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The issue here isn’t as much about whether dogs can eat sausage , but rather whether dogs consume sausages. Dogs can indeed eat sausages but they shouldn’t be eating many of them and certainly shouldn’t use sausages as your main source of protein. However, a few pieces of sausage to enjoy as an occasional treat is deliciously smooth.

We humans too must be aware of eating sausages frequently since it’s processed meat which is generally packed with salt, saturated fat and other things that we should limit on our food intake. They’re not a nutritious food and are not suitable for hounds or humans regardless of how delicious they taste.

Additionally the nutritional and ingredients composition of sausages can vary significantly between different brands, the type of meat used, as well as the different flavourings that are added. This means that you should check the im-paw-tent on the label in case there’s any ingredients that could be harmful for dogs.

If you’d like your pet to enjoy a tasty snack that is packed with protein, think about cutting up some lean cuts of meat like turkey, chicken or even fish. Make sure to stick with whole meats since they’re more nutritious and have with no added salt, fat, or flavorings, and the less processed they are , the healthier for your dog they are.


Why is Sausage Bad for Dogs?

Although it might be tempting to reward your dog with one or two pieces of meat, it’s not the best option. Even when your dog is looking at you with those huge eyes that are sad and desperate do not give to it.

The most important reason that your dog should not eat sausage is the fact that it has an a high amount of fat. It is true that sausages can have as much as 50 percent fat. This can not only lead to an increase in weight later on and later, but it could cause heart disease, diabetes and pancreatitis.

Additionally, sausage is usually filled in salt which is harmful for dogs. Other kinds of seasonings sausage may include may include onions and garlic which are both extremely harmful for puppies because they damage the red blood cell.

However because of the high fat content in sausages it is a meat that isn’t a good option to feed your dog. While it’s okay to give a bite or sausages to your pet at times however, you shouldn’t do too much of it.

What Happens if My Dog Eats Sausage?

If you observe your pet showing any of these symptoms, remove the food for an entire day until the stomach is settled. Make sure you provide the animal with plenty of fluids. The high amount of salt in the sausage could cause dehydration, therefore it is crucial to drink plenty of water.

If the issue continues you should take your pet to a local vet practice.

Beware that unclean or cooked sausages could cause your pet to be at risk of health problems due to a parasite illness also known as trichinosis.

Avoid Sausage Grease

Neverattempt to increase the flavor of your dog’s kibbles through pouring grease from sausages on it. The excessive salt and fat levels can result in one very sick puppy.

Sausage Substitutes

If you’d like to reward your dog with an indulgence, think about feeding him a slice of turkey or chicken hot dog. Make sure you keep the amount you feed your pet is limited since hot dogs have a lot of salt.

Beef sausages made of premium meat are also an appropriate option for your pet so long as they don’t contain any seasoning.

The chicken sausage can also be a good alternative.


How To Prepare It


If you’re making sausages with the intention to feed your dog some, stay clear of all spices and seasonings. For dogs, the effects of seasonings and spices can range from a bad taste to completely poisonous including onion and garlic powder being on the toxic end of the spectrum.

A sausage that is cooked too long poses an extremely risk for dogs and can cause them a parasite-related infection called Trichinosis. The sausage should not be seasoned and cooked thoroughly.

The Best Use

If you’re planning to serve your dog sausages regardless of the risk you should reserve small portions for a valuable reward for training rather than handing them away for free. Since your dog is likely to enjoy sausage, it will at the very least be useful!

Some recommend cutting up hot dogs and using it to help with recall or potty training that’s the most important thing your dog needs to learn.

The key words are, however, of high value. This should not be used in a daily routine for training tricks or any other activity that’s not vitally important.

What To Do If Your Dog Ate Too Much Sausage

If your dog was taken a swipe at greater amounts of sausage that you would offer them, or dropped some of it on the floor and it was picked up, don’t be alarmed. If it’s a single incident you should be fine but you need to keep an eye on the situation and notify your veterinarian when you notice signs of being sick.

If it’s a large amount or your dog isn’t big it is recommended to contact your vet to ensure safety.


Recap: Can Dogs Eat Sausage?

Technically dogs can consume sausage but it does not mean they must. Although it may be delicious and smell good to your pet but it’s extremely fatty and salty, which isn’t great for the health of your dog.

The dogs shouldn’t get sausage frequently or in large quantities as it could make them sick and increase their risk of suffering from illnesses that range from pancreatitis to obesity and even cancer.

However, sausage isn’t poisonous and so taking the occasional piece or having occasionally nibbles shouldn’t cause your pet any lasting harm.

Instead of giving your pet the fatty sausage, serve your pet a healthy, natural and delicious meal like Pure It’s loaded with more healthy proteins than sausages. Pure is complete and balanced full of healthy goodness, and delicious and mouthwateringly delicious.

Bottom Line

Although a small portion of cooked sausage isn’t harmful to your pet, it’s not the ideal food for dogs. Sausage is full of salt and fat, and could cause stomach upset for your pet. It may also lead to dehydration.

Don’t fall for the temptation to share your love for breakfast and your furry friend. It’s good news, it’s even more food for you.

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