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White cats are some of the most beautiful and elegant felines out there. They are not linked to any one breed, so they can come from many different types of cats. In fact, only 5% of cats have white coats, making them quite rare. However, many cat breeds come in white, and you can find white cats with long or short hair.

These cats have a special gene that codes for white fur, which can also affect their eye color. This is why you may see all-white cats with stunningly colored eyes, like orange, yellow, blue, green, or even a unique combination of colors! In this article, we will take a look at 10 types of white cats, including their genetics and care.


10 Types Of White Cats

Oriental Shorthair


The Oriental Shorthair is a breed of domestic cat that is developed from and closely related to the Siamese cat. It maintains the modern Siamese head and body type but appears in a wide range of coat colors and patterns.

Like the Siamese, Orientals have almond-shaped eyes, a triangular head shape, large ears, and an elongated, slender, and muscular body. They are friendly, intelligent, and inquisitive cats that love being around people and fellow furry friends.

The Oriental Shorthair is an athletic and playful breed that enjoys spending time with its family, playing fetch, and learning tricks to impress. This breed originated in the UK in the 1950s by crossing Siamese cats with white shorthaired cats.

The Oriental Shorthair is an intelligent, loving, and loyal cat that makes a great pet.


The Persian cat is a long-haired breed of cat that is characterized by a round face and short muzzle. They are one of the oldest cat breeds, tracing their origins to the deserts of Persia and Iran.

Persian cats are medium to large-sized, usually weighing between seven and 12 pounds, and measuring from 10-15 inches tall. They have a rounded head, small, rounded ears, and big eyes. They also typically have a flat and pushed-in looking face with chubby cheeks.

Persian cats are known for their sweet, gentle, and calm disposition. They are affectionate and enjoy attention, but they require gentle handling, which means no roughhousing or grabbing from young children.

Persian cats are not known for a high degree of activity, but they do enjoy playing and can show sudden bursts of kitten-like energy. They are a quiet and sedate breed that appreciates a peaceful home where they can feel relaxed and secure. Persian cats require daily grooming to keep their long, luxurious coats in good condition.


Siamese cats can be pure white, and this color variety is known as the Foreign White. The Foreign White is a color variety of the Siamese cat or Oriental Shorthair, and it is considered a cat breed by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) and the Australian Cat Federation (ACF).

Siamese kittens are born white, and they develop dark ear edges and nose tips as they grow. The white coat of the Foreign White is induced by the W gene, which is the “dominant white” gene.

However, this gene can favor the appearance of deafness in white cats with blue eyes, which is why Foreign White breeders systematically cross their subjects with Siamese cats and avoid reproductions with the red.

White Siamese cats are beautiful and elegant, with blue eyes that stand out against their white fur.

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is a large domesticated cat breed that is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America. It originated in the U.S. state of Maine, where it is the official state cat.

The Maine Coon is one of the largest domesticated cats, with a powerful muscular athletic body in keeping with their impressive size. They have a distinctive physical appearance, characterized by a prominent ruff along their chest, robust bone structure, strong jawline, rectangular body shape, an uneven two-layered coat with longer guard hairs over a silky satin undercoat, and a long, bushy tail.

Maine Coons are known for their gentle and affectionate nature, making them great family pets. They are intelligent, playful, and adaptable cats that get along well with children and other animals.

Maine Coons require daily grooming to keep their long, shaggy coats in good condition. They are generally healthy cats, but they may be prone to certain health issues such as hip dysplasia, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and polycystic kidney disease.

Snow Bengal

Snow Bengal is a man-made cat breed that was created by crossing regular Bengals with Siamese cats. This breed is known for its unique coloration, which is a combination of the lynx and sepia, resulting in a warm white color between white and cream.

Snow Bengals are the only Bengal cat colors to have blue eyes. The eye color of Snow Bengals is usually aqua, and their coat is darker than the lynx but lighter than the sepia.

Snow Bengals are mischievous, attention-seeking, and always looking for entertainment. They have a beautiful appearance that appeals to plenty of people.

Snow Bengals are intelligent, playful, and affectionate cats that get along well with children and other animals. They require daily grooming to keep their coat in good condition. If you are looking for an adorable and unique cat breed, the Snow Bengal might be the perfect choice for you.

Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is a breed of domestic cat that originated in central Anatolia, Turkey. These cats are one of the ancient, natural breeds of cat, having been documented as early as the 17th century.

Turkish Angoras are slender and elegant cats with long, silky fur that comes in a variety of colors and patterns, including white, tabby, bicolor, Himalayan, calico, and tortoiseshell. However, they were originally considered strictly white cats with blue or green eyes.

Today, all North American registries accept the Turkish Angora in many colors and patterns. Turkish Angoras are affectionate, playful, and intelligent cats that get along well with their owners, children, and other pets. They are mild-tempered and known for being sweet and gentle cats.

Turkish Angoras require daily grooming to keep their long, silky coats in good condition. These cats have a lifespan of up to 15 years and are hypoallergenic.

British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is a popular cat breed that is known for its thick, plush short coat and friendly yet no-nonsense personality. They are a large cat breed, with males potentially weighing up to 17 pounds.

British Shorthairs are believed to be the direct descendants of the cats brought to England by the invading Romans, and they were used for vermin control. They are calm, confident, and affectionate cats that make ideal family pets.

British Shorthairs are available in many colors and patterns, including white, which is one of their most popular color options. According to the Cat Fanciers Association’s standard, in order for a British Shorthair to be considered solid white, it must have a snowy, flawless, pure white coat.

British Shorthairs require minimal grooming, with only a quick brushing once a week to keep their coat free of loose hair and dirt. They are a well-balanced and powerful cat breed with a short, very dense coat that conveys an overall impression of balance and proportion in which no feature is exaggerated.

Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold is a breed of domestic cat that is known for its trademark folded ears that make for an adorable look. Here are some facts about the Scottish Fold white cat:

– The Scottish Fold is a medium to large-sized cat that can come in any color, including white.
– The original Scottish Fold was a white barn cat named Susie, who was found at a farm near Coupar Angus in Perthshire, Scotland, in 1961.
– Scottish Fold cats are independent, loyal, and loving cats that enjoy spending time with their human family members.
– Scottish Fold cats have round faces and big round eyes, and their folded ears make them appear even rounder.
– While Scottish Fold cats are known for their signature folded ears, they are actually born with straight ears.
– The fold begins to develop when the kitten is between 18 and 24 days old, but only if they have the gene that is responsible for the fold.
– Scottish Fold cats are usually bred with either American Shorthairs or British Shorthairs, and they are never bred together for ethical concerns, as offspring may be born with degenerative issues.
– White Scottish Folds are a very unique cat breed with distinctive looks and a loving temperament, making them great pets.

In summary, the Scottish Fold white cat is a unique and adorable breed that is known for its trademark folded ears and loving temperament.

Devon Rex


The Devon Rex is a unique breed of cat that emerged in England during the late 1950s. Here are some facts about the Devon Rex white cat:

– The Devon Rex is a tall-eared, short-haired breed of cat that is known for its slender body, wavy coat, and large ears.
– The Devon Rex has a curly, very soft short coat that is similar to that of the Cornish Rex. They are often thought of as one of the most hypoallergenic cats available because of their type of coat, although they are technically not hypoallergenic.
– The Devon Rex is an intelligent, friendly, and outgoing cat that is good with kids. They are super sociable animals that love to be around people.
– Devon Rex cats are active, mischievous, and playful, and they have been described as a cross between a cat, a dog, and a monkey. They are high-jumpers and will try to occupy any space.
– Devon Rex cats come in a variety of colors and patterns, including white. A bicolor Devon Rex will be any color mixed with white and may be distributed evenly so that half of the body is white and half is the other color.

In summary, the Devon Rex white cat is a unique and playful breed that is known for its curly, hypoallergenic coat and large ears. They are intelligent, friendly, and outgoing cats that make great pets for families with children.


The Ragdoll is a breed of cat that is known for its distinct colorpoint coat and blue eyes. They are a large and weighty breed with a semi-long and silky soft coat. The breed was developed in Riverside, California, by breeder Ann Baker in the 1960s. The original cats of the Ragdoll breed were “alley cats” and not of any particular breed. Ragdolls are affectionate, intelligent, relaxed in temperament, gentle, and an easy-to-handle lap cat. They are often known as ‘puppy cats’, ‘dog-like cats’, ‘cat-dogs’, etc., because of their placid nature and affectionate behavior. Ragdolls are notoriously social, making them a good fit for bustling homes with plenty of people and friendly pets. They are easy to train and can learn to come when called, retrieve toys, and other fun tricks. Ragdolls are available in many colors and patterns, including white, chocolate, red, seal, blue, lilac, and cream. They are a pointed breed, meaning they have a relatively pale body with darker markings on the face, ears, tail, or legs. Ragdoll cats are known to be gentle, calm, and sociable, making them great family pets.


1. Are all white cats deaf?

No, not all white cats are deaf. However, white cats with blue eyes are more prone to deafness than other cats.

2. What causes some white cats to have different colored eyes?

Some white cats have different colored eyes due to a condition called heterochromia, which occurs when melanocytes migrate to one eye but not the other during development.

3. Are white cats hypoallergenic?

While some people believe that white cats are hypoallergenic, this is not entirely true. However, some people with allergies may find that they are less allergic to white cats than other cats.

4. What is the personality of white cats?

There is no direct correlation between coat color and personality, but some people believe that white cats are calm, lazy, and antisocial. However, this is not always the case, and each cat has its own unique personality.

5. What breeds of cats can be white?

Many breeds of cats can have white coats, including the Siamese, Persian, Maine Coon, Sphynx, Turkish Angora, British Shorthair, Scottish Fold, Devon Rex, and Ragdoll.

6. Can white cats get sunburned?

Yes, white cats can get sunburned, especially on their ears, nose, and other exposed areas.

7. Are white cats albino?

No, white cats are not albino, although albino cats are white. Albino cats completely lack melanin, while white cats have some melanin and pigmentation.

8. Do white cats have health issues?

White cats with blue eyes are more prone to deafness, and white cats with pink noses and ears are more prone to skin cancer. However, with proper care and attention, white cats can live long and healthy lives.

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