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Who does not love the charm exhibited by the snowy, soft coat of a white cat? Most people fall in love with the pristine beauty of pure white cats. If you are getting ready to adopt a white cat, then you are definitely looking for a worthy name for the new addition to your family.

With white felines, there are countless names for both male and female cats that may throw you into disarray. This is why we have come up with a list of the best 10 names for white cats. Keep reading to choose a perfect name for your newly adopted white kitten.

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Best Names For White Cats

White cat names


For any cat parents that are looking for a classy name for their white cat, Duchess is a beautiful name. Duchess is a classy white cat from the animated movie called The Aristocats. This is the perfect white cat name choice for those pampered and elegant kitties. For cats, Duchess is an all-time favorite that is beautiful and timeless.


If you have a white cat that moves around the home like a whirlwind, then you should name him/her Blizzard. This unisex name is ideal for a kitty that has boundless energy and a bit of a destructive streak. Every cat parent should expect some form of destruction from their kitty and this can even be a show of love. However, excessive destructive behavior may be an indication of a behavioral or medical problem that can be handled by a vet.


The white meat of coconuts reminds us of the umbrella-garnished cocktails and relaxing tropical beaches. If your white cat has a laid back personality, then coconut will definitely be a sweet name for her. This name can also suit a white cat that has brown markings because coconuts have a brown outer shell and white meat inside.


Some white kitties may just look like white angels that were sent down to earth. If your new white kitten is sweet and all that she radiates is love then Halo, is a perfect name. If you adore Beyoncé, you can give honor to her chart-topping song by naming your cat, Halo. Halo is a simple and easy name that your kids and family members will not have to struggle with when calling your kitty.


Paloma is a lovely name for a white girly cat. Paloma is a Spanish word that means “dove.” White doves are usually a symbol of peace, new beginnings, and love. If your little cat symbolizes all these in your life and family, then Paloma will surely be a perfect name for them.


Casper is a beautiful name for one of the friendliest white cats. Therefore, if your white kitty is loving and cuddly the Casper will be a good name for him. The name is also simple and easy to pronounce and nobody will have to struggle when they want to call out your cat.


Frosty can mean the personality or the color of your cat. This name fits the veritable cat ice queens that take their time to warm to new individuals. You can never go wrong with Frosty because this name matches both the color and the personality of your new four-legged companion. Furthermore, anyone who hears the name frosty will definitely expect the cat to be white and with a good and pure heart.


Elsa is a beautiful name for any white kitty that exhibits royal inspiration. There are white cats that radiate royalty vibes in their movements and even mannerisms. If your white cat is one that moves around effortlessly and behaves as though she owns the home and everything inside it, then Elsa will be the perfect name for her. Your kitty is just on the same level as Elsa the Princess of Ice and Snow in the Disney Cartoon, “Frozen.”


Yuki is the perfect name for any beautiful white cat. It is a Japanese word that means both “happiness” and “snow”. This is a lovely name for a happy white kitty that has brought lots of happiness and joy in your home. For cat parents that desire a unique Japanese name, Yuki is a good choice.


Bunny is one of the cutest names for a white kitty. If your white cat makes you recap other white cuties in the animal kingdom, then Bunny should be the name. However, you should be ready to clear the confusion with your friends or family members whenever your cat responds to the Bunny name. Nevertheless, with time people will get used to calling your white cat bunny, especially if her warm heart fits their personality.


We’d all be blessed to have a cute kitty kitten like this whipped topping. Coolwhip might be the name for you if you have a cool kitten with all-white fur who makes every day more delectable.


If you have a hyperactive white feline who moves like lightning, this name might be a good fit. Lightning is a terrific choice for any cathlete, but it would also be appropriate for a cat with a fiery disposition.


This is a great choice if your white cat is as sweet as candy. Sugar Plum, Sugar Loaf, Sugar Cane, Sugar Baby, Sugar Butt… are just a few of the adorable nicknames for this name. The options are limitless.


Bianca is a sophisticated name for a lovely white cat. The name bianca means “white” in Italian, and it would be appropriate for a royal young lady who acts like a little principessa. Bianca would suit a Persian, Turkish Angora, or Ragdoll girl perfectly.

In a Wrap

We hope that these ideas of white cat names have given you lots of inspiration for finding the right name for your kitty. If you still have challenges choosing a name, it is advisable that you avoid overthinking. You can try calling your cat a few names that you love and go for one that they respond positively to. Together you will settle for a name that you both love.

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