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Having some kind of mechanism to keep the water in the bird bath moving is, essentially, a necessity if you want to attract birds to your backyard.

A bird bath dripper is a metal pipe fitting that attaches to tubing and then to an easily accessible faucet. A metal pipe can then let water trickle out, or, with enough pressure, a steady stream can be produced. The water in the bowl is made to ripple by a slow trickle of water.

Bird Bath Dripper Creates Water Ripples

A lot of times, people will go back to the tried-and-true method of purchasing what amounts to a solar powered bird bath fountain feature to add to their existing setup, or they will purchase a bird bath that already has a fountain feature installed.

A solar-powered feature can only work in the yard when there is plenty of sunlight.

You may also get a device called “The Wiggler,” which creates ripples in your bird bath bowl and runs on batteries.

This is done so that birds can be attracted to the bird bath by the movement of the water, and the sound of falling water is a welcome bonus.

The ‘bird bath dripper’ creates ripples on the water’s surface with a steady stream of droplets, so it’s not too dissimilar from these tools.

Drip irrigation systems are plumbed into the municipal water supply via a length of tubing included in the package, with the faucet serving as the point of water delivery.

Drippers for bird baths are more dependable than solar panels or batteries, and they also allow you to monitor water usage.

A dripper is more suited for a bird bath on a stand, but you may buy a bird bath dripper that will work with any bird bath design (even hanging bird baths, which birds adore).

The advantages of a bird bath dripper considerably outweigh those of alternatives such as constantly refilling the bird bath with fresh water or using a heater to prevent the water from freezing in the winter.

Bird bath dripper creates water ripples

In order to get water from an outdoor faucet all the way to your bird bath, you’ll need a “bird bath dripper,” which consists of a copper pipe and some standard tubing.

The copper tip functions much like a faucet, or a facet, allowing water to stream out steadily. The pressure from the home’s water mains is what causes the constant drip at varying intensities.

A bird bath dripper consists of a pipe that is either hooked over the edge of the bowl or placed smack in the middle of the dish.

A length of tubing runs from the pipe that lets water out back inside the house or, for added convenience, to an outdoor faucet.

Turning on the faucet at a low enough pressure will activate the bird bath dripper, causing water to trickle slowly through the basin.

Even the water coming out of the pipe is barely dripping, making it possible to create excellent ripples on the water’s surface.

If you want to avoid an irritating dripping sound, you should probably make the drip at a pleasing force.

Connects to outdoor faucet to operate

Bird Bath Dripper Creates Water Ripples

Using a bird bath dripper to entice birds to your bird bath does have a drawback, though, and that is the water that is wasted.

Using the dripper at a slow drip to create excellent ripples in the water will not waste a lot of water, but using higher pressure for a constant, rapid flowing drop of water will certainly pile up on your monthly water account.

If you want to conserve water, a better option than a steady stream is a slow drip.

So that the dripper tube can reach, you may need to move the bird bath closer to the house or to an outdoor faucet.

However, an outdoor faucet is preferable because keeping a window or door open to pull the bird bath dripper through exposes you to the elements, whether it’s summertime mosquitoes or wintertime sleet.

You can prevent the water in your bird bath from freezing during the winter by directing a steady stream of water from your tap into the bowl of the bath. This works especially well if you sometimes turn on the hot water from your tap.

While many people won’t have any use for an outdoor faucet, keep in mind that a bird bath dripper can still use an interior tap in the kitchen if necessary.

What to expect in kit

Bird Bath Dripper Creates Water Ripples-2

Fortunately, the kit will come with everything you need to get a bird bath dripper up and running right away.

What you can anticipate is a length of tube comparable to a garden hose, folded up and ready to be connected, and a disassembled bird bath made of copper or durable plastic tubing for water to trickle out.

Squeezing the connection point onto your outdoor or kitchen faucet ensures compatibility.

Accessories for bird bath drippers may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The copper or other metal bird bath dripper
  • The Y-shaped valve is used to attach the sink’s water supply.
  • The needle valve is adjustable.
  • A length of hose-like tubing, between 20 and 30 feet
  • Hardware for suspending a dripper above a bowl of bird bath

In order to attract birds, a bird bath must have running water, so putting together a basic bird bath setup will get you up and running in no time.

The length of the tubing is the most important factor to consider when shopping for a bird bath dripper for your particular bird bath placement.

It’s not ideal to run short of whatever it is you need, and extra piping shouldn’t get in the way. Depending on the design of your backyard, you may or may not wish to bury this tubing underground so that it is out of sight.

Birds attracted to moving water

Don’t get me wrong. Most of the birds in our backyards prefer a noisy, moving water supply over a quiet, static one when it comes to using our bird baths.

In part, this is because a bird bath dripper can serve as visual and auditory stimulation, luring birds to the area.

A continuous flow of water wouldn’t be as noisy or noticeable, but a bird bath dripper will provide what I hope is a nice sound of dripping water.

As a result, the water will appear to drip from the dripper’s source, with ripples radiating outward.

Moving water creates ripples, which can be accentuated by the reflection of sunlight or other light sources, which can be observed by passing birds.

Using the best solar-powered bird baths is one option, but they need sunlight to function, whereas a dripper will keep running until you turn off the faucet, which you will do when the birds go for the day.

The bird bath still needs to be visible to birds flying overhead or to the occasional visitors to your yard.

Compatible with bird baths

Drippers for bird baths are useful since they can be used with nearly any design of bird bath.

A bird bath with a rim that a dripper can be attached to is preferable, though you can also get models with a flat base bowl and a dripper in the center of the bowl.

Next, we’ll secure the dripper to a sturdy base so it can keep its upright position without tipping over.

A deck mounted bird bath may be a suitable option if the tubing can reach it, or if the tube can be concealed on the deck.

To attract birds that dine on the ground, bird baths must be placed on the ground as well. Drippers are typically designed to hook on the rim of a raised bird bath, so placing one on the ground may prevent it from functioning properly.

The depth of the bird bath is important for the dripper to work.

The water in your bird bath only has to be an inch deep to be at the optimal depth for attracting a variety of birds, and a dripper will still be able to do its job.

To summarize

A bird bath dripper is a piece of copper tubing that is hung over a bird bath and connected to an easily reached faucet so that water can slowly drip into the bowl.

The term “dripper” refers to the practice of using low water pressure to produce a steady trickle of water rather than a full stream.

Wild birds prefer a constantly moving water source, such as the ripples created by this bird bath dripper, than a single, still one.

Birds can be drawn to your bird bath by using a dripper to create rippling water and a steady flow of water.

In order for a bird bath dripper to function, all you need to do is turn on your cold faucet gently for a few hours each day while you go about your day. No solar power, electric, battery, or effort on your part is required.

One drawback of a bird bath dripper is that, unlike a solar-powered fountain, it wastes water as it fills the bird bath bowl to the brim

Any type of bird bath can have a dripper designed to work with it, and you can even buy one that already has one installed.

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