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Yes, dogs can consume dates, but they should be limited due to their high sugar amount.

Sweet, delicious, date fruit is a cluster of fruits that grows on the date palm tree, and is indigenous to Middle East. Dates contain a lot of sugar, and are frequently utilized for their natural sweetness for baked goods and smoothies. They can be consumed fresh, however they are generally consumed dry and look like an enormous raisins (but like raisins, they aren’t poisonous in dogs).

Dates are low in fat and cholesterol-free snack to share with your pet. They are rich in vitamins A, C as well as a variety of B vitamins. They also have the dietary fiber, calcium, iron and magnesium. They also contain protein and potassium.



Dates are nature’s treat and they are loaded with minerals and vitamins, such as Vitamins A, C and a variety of B vitamins. Additionally, the fruit is rich in calcium magnesium, iron as well as potassium and fiber.

While humans like dates as sweet treats with additional nutrients, canines don’t like (and digest) sweets in exactly the same way. They should be eating a non-sugar diet. Also, since dates are rich in natural sugar, they should be consumed in moderation.


The dogs who consume a lot of sugar are at a higher chance of developing diabetes and becoming obese. Fiber content can be yet another reason to reduce your dog’s consumption of dates. Ingestion of more than one date at a time is a recipe for eating large amounts of sugar and fiber which could cause your dog upset stomachs or diarrhea.

In most cases, you can purchase dates that have pits gone. If the dates you purchased still have pits It’s best to get rid of them prior to sharing them with your pet. To remove the pit slice the date lengthwise and take it out. The good thing is that, unlike other fruits pits of date isn’t contaminated with the cyanide. The downside is that ingesting dates pits can create an choking risk or trigger an internal blockage that can be fatal to small breeds of dogs.

Signs Your Dog Has Had Too Many Dates

As we’ve said that dates are an acceptable treat once in a while for your dog. You want to ensure that your pet is getting all the nutritious food they require, but you might also would like to pamper your pet occasionally. Dates can be a great option however they could cause your dog some stress in the event that he consumes a lot of. As an example they are full of fiber. It’s a good thing, unless you overindulge.

The first indication that your dog is having numerous dates would be a lot of digestive discomfort. We’re talking about the stinky, messy and obvious type. They may vomit, exhibit unusual bowel movements or experience nausea, too. It is possible that your dog will experience an increase in blood pressure if they consume too many dates .

This is due to them being quite rich in sugars that are naturally occurring. If this occurs, you’ll observe your dog acting unusually. They may be over-active, hyper-thirsty, have bloodshot eyes, or are interested in eating! The excess of dates could cause weight gain as well. If you observe that your dog seems tired and heavier than usual , you may prefer to halt the dates.


Health benefits of dates for dogs

Although dogs should receive all his nutrients through his diet and food intake There are some advantages to dates’ health for dogs. Dates contain high levels of vitamin C (which improves the immune system) and copper, magnesium and calcium (for bone strength) and potassium (for heart health) and iron. The high content of fiber in dates may also to aid digestion in dogs when he’s constipated (and it is true that they can aid you, too in case you’re thinking about it)!

The best ways to feed dates to dogs

The most effective way to give the dates of dogs to do it in moderation. Your dog will get all the nutrients he requires from his normal diet and dates or two is just a sweet additional treat. Give dates for dogs only in smaller portions to determine what reaction your dog has and also to prevent any potential negative reactions or stomach issues. The amount and method you can give your pet dates in large part depend on his size, age and breed, as well as sensitivities and overall health, so take the time to consider this prior to feeding the dates to your pet.

Are there any concerns with feeding dates to dogs?

High fiber levels

The high levels of fiber in dates can cause nausea and stomach aches in dogs who have sensitive stomachs and digestive issues. If the dates are consumed too often the symptoms may occur too. If you feed your dog in moderate amounts can help your dog get rid of any stomach problems!

High sugar levels

While dates are a natural food but they’re rich in sugar. For dogs suffering from diabetes or other health issues foods with high sugar content are forbidden, so be aware of this whenever feeding your pet dates.

Watch out for pits

Dates are considered to be stone fruits that means they contain pits at their centers. Dates can be purchased without pits, but unfortunately, the world isn’t ideal, and some dates may still have pits inside even if they’re classified by the word “pitted.”

Check to ensure that all pits are cleared prior to feeding times for your dog. You don’t want that your pet to break its tooth or swallow the pit. Although date pits aren’t poisonous if they are consumed (they do not contain cyanide as apples seeds) It is recommended to get rid of the pit so you aren’t prone to these kinds of issues.

In addition, whole dates can be difficult for pets to chew. Allow your dog to taste this fruit that is unique by cutting it into small pieces.



As with humans each dog is unique and certain breeds may have food sensitivities dependent on their size, health, age and breed. Small amounts of dates can be beneficial to dogs. They can actually be a healthy treat once in a while , and may bring health benefits to your dog! However, there are certain potential dangers when feeding your dog food and you should be cautious. Always monitor your dog’s diet closely whenever you feed him foods that are not familiar to him Be sure to speak to your vet in the event that your dog exhibits strange or alarming behavior!

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