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A Nyjer bird feeder’s accessibility to the widest possible variety of birds who are interested in eating the Nyjer seeds is essential.

The best Nyjer seed bird feeders have wire mesh perches or perches that birds can cling to, and they can be taken apart for a thorough cleaning to remove the oil from the Nyjer seeds. Designed exclusively for hanging, with a large seed volume that isn’t required to attract birds.

Actually, any feeder designed to contain this little black oily seed will do nicely as a Nyjer seed feeder.

I promise that I haven’t just picked any old Nyjer seed feeder to highlight, but rather, I’ve done my research and found that the best feeders for Nyjer seeds are those manufactured with a metal wire mesh tube, as opposed to a transparent plastic one.

In addition, a set or more perches would be installed close to where backyard birds perch so that they can clumsily feed out of the port wells.

Never use these kinds of feeders if you want to attract wild birds interested in eating Nyjer seed because there may be too many birds competing for a little space.

Finches prefer wire mesh feeders because they can perch wherever on the exterior.

In which case, larger birds like Cardinals, who enjoy eating Nyjer seeds, may have trouble perching on a seed feeder of this size.

Nyjer feeders for finches are best hung from the branches of trees, although a bird feeder pole can be used in a pinch. This will ensure that you attract the most number of birds possible.

My highlighted feeders are a good representation of the various finch feeders available.

Never use to full capacity

Best Nyjer Seed Feeder

Half of the top-rated Nyjer seed bird feeders I’ve included in the list below have a capacity that’s rated as medium to big, while the other half have a rating that indicates they’re suitable for use as large, heavy-duty seed feeders.

You shouldn’t load the bird feeder mesh tube all the way to the top with Nyjer seeds simply because the seed feeder you picked can handle a lot of them.

In the first place, it’s clear that a Nyjer feeder that’s been filled to the brim can start to bend or distort in some other way after a while.

Not indicative of a subpar bird feeder Using too many seeds, which are typically crushed or forced into the feeder to make them fit, will inevitably cause this, I can promise you.

If you’re just beginning started, stick to using a maximum of two pounds of Nyjer seeds at a time. If you notice more birds coming to your feeder, you should fill it up with more seeds.

Hang it on branch or bracket

If you can’t get birds to come to your feeder, there’s no point in investing in one of the top Nyjer seed bird feeders.

If you want your Nyjer seed feeder to attract the most birds, you should hang it from a pole.

The very large Nyjer seed could pose problems for birds, so the pole bracket must give space between other bird feeders. That being said, you should make sure that finches and any other birds that may be flying overhead can see the feeder, regardless of how flashy or understated its design may be.

If you want to attract finches, the best spot to hang the feeder is in a tree’s branches, but even if you don’t have a tree, you can still attract them.

Keep in mind that even the best seed feeders will go unused if they are tucked away in a shady corner or mounted on a pole that is out of sight.

Easy to re-fill

My top picks for Nyjer seed bird feeders have convenient access ports that are simple to open.

To add more Nyjer seeds, you’ll need to twist or pop open the container’s lid.

What matters more than anything else, though, is providing easy access to oily seed that can discolor or otherwise make a mess of the feeder’s inside.

Unless you want to risk contamination, you’ll need to disassemble and clean what looks like a finch feeder.

A metal ring is attached to the very top of the nyjer seed feeder, serving as the hook from which the feeder is hung; the lid twists off, but only partially.

Nyjer seed feeder data table

Best Nyjer Seed Feeder-2

The Name of the Product:

Product Name: Capacity: Height:
Perky-Pet – Nyjer thistle seed yellow feeder 1.5lb 18 in
Woodlink – Mini Magnum Nyjer feeder 0.7lb 9 in
Woodlink – Coppertop thistle mini tube seed feeder 0.5lb 9.7 in
Droll Yankees – Nyjer thistle seed bird feeder 1lb 13.5 in
Perky-Pet – Nyjer seed feeder 1.75lb 18.5 in
Kaytee – Nyjer seed Finch Sock feeder 1.6lb 7.6 in
Nature’s Rhythm – Double Nyjer seed feeder 10lb 18 in
Kingsyard – Copper style Nyjer seed feeder 1.5lb 18 in

See the list below for more information about the products on my list, including links to where you can buy them online.

Choosing a large enough Nyjer seed bird feeder is, in my opinion, crucial, thus the ‘Capacity’ column will give you an indication of the size of the feeder.

The ‘Height’ column provides the measured height of the Nyjer seed feeder.

If the birds in your backyard don’t eat the seeds in time, it can be an expensive mistake to fill the feeder all the way to the top.

Perky-Pet – Nyjer thistle seed yellow feeder

You can get it through Amazon.com.US or, alternatively, from Sutherlands, a much more compact internet retailer.

This extra-long thistle seed feeder was made with yellow finches in mind and is widely considered to be among the best finch feeders now on the market.

It looks like any other Nyjer seed feeder, but its wide top provides some protection from the weather and, as I mentioned, it’s painted bright yellow.

A finch feeder need not be yellow to attract finches, but a feeder with a particularly vivid hue can increase its chances of attracting birds of all kinds.

Think of this yellow top and bottom half hanging from a bush or tree; the color will attract birds.

The bottom tray can be unscrewed to catch any stray seeds, and it’s a good size for feeding finches and other small birds.

In addition, you can separate the birds by placing them in different areas of this long feeder.

Woodlink – Mini Magnum Nyjer feeder

Best Nyjer Seed Feeder-3

Amazon.com.au, Walmart.com.au, and JC Wildlife all stock the item.

Here we are again with a simple Nyjer bird feeder with a green motif; this time it’s a little wider but much shorter.

Although capacity is modest, it is not a major concern because it is simple to replenish on a regular basis. The cover can be removed with a pull up and over motion.

Put the top back into its slot and use the newly formed metal hanger to suspend it from a hook or branch.

Only the best Nyjer seed bird feeders come standard with a seed tray designed to collect any accidental drops; this allows for the addition of sunflower seeds, another popular bird food.

Even though the green finish won’t attract any colorful birds, it will still look nice in the yard.

Woodlink – Coppertop thistle mini tube seed feeder

The lowest price is on Amazon US, but you may also check Kmart or PetoCart.

This tiny tube seed feeder with a copper top and bottom will look great in your garden and will attract birds that enjoy eating Nyjer seed.

The copper top may be removed from its metal hook and set to one side in order to add new Nyjer seeds.

The bird seed tray has been replaced by a copper foundation.

To facilitate cleaning and maintenance, most of the components are removable via screws located at the base.

Despite its lack of vibrancy, copper is easily discerned throughout the day thanks to the reflection it produces.

Droll Yankees – Nyjer thistle seed bird feeder

Get it at the lowest price on Amazon.com (US) or browse through the selection on MoreFlock.com.

Elegant Nyjer thistle seed feeder with what appears to be a full screen surround but is really composed of wire mesh.

Steel mesh wire provides a perch for the birds, while the top and bottom are made of sturdy plastic.

Simply press a button and the top will pop open, while the main compartment remains in place.

The metal hanger is hinged, so you can easily position it wherever you choose in your yard.

A nice, wide base for the bird seed tray, with tiny holes for drainage. However, a simple twist of the entire base piece is all that’s needed to get rid of it.

Perky-Pet – Nyjer seed feeder

Amazon.com (US) has fair pricing, while K-Mart (US) and D&B Supply (UK) may be able to beat it.

Consider this, the largest Nyjer seed feeder on my best of list so far, for a yard with a high population of birds who enjoy eating Nyjer seed.

Even if you don’t use it or the birds stop using it, you can still keep adding seed to it thanks to the two portions mounted to the broadest area within the feeder; the division prevents Nyjer seed from just piling up at the bottom.

The idea is to reduce competition between birds by letting as many of them feed at once as possible.

Seeds can be added with a twist of the lid, and the large cover can double as a makeshift canopy if needed.

Then the birds can perch on the base, which acts as a seed tray, and eat the seeds that otherwise would have fallen to the ground.

Kaytee – Nyjer seed Finch Sock feeder

Amazon.com.au is the cheapest place to buy, but before you do, check out Walmart and Toolbox Supply.

What could be simpler than a Finch Sock, a soft fabric bird feeder designed to attract finches and other birds that live in trees?

Two Finch Socks can be used in the same way as a traditional seed feeder is managed, so long as they are kept off the ground and hung on a bird feeder pole.

Be cautious when handling Finch Socks, as the material might still catch on a branch if you’re not careful.

The Nyjer seed is stored on an elastic band that is threaded into the sock, so restocking is as easy as opening a marble bag.

Most popular with American Goldfinches, although other finches will utilize it if they spot it in a tree or if you hang it from a thinner branch in a bush or shrub.

Nature’s Rhythm – Double Nyjer seed feeder

Amazon.com (US) has the better pricing, although Walmart will do in a pinch.

Now we’re really going for it with our massive, space-hogging double Nyjer seed bird feeder.

If you have a lot of birds in your yard, they will gobble up all the Nyjer seeds in your massive seed feeder in no time.

If you want to save money, you can only fill one chamber with seeds, but if the birds are eating them quickly, you can fill the second chamber as well.

You can take the lid off entirely by unscrewing the metal ring at the top, and the lid doubles as a spacious roof.

There are three ports or gaps in the bottom interior, and the slope will direct the seeds there.

Birds can eat from this feeder in three different ways: perching on one of six perches, perching on the seed tray, or clinging to the metal wire mesh and pulling Nyjer seeds through it.

Kingsyard – Copper style Nyjer seed feeder

Currently only available on Amazon.com in the US; if more become available overseas, an update will be made.

Finally, I have a copper Nyjer seed feeder in the form of a lantern, which will look great in any contemporary garden.

There is plenty of space for birds to sit on the wire mesh surrounding this seed feeder, and the bottom tray is big and spacious.

This tray can be placed under bird feeders to catch any falling seeds and keep the area underneath clean, while also providing birds with an easy food source.

To add more seeds, simply unscrew the copper top, which is shaped like a lantern.

There is a hook at the top for hanging from a bird feeder pole, but if you want to hang it from a tree branch, you’ll need to use some additional wire.

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