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Black cats are mysterious, moody, and unique, and they have inspired lots of superstitions and stories for centuries. If you are lucky to have a new charcoal cat in your life, you need to find him a perfect name that blends with his sleek dark fur. Keep in mind that when it comes to panther names, there are many possibilities available.

Panther Names For Your Black Cat

With many beautiful names for black cats, making a choice can be quite a challenge. If you have recently acquired a black cat and are finding it hard to choose a good name for it, you should read on. We have created a list containing the best panther names for your adored feline. Check some of the names below.

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Names for Black Cats from Classic to Crazy


Shadow is a popular name for black cats that has been used for centuries. This is one of the coolest names and it is definitely here to stay. Shadow symbolizes mystery and darkness and it is a name that will perfectly match the looks of your black cat.


This is a beautiful panther name that your black kitty will love. All the superstitions and myths about black cats are just misinterpretations. Those who have black cats know the lovely nature and fun that these felines bring to the home. When you name your kitty Lucky, you will be showing the world the positive side of having a black cat that brings so much luck and life.


When looking at pather cat names, you will notice that most names incline towards the spooky. This is because, for centuries cultural superstitions across the world have given black cats a bad reputation. Morticia is a suitable name for a black female cat and it is also paying homage to the scary black cat vibe, while indirectly praising her.

In the Addams Family, Morticia Addams appears frightening and witchy, however, she is also an incredible wife and mother who was very loyal to the family. This is proof that looks may be deceiving. Even with all the bad reputation that black cats have, they are still lovely and beautiful creatures that should be cherished.


For your black female cat, Olive a good choice. This is a popular panther name that many cat parents have given their beloved kitties. You will also love this name more given the countless sweet nicknames that you can derive from it, for instance, Oli, Liv, or even Livy.


Panther Names For Your Black Cat 2

Sylvester is a lovely panther name for your black kitty, especially those that love the fun of chasing. This name is inspired by Sylvester J. Pussycat Senior who is the animated cat in the Looney Tunes Cartoons. This cat cannot stop chasing after Tweety Bird even though he is defeated most of the time. With this beloved name, you will surely take your family and friends down memory lane and give honor to this cartoon that made our childhood fun and beautiful.


Elvis is one of the best celebrity-inspired names for black cats. If you love the popular jet-black hair that this singer has, then this is a great reason to name your cat Elvis. Your cat is beautiful and deserves a suitable name, so why not opt for one of the popular and most-celebrated names? Your cat will also love sharing a name with a renowned celebrity.


If you are searching for a magical panther name for your kitty, then Hex is a perfect choice. Hex simple means spellbinding. You should settle for this lovely name, especially if your black kitten has captured the minds and hearts of everyone they meet because of their sheer cuteness.

Black Panther

Black Panther is a beautiful name for superhero kitties out there. If your cat showcases immense speed and strength despite its small body size, then this name will suit them. Blank Panther is an ideal name for cat parents that want to pay tribute to this popular movie.


Nyx is a perfect name that symbolizes the Greek goddess of the night who is the daughter of chaos. This is a unique name for a black cat that loves or thrives in chaos. According to folklore, Nyx was the only goddess that was feared by the almighty Zeus. So if you have a fierce little kitten on your hands, then Nyx will be an excellent name choice. Even though Nyx referred to a goddess, this can be used by both female and male cats.


Figaro is a pop culture inspiration and a great panther name for those cat parents who cherish the pop culture.  Figaro comes from Disney’s playbook and it is the name given to the spoilt black kitten owned by Pinocchio. Figaro has a beautiful smile and a heart of gold and if your new kitty fits this description perfectly, then you should give her this name.


This name gets its inspiration from black pepper that is mainly used in different cuisines to give food a spicy taste. Pepper is a name that suits a black cat that is full of confidence and plays by her own rules. If you are unable to control your new kitty from chasing everything they see or playing games, then you have found Pepper as the new addition in your home.


Although onyx stones are available in different colors, the black onyx is the one that is mainly used in making expensive jewelry. Onyx is a strong and beautiful stone and this makes it a perfect name for a kitty cat that exhibits these qualities. Some people even believe that black onyx stones have powers of protection. Therefore, this panther name will be a suitable choice for an outdoor cat that loves prowling around the yard and chasing furry intruders.

In a Wrap

There is a lot of mystery and superstitions around black cats that have been on for centuries. And since these kitties are a unique kind, you must get a panther name that is just special. Our list of panther cat names above will enable you make the best decision. With the right name, you will begin an amazing journey with your beautiful, black cat.

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