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While cats come in many colors and shades, orange cats are quite famous around the world. Orange cats are sometimes referred to by breeders as yellow, marmalade, or ginger. Regardless of your cat’s color, you need to get him/her a good name. Read on to get beautiful names that will add to the striking appearance of your orange kitty.

Orange Cat Names – Amazing Names For Ginger Kittens

Orange Cat Names


Blaze is an ideal name for an orange kitty that has a fiery personality. With the name Blaze, you can call cats of all genders. Furthermore, this name will work great for a cat that has any variation of the orange coat. However, this name is better suited for breeds that have a much redder fur like the Somali and Abyssinian.

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This is one of the common orange cat names that has been there for decades. Garfield usually takes the limelight in his own comic strip. If your kitty takes the center stage in your family and life and creates lots of comedic moments, you should name the Garfield. This is a perfect name for an orange cat that is quite comical.


If you want your orange cat to blossom in her new home, then you should consider naming her Marigold. This beautiful and bright flower usually comes in orange and golden shades. Therefore, whether your cat is on the darker or lighter end of the ginger spectrum, then Marigold is a perfect name.


To pay tribute to the most popular and tasty cheese in the globe, Cheddar is a great name. The fur of orange cats is almost the same shade as that of tasty cheddar cheese. Furthermore, it is a perfect fit for the long-term struggle that has been in existence between cat and mouse.


Pumpkin is everyone’s much-loved treat and it can make a perfect orange cat home. Pumpkin is a lovely pick for a kitty’s name, particularly for cat parents who love the autumn season. Pumpkin is not just an adorable name on its own, it can also be used for both genders. Furthermore, there are lots of nicknames that you can use, for example, the Great Pumpkin, Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Seed, and Pumpkin Spice.

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If you love the sweet and delicious orange flesh of the exotic mango fruit, then mango will make a great name. This name is a lovely choice for an orange cat of any gender and any orange hue. The orange color of mangoes is a representation of the orange fur on your beloved new cat.

Orange Cat Names 2


Queso may appear to be a little cheesy, however, this name will be perfect for your new orange cat. This is an ideal name choice for both male and female cats. Furthermore, it is a good name particularly for cat breeds that usually have a ginger coat, for example, Abyssinians, Persians, Maine Coons, American Bobtails, Munchkins, and British Shorthairs.


If you are a Harry Potter fanatic, then you are conversant with the fiercely-haired Weasley family. Weasely will make a perfect name for your orange cat whether it is a boy or girl.  This name is perfect for any orange cat whether she is mild-mannered and smart like Ginny, a riotous trickster like George and Fred, or a Ron the good-natured sweetheart.

Orange Cat Names


Saffron is one of the most widely-held and popular spices across the world. Saffron gives a beautiful golden-orange color when used in both baking and cooking. This name can be used to refer to the orange colored fur on your cute kitty. Just like chefs around the world cherish Saffron, you will be showing the world that you treasure your prized kitty.

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This is the name of the most famous tigers. Tony the Tiger has an orange coat that is dotted with black stripes. Tony was popular for his catchword, “They’re gr-r-eat!” if you feel that your orange male cat is great, then you should name him Tony.

As you plan to add a new orange cat to your home, remember that the work has just started. You need to prepare your home with all the essentials and introduce your new kitty to the rest of your family, including other pets. However, before you get your cat settled in your household, you need to name him/her. Since you opted for an orange cat with eye-catching fur, be sure to choose a name that stands out.

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