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As a pet owner, you could be wondering why you shouldn’t keep feeding your puppy dog food after they’re officially an adult. If your dog always loved the food they were given as a puppy, you might be inclined to provide the food to keep them content. What about adult dogs eating puppy food? What might be the potential effects?

If your pet happens to be an eater who is picky and all they eat is their puppy food, there’s a reason manufacturers make separate adult and puppy food. We do not advise dogs who are adults to consume puppies’ food frequently due to the different ingredients that are that are adapted to the different age of dogs’ needs and health. Instead adult dogs should be transitioning to adult maintenance meals.

The healthy appetite of dogs is because of a large part to their ancestry from the wolf. The canines of their ancestors roamed the forest, hunting for prey or food they could find. Nowadays, much less scavenging is necessary for a pup’s survival and thrive, however the need to eat remains an important factor in the routine of his daily doggy life. As the dog’s pet’s owner, it’s crucial to ensure that you’re getting the most nutritious food that is possible from his bowl however, do all dog food brands alike nutritious?


Adult Dog Food: Why Is It Important?

Through his scavenging ancestors pet owners might wonder what makes their dog consume whatever he likes for health reasons like table scraps for instance – instead of eating a balanced diet. Similar to humans, there’s huge a gap between being able to survive and living! A dog’s diet must be that is adapted to his needs in the same way that humans are driven to eat a healthy diet because it’s the best method to avoid common diseases keep active and healthy and enjoy an extended, healthy life span.

Adult dog food options are specially designed for older dogs. Their proteins are balanced to give exactly what’s required, without being too heavy or contributing to the development of obesity in canines. Based on the dog’s particular requirements, his adult dog food could require adjustments to its ingredients, like “raw”, allergen-free, or grain-free dog diets. The food for puppies, that is typically more generic with its ingredient list, could cause a diet to be off track and lead to flare-ups in allergies or health issues for dogs.


Can I Feed My Adult Dog Puppy Food?

Everyone who has a dog has encountered the same dilemma at one point or another The dog in the family is starving, the “regular” food is empty or is not available, and a person willfully offers the dog a bowl or bag that contains puppy treats instead. If you take it at face value it’s simple to justify simply swapping both brands. In the end, they’re both designed for dogs. They have the same appearance and smell similar and may even taste similar to him too. The simple answer is owners are able to feed a puppy dog food at any time but it’s not something to be a routine for a variety of reasons:

Be aware that dogs are habitually accustomed to “their” brand of food The human stomach can become stressed and susceptible to urgent toileting needs when a brand new food is introduced to dogs, and they are the same. In general, when switching to different pet food brands, veterinarians suggest slow changes by mixing the food for some time or even weeks. one and the one.

A sudden feeding of puppy food could make an adult dog’s stomach to a standstill – and sometimes pet owners may be left with an unhappy dog or with an unusual “accident” inside. If your dog is not a fan of a particular kind of food, and you’re trying to change your dog’s diet to adult Try adding some gravy or wet food on the adult food in order in order to make the food more attractive.

Puppy food is similar to adult dog junk food Like human babies, require plenty of calories to burn off while they grow dramatically in size. For dogs of larger breeds the size of their bodies can increase several times before they reach adulthood. This means that plenty of protein gets consumed in the process.

If a dog is an adult and has already completed all his growth, this extra protein doesn’t get burned off and is instead an extra weight that could have a adverse effects on the health of his. A dog’s diet needs are different as he ages and that’s why there is a specific diet designed for older dogs. In fact, excessive amounts of certain ingredients that are suitable for puppies in the diet of a dog can strain organs that filter waste, like kidneys or the liver which can affect a dog’s overall health and quality of life. So, it’s crucial to pay attention to his requirements, talk to an experienced vet for advice and buy the specifically-formulated geriatric dog diets and supplements suitable to his needs at the most popular brick-and-mortar pet shop or on the internet.

Can a Puppy Eat Adult Dog Food?

You may be thinking as with the all life stages formulas, you could feed greater amounts of adult-sized foods to the puppy. Problem solved, right?

Not quite. The small differences in diet requirements, such as minerals and vitamins are measured specifically throughout the life-stage diet to meet a puppy’s requirements. When you feed an adult diet it isn’t nutritionally appropriate for a puppy, consequently, you may be able to provide enough to satisfy some of the needs of your puppy, but may be feeding too much of one.

This is the reason why we recommend following the puppy’s diet or an all-life stage food plan for your young puppies.


The Grass is Always Greener…

If you’re not worried about feeding different food to your pets however, you should be conscious of any sharing of food. It’s not uncommon for one pet to crave a taste what the other has. A tiny bite of each food once in a while is okay but you should keep them from making an habit of it.

If you are able to feed your pets in separate areas and do not leave food on the floor. The schedule of monitored, scheduled feedings is the best way to feed a variety of animals. If the separation of pets isn’t easy, changing to an all-life stage diet may be the best option.

Are you having trouble to find the best diet? Check out What Should I Feed my Dog? to get the details you need to make the most appropriate choice for your dog’s diet.

This will ensure that your dogs are getting right amount of calories and portions at every meal. It also helps to decrease the amount of competitive behavior at mealtimes.

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