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Have you ever wondered “why is my dog sleeping under the bed?” If yes, you’re not all alone! A lot of dogs find their way under the bed due to many reasons.
We know that there are times when it’s not a good idea the dog stay in your mattress. Knowing the reason your dog is doing this might be your best option for stop them from entering your home.
In the case of most dogs, there’s many reasons why they put themselves under the bed. In this article, we’ll discuss the most popular reasons why dogs stay in beds.
Your dog can sleep in the bed for a variety of reasons, including being afraid of certain noises, seeking to be near to you, seeking alternatives to the “den”, being ill or hurt and needing to be left alone, hiding food scraps and toys the bed, and avoid contact.



The reason dogs hide under beds is due to fear. If, for instance, you observe that your dog constantly gets under your bed whenever kids visit It could be due to stress. People and loud noises often make dogs run. Be aware of these situations so that you can either take your dog from those spaces , or have a great distraction in place when the next happens.
A word about anxiety: stress isn’t beneficial for humans and dogs alike. If your pet is hiding, try to learn why before raising the issue within a split second. So long as they’re not an immediate threat to themselves or anyone else then it’s better to let them deal with their stress in the way they’re accustomed to.


Sometimes, being snoozing beneath a low ceiling can be comfortable and relaxing. Certain breeds of dogs, such as terriers, are naturally inclined to dig. Under the bed, there is a dim space that is an ideal chill zone.In the event of the time of a storm or fireworks celebration on July 4th the area under your bed can be a refuge for your dog. It’s a calm place far from the frightening sounds. If your dog is hiding in fear but you’re not able to pinpoint the reason, pay close attention. You’ll need to assist them in stopping any issue that is causing them stress. The reduction of stress is vital to their behavior in the future.

Certain breeds are particularly nervous. Keep in mind that your dog is at peace here, so don’t be overreactive. Find the issue, pull the source of stress and provide them with the space you’d like to have them use. This is the reason why the crate is a vital tool.
Tiny dogs who are scared of a lot of feet and getting crushed may retreat under the beds, too! If you weighed only 6 pounds, you’d most likely be hiding at a party, too!

Thermal Comfort

In the summer heat it is possible to observe your dog spending lots of time on your mattress. Why? because it’s cool and comfy here. If there’s an air vent nearby you might find that your dog cooling off.

Comfortable temperature is essential to human beings and pets. Your pet isn’t happy in a hot house just like you do. Therefore, you should make cool areas available for your pet during hot temperatures. Dogs are generally healthy but certain long hair breeds require more the ability to drink cool, refreshing water as well as areas to unwind.

Do You Need to Stop the Behavior?

If you aren’t averse to your dog spending time in the mattress, then it’s not necessary to alter the behaviour. Your dog is clearly content there Therefore, make sure that you don’t let them use it as their sanctuary to you, you have a second spot to relax.Why-Is-My-Dog-Barking-In-His-Sleep-1.jpg

Why your dog sleeps or lays under the bed

Here are some common reasons dogs do it , and what makes them more likely to do it.It feels safer there

The reason for this it could be because it feels more secure in the bed. If it is sleeping underneath the mattress the dog will be protected from the sides and above, and behind, which increases the likelihood to be able to recognize any dangers and not be able to detect the danger. This is probably the reason your dog will do this even though there is no reason to be afraid. It is more likely the case in the event that it is prone to having more of a submissive character.The reason it has been doing this could be due to something making it scared. It is more likely to happen if it is inclined to act this way whenever a specific event occurs for instance, when there’s thunder or loud sounds outside.

Feeling threatened

It could be because it feels at risk. It is more likely if it is doing it most often when a specific animal or other person is in the vicinity or in anger at it. In this instance it’s best to be able to communicate with it in a calm manner and implement positive reinforcement to alter the behavior, instead of punishing it.

It finds it comfortable there

It’s not uncommon for dogs to lie down under beds. The reason that your dog is sleeping there could be due to the fact that it is more comfortable there , as it’s darker and cooler that could help it sleep more comfortably. This is more likely to happen if your dog doesn’t exhibit any indications of anxiety or fear within the house, and behaves in other ways.

It does not want to be bothered

It could be possible that it does this in order not to be irritated. It is more likely if it is going to rest after exercising or eating. It could be an indication that it’s been struggling to get to sleep in the night, especially if it is sleeping in your mattress during the daytime. It is important to make sure that the space that it sleeps in, at the night it is cool and not too bright. tranquil and there is an area for it to sleep.

Things to consider about your dog going under the bed

Here are some points to think about when trying to figure out the reason behind why your dog is doing this.

What else happened when your dog first started sleeping under your bed

If it was not the norm to be a bed-mate It would be helpful to think about what else went on at the time it began. It might be that something happened which triggered it to start doing this.
If it began to do in a sudden manner it could be because of circumstances like something that causes it to feel nervous, such as people who is aggressive towards it, or construction work began outside of your house.

What is different when your dog does not sleep under the bed

It’s also a good idea to take into consideration the time of day the time it is placed under your bed , as the timing might be in connection with it.

For instance, if it does this when you’re away or away from home, it is an indication that it suffers from an anxiety about separation. However, if it does this after completing exercise, it is more likely that it is doing it in order to rest and not be disturbed.
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