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The idea of feeding your dog raw food is trending with a reason. Many owners are trying to provide their dogs a healthier diet. Raw chicken is a raw food that pet owners often provide their pets.

The uncooked chicken may appear more nutritious than kibble that has been processed, however it could trigger serious health issues for dogs who consume it as well as pet owners who cook it.


Is Raw Chicken Safe for Dogs?

Raw chicken is a organic, raw meat that has not been processed. because dogs are the descendants of wolves, a few people believe feeding chicken this way is more nutritious than feeding cooked chicken. But, eating raw chicken can be a serious risk to the dog and you.

While raw chicken isn’t always dangerous, it’s not true to claim that it’s always secure. Giving raw chicken to dogs is risky, and a majority of people opt to take precautions with their pets.

Risks of Feeding Raw Chicken to Dogs

While some concentrate on the advantages of eating fresh chicken, dangers can be fatal and shouldn’t be overlooked. If you are feeding raw chicken as a part of your pet’s diet, it comes with two primary risk factors. If it’s all you feed your dog , or constitutes the bulk of its diet, then there’s an additional risk.

Salmonella Infections

Salmonella sp. is the most well-known food poisoning cause, and is found on a variety of foods which are cooked but not cooked such as chicken. The bacteria are located in the intestines and the feces of animals, and isn’t safe to eat. If a pet owner touches cooked chickens, the chances for this bacteria to get transferred onto their hands and dishes, countertops, utensils such as dog bowls, dishes, and even your pet is elevated.

If the bacteria infects the mouth of a dog or a person’s mouth at levels that are high enough the signs and symptoms of Salmonellosis may develop. Lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea or a lack of appetite, and fever are some of the signs that your dog might be suffering from Salmonella. Treatment involves antibiotics, as well as other medicines in addition to intravenous fluid therapy.

The infection is not treated properly and can cause death when your dog is suffering from an insufficient immune system or has a serious dysbiosis in the digestive tract. Salmonella isn’t something that is visible without a microscope , so there’s no way to tell whether the meat that you feed your dog is infected. Foods are typically recalls due to contamination with Salmonella however it is often only discovered when someone becomes sick. Salmonellosis is the primary threat and cause of concern when feeding raw meat to your dog.


Chicken Bones

Chickens are bone-infested and when you feed the raw meat to your pet, there’s an increased possibility of finding a bone inside the chicken. Bones may cause obstructions in the intestinal tract or stomach as well as puncture dog’s internal organs and get stuck in the throat or mouth and even fracture teeth.

The bones of cooked chicken can be an additional problem for dogs, while raw chicken bones could be the same for certain canines. Eliminating bones found in the raw chicken eliminates the possibility of a dog getting sick.


If you provide a strict diet of chicken in raw form or it’s the bulk of the food you feed your dog, then serious malnutrition could result. Chicken is not a full balanced and balanced food choice for dogs of any breed. If a dog isn’t able to get all the nutrients and vitamins it requires then it could suffer from various issues like broken bones, organ diseases.

They require more than chicken to remain strong and healthy. If you feed them a well-balanced and complete diet in with some raw chicken your risk of undernutrition is almost completely eliminated.


Benefits of Feeding Raw Chicken to Dogs

Despite the risk of feeding dogs raw chicken There are a number of reasons certain dog owners opt to feed their pets raw chicken. Raw chicken contains around 90% protein, contains sugar and carbohydrates, and contains magnesium, potassium, phosphorus Vitamin B12, as well as other nutrients that are beneficial for dogs.

Furthermore, dogs with severe food sensitivities or allergies do not have to be concerned about eating food they shouldn’t, if their diet is primarily comprised of raw chicken. In addition raw chicken is a low-cost meat that is affordable for feeding it to your pet.

Making sure your home is a raw chicken safe space

If you’re here, then you could be confused about the debate over raw chicken. Dogs technically have the ability to consume it. However, vets warn that it’s probably not the best choice. In all this, proponents of eating a raw chicken diet have some excellent points. Raw chicken is a great food source of protein and protein supplementation for carnivores and it reduces the chance of obesity in your dog because it eliminates carbs from their diet. It is also able to eliminate chemical preservatives as well as other preservatives from the mix.

This is why there are plenty of pet owners who prefer raw chicken as their diet despite the risk factors that are outlined by vets. If you wish to feed your pet the raw meat, how do you ensure you’re doing it in a safe manner? Here are some tips to follow: If you can afford it, go with organic chicken. Make sure that the raw chicken is stored properly and never put out at room temperature. Keep all surfaces in your home, and around the bowl of food for your dog cleaned and clean.

Don’t feed your dog chicken using bones (such as the neck of a chicken or wings) since the bones may be splintered. Remember that raw chicken is best fed on its own (no seasonings Please!). It is possible to refer to our article on Human Foods Your Dog Can Consume for more details. Closely watch your dog’s eating habits to look for signs of distress . If you’re leaving your pet with a trusted pet Sitter Make sure they’ve got clear instructions on the proper way to feed your dog.

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