that happens to resemble the cat is known as Gary. This is a pretty creative name for a kitten that is just as quirky and smart as Gary.
  6. Justin-this is a cool name that resembles a laid-back individual. It is a perfect name for a relaxed and easy-going cat.
  7. Paws-this is a common name for kittens and it can also be simple and memorable for the entire family.
  8. Future-this is a creative and nice name for a kitten that is creative and charming.
  9. Laptop-giving your kitten the name laptop is great. It is a lovely, but peculiar name. However, with millions of kittens around the world, there is definitely a kitty called, laptop.
  10. Brainy-This is a lovely name for kittens that can easily find stuff or items that you hide or even open jars.

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Sweet Female Kitten Names

Sweet Female Kitten Names

Naming a female kitten is rather easy. Here are some sweet kitten names that you can choose from:

  1. Angel-This is an adorable name that your kitten will love.
  2. Princess-If your cat has an aura of royalty surrounding her, then you can give her this name.
  3. Blossom-if you want your female kitten to bloom or flourish, then Blossom is a perfect name.
  4. Riley-This is a perfect name for a shy, adorable kitten.
  5. Button-Does your kitten like tearing up clothes? Then Button is a new name that will suit her.
  6. Candy-Having a kitten that is as sweet as candy is something that everyone will love.
  7. Love-This is a beautiful name for a kitten that symbolizes the love you have for them.
  8. Precious-If you find your kitten precious to you, then it will not hurt giving them this name.
  9. Hope-This is a pretty common name that is beautiful and perfect for your female kitten.
  10. Tina-This name is cute and perfect for any female kitten.

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Charming Kitten Names Based on Appearance

Charming Kitten Names

  1. Shorty-This is a perfect name for kittens that appears as though it is not growing.
  2. Lanky-This is a good name for kittens that usually grow into skinny cats.
  3. Tumbleweed-If your kitten looks just like a ball of hay.
  4. Snowball-This is a beautiful name for white kittens.
  5. Gordo-If your kitty is on the larger side, you can call him Gordo.
  6. Rainbow-If your kitten is multi-colored, you can give him/her this name.
  7. Eyeball-This is perfect for kittens that have very big eyes.

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There is no denying that cats make us happier people and they bring joy and peace to our homes. Bringing your new kitten home can be a special occasion. Bringing your newly adopted kitty home and introducing him/her to people and pets in the house is always the easy part. However, naming them is a big challenge. With our list of cute names for kittens, you will have an easy time picking the right name for your kitten.

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