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For most people around the world, pets are part of their life and this is why we have millions of precious kittens and cats worldwide. Just like other family members, it is essential that the name you give your new kitty suits them perfectly. There are countless names out there that can perfectly suit your kitty cat.

When choosing a name for your kitten, you can seek inspiration from a special trait, color, or characteristic that your cat has. Find out some of the cool names that pet parents are calling their cats and choose a name that suits your kitty.

Cool and Cute Cat Names for Awesome Cats

Cool Cat Names


Bella is an Italian name that means ‘’beautiful.’’ This is a perfect name for those who love the look or the charm that their furred friend brings in their lives. Every cat is beautiful in his/her own way and it best to call your kitty Bella.


Oliver is an English name meaning Olive Tree. This tree is usually a symbol of peace and it can be a perfect name if your cat brings you lots of peace in the home or is always peaceful. Whether you love the famous Oliver Twist or you just treasure the name Oliver, this is a perfect choice for any four-legged friend that you adore. Oliver is a suitable name for a stately cat that has a personality and commanding stance. Furthermore, you can nickname your cat Ollie as a short form of Oliver.

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Luna is one of the most popular cat names. The Luna simply means the moon in Latin and it is also the name of the Roman mythological goddess of the moon. This is one beautiful name that everyone will love to call their Kitty, particularly cats that act divine.


Max is the shorter version of the name Maximilian, which simply means ‘’greatest.’’  Max is also the short form Maxine, the female version that is perfect for your female kitty. If you feel that your new cat is the greatest of them all, you can opt to call him/her Max, which can either stand for Maximilian or Maxine depending on the gender.


If you feel that your little kitten has the characteristics and resilience of a lion, then Leo is a perfect name. The name LEO can also suit a striped orange Exotic cat that just looks like the king of the jungle, the lion. Additionally, cat parents whose astrological sign is Leo can also give your cats this name.


Chloe is a name that has a Greek origin and it simply means “green shoot,” which leads to blooming, youth, agriculture, and fertility. Chloe is a popular name across the world and is consistently found among the top 10 names every year. If you are looking for a beautiful name that sounds great and is simple then Chloe is a perfect choice. Chloe makes a perfect choice for the outstanding and rare longhaired cat breed.

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Lily flowers are a symbol of beauty, purity, and innocence. If lilies are your favorite flower, then you can opt for this beautiful name for your cat. The model cat that will be perfect with this name is the loving and vocal Tonkinese. This name is also among the best moniker almost every year. If your kitty is the charming and elegant type, you can lengthen the name to Lilibeth.

Cool Cat Names


Today, many female cats around the world have the name Meghan, after news of Harry meeting and marrying Meghan. You can name your female cat Meghan in tribute to this royal couple. This name deserves a kitty that carries itself around as royalty.


This name indicates the stars above. Umbra is an ideal name for cats that have many colors. You can gift your Bengal or any other domesticated cat with this name. You can be confident that owing to its uniqueness, this is a name that not many cats have.


Sophie is a Greek name that simply means wisdom. This is a much-needed virtue for people today. If you have a lovely kitty that is wise and has a soulful look, then Sophie is the best name to choose.

In Conclusion

When it comes to choosing the coolest name for your pet, there are countless options available. You can opt to choose a name that reflects your individual interests or the interests of your cat. You can also go for names that showcase the color of fur or behavior of your cat. Whatever name you settle for, make sure that it is the coolest and it perfectly suits your beloved kitty.

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