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The Burmese cat is medium-sized with a well-muscled yet elegant body, and a rounded head. This cat breed is not as sturdy and large as the British Shorthair breed nor dainty and slender like Siamese cats. This cat breed appears to be round all over from the head, eyes, chin, ear tips, and even the feet.

The eyes of the Burmese cat are lustrous and large with any shade of yellow as the eye color seems to change with the light quality. The Burmese cat has a short and glossy coat that lies closer to the body making it one of the distinctive features of this cat breed. This cat breed has a straight tail with a rounded paintbrush tip. Burmese cat breeds appear solid both in feel and looks and it has great strength.

The Burmese cat is available in about 10 colors. However, in all the colors, the underparts tend to be much lighter compared to the back and shading is gradual. The shading disappears as the cat grows resulting in richness in any of the recognized colors. Even though the colors of Burmese cats have increased over time, most Burmese will maintain the traditional deep brown or sable color.

History of Burmese Cats

Burmese Cats Breed

The origin of Burmese cats is Burma. A dark brown cat close to Siamese cats was brought to California from the Far East in the 1930s. The ‘Wong Mau’ breed was then bred with a Siamese cat that resulted in a new dark-coated car breed that was named Burmese cat that we know today. The Burmese cat breed was officially accepted as a cat breed in the 1940s. Over time breeding programs have resulted in Burmese cats with a variety of coat colors.

Common Health Problems

With regards to health, the Burmese breed is quite robust.  However, there some lines of this breed that are predisposed to diabetes mellitus.  Young Burmese cats can occasionally experience Hypokalaemic polymyopathy, which is muscle weakness caused by low potassium levels in the blood.

Some Burmese cats have also developed feline orofacial pain syndrome, an unusual medical condition. This health problem can be very distressing for cats as it causes exaggerated chewing and licking movements and pawing at the mouth.

In the United States, some cats have been reported to have brain and head deformities, but this has not occurred in the UK. Some Burmese cat breed lines also show unusual eating habits and may eat wool garments and inedible items.

Personality Traits of Burmese Cats

Burmese Cats Breed 2

Burmese cats are quite affectionate and friendly creatures that require attention from humans.  This breed of cats is quite demanding and will follow people around the home seeking attention. They may even cling to the owner’s legs as they beg to be cuddled.

Burmese cats are quite vocal and will greet their owners whenever they return home. They will also demand to take part in all activities. These cats are loyal to their cat parents and this is what gives them the name dog cat’. Burmese cats are very intelligent kitties and can handle problems like opening doors and they are also effective escape artists.

Nutrition and Diet

When it comes to food, every Burmese cat is different and will have unique needs, likes, and dislikes. However, since cats are carnivores, they must get 41 specific nutrients from food. The proportion of food required will vary based on the age, overall health, and lifestyle of the cat. In most cases, an energetic and growing kitten will need a balance of nutrients compared to a less active senior Burmese cat.

Cat parents must provide the right food quantity when feeding their Burmese cats to help them maintain an optimum body condition. In addition, they should cater to the individual preference of their cat based on dry and wet food recipes. A balanced diet is a must-have to guarantee the healthy growth of any Burmese cat.

Grooming of Burmese Cats

If you are looking for a cat breed that is not high maintenance, then Burmese cats are an ideal choice. These cats do not need excessive grooming because they take good care of themselves. However, they still enjoy the care and attention that is associated with brushing.

Just like other cats, Burmese cats will benefit immensely from immunizations to protect them against diseases. In addition, they also need routine parasite control and veterinary health checks every year.


The Burmese cats are considered the perfect breed for kids. However, you should remember that every cat has a unique personality depending on life experience and training. You need to provide cat patches and trees because Burmese cats are perfect climbers and jumpers. In addition, their weight should also be watched closely to prevent obesity, especially for cats that don’t get adequate exercise.

These cats should also be provided with a daily petting session because they love being idolized by the cat parents and having their stomach rubbed. Burmese cats are a must-have for any home and children will enjoy having them at home.

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