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Tabby cats are domesticated felines that have a coat with lines, ticked, dots, stripes, or swirling pattern. Tabby patterns tend to be very noticeable and they have a mark that looks like capital M on the top part of their head. Inspiration for most names for tabbies come from the patterns and lines on their bodies.  Since tabby cats are not a breed, these felines come in a range of sizes and shapes.

Bestowing the best name for your tabby cat is a crucial occasion. Apart from having a special meaning, a name can help people identify your tabby cat. This is why every pet parent should strive to give a perfect name to their kitty. Below are the best Tabby cat names that you can choose.

Best Tabby Cats Names For Your Kitten

tabby cats names


This is a cool name for any striped tabby kitty. The universally accepted barcode that we know of today is based on Morse Code, which has thick and thin lines that replace the dashes and dots. The initial version of barcodes was simply a bulls eye shape just like the shape on the side of some tabbies. If your cat has stripes that look like a classic barcode, then this is a perfect name for them.


This name will make a perfect choice for tabby cats that have a whirlwind-like pattern. This is a perfect suggestion for breeds that tend to have boundless energy such as Toygers, Orientals, Ocicats, Egyptian Maus, and American Curls.


Tabitha is a perfect name for a female tabby cat that has any pattern. This name can be the source of the name Tabby making it perfect for your striped or patterned cat. Furthermore, Tabitha was also the anthropomorphic cat that was in most of Beatrix Potter’s novels. Tabitha Twitchit was a mother cat who was quite clever and very overprotective. Therefore, Tabitha will be an excellent name for a female cat that is smart and always has your back.


tabby cats names

Tabby cats are just like marbles when it comes to their patterns. So, this is a lovely name for your newly acquired kitty regardless of the pattern or stripes on its body. Just like marbles, tabby cats also come in spotted, whirling, and striped patterns. The name Marbles was made popular by Jenna Marbles a YouTuber with a Chihuahua called Marbles. This will make an excellent name for your tabby cat too.


The name Ripples is a perfect choice for a mackerel or classic tabby cat. Most tabby patterns usually look just like ripples on cool waters. Ripples would be the best name for a tabby that appears chill with bursts of energy.


Although Confetti is festive and fun, it can at times be messy. If your fun-loving new cat tends to leave your home in disarray, then Confetti will suit them. Confetti can be used by either male or female cats.


If your cat has some square patches on its coat, then this will be a perfect name for them. Checkers would be a great option, particularly for black and orange tabbies that have square patched patterns on them. Furthermore, the name can be used on both male and female tabby cats.


In most areas around the world, tabby cats are cherished because of their distinct patterns.  One of the most defining features that many tabby cats have is stripes. This is such an easy name to come up with and even pronounce. Furthermore, both male and female cats can have the name Stripes.


Noodles are tasty in all forms whether you love spaghetti or ramen. Noodles would be a good name for a tabby cat that has swirled or striped patterns on its body coupled with a scrumptious personality. Furthermore, Noodles is a perfect name that would suit both male and female tabbies.


Freckles tend to be cute whenever they appear on humans. However, this name can also be cute for any spotted tabby cat.  For those who enjoyed watching Lost, Freckles was Sawyer’s charming pet name for Kate.


There are endless possibilities with regard to naming tabby cats. You can get inspiration by thinking about your cat’s appearance, size, and personality. You can think of a name based on any of these characteristics or you can go for an ironic name. With our detailed list of cat names for boys and girls, you will surely find one that is perfect for your tabby cat.


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