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Humans and dogs have developed in harmony, and in a way that is unlike any other animal species. humans and dogs are able to survive and thrive in a myriad of diets. But when it comes down to the best nutrition, our requirements differ. Dogs produce the vitamin C they need.

Humans do not. People and dogs need distinct amino acids. Humans have a higher energy-efficient metabolism. In times of situation of economic crisis or emergency individuals often look for innovative methods to stay alive. When faced with food shortages or a lack of funds to buy food items, you might think about whether feeding your dog could be a feasible solution to help you stay out of difficulty. Are there any health risks associated with eating the milk bones of my dog?

In the simplest terms although it doesn’t appear appealing, nor (probably) taste delicious, the answer is in the majority of cases it is true that humans can enjoy their pets’ meals… However, there are some cautions to be aware of that we’ll cover later.


Is dog food edible by humans in a Short-term?

The consumption of dog food in the short-term will not cause harm to you. The food you feed your dog is not designed to be consumed by humans and is not subject to the same quality standards as human food, however it’s unlikely to cause significant harm. The majority of dog food is comprised of grains, animal byproducts, soy, vitamins , and minerals that create a nutritious and balanced food plan for pets.

The animal byproducts that are commonly present in commercially prepared pet food are meat scraps and bones ground into powder, skin organs, damaged animal parts that are not suitable to be consumed by humans. While some of these ingredients might not be suitable for the majority of people, they’re not technically hazardous to eat so long as they’ve been correctly cooked and processed and stored. But, the types of vitamins you add to the food of your dog are an issue for health.

Certain dog food brands include a synthetic type of vitamin K referred to as menadione, also known as vitamin K3. While it is considered to be completely safe for your pet, studies suggest that it can be harmful for humans in high dosages (1 A Trusted source). Menadione content that is found in the commercial pet food is likely to be minimal, however it is not advised by humans who consume it frequently or for long periods of time. Therefore, if you’re not certain whether your pet food is a source of vitamin K3, you can contact the manufacturer to inquire about it.

Dogs and we humans have different nutritional needs

While dog food is delicious but it’s not a good idea to incorporate it as an everyday portion of your diet for the long term. We humans have distinct nutritional requirements as do dogs and canine food does not have all the nutrients that your body needs to remain well.

Vitamin C is a vital nutrient vital for good skin health and the immune system of humans. Humans are not able to produce vitamin C and require it through food sources.


Risks are greater for small children

Children are more prone to food-borne illnesses than adults due to the immune system of children isn’t developed to the fullest. Therefore, it’s not recommended to feed your dogs to your children. (6 trusted source). Another often-ignored danger of eating dog foods is that they could cause choking hazards for young children.

This is especially the case with dry kibbles, which could be difficult for little kids to chew on and swallow. When you’ve got a toddler child in your home, make sure to keep the kibble container out of reach , and ensure that you keep an eye for them whenever the time comes for you pet to consume.

If your child accidentally eats food for dogs, call your doctor or poison control center to learn more about the steps you can follow to ensure the safety of your child.

The bottom line

The dog food we eat isn’t specifically designed to meet the particular nutritional needs of humans, but it’s made with substances that are safe for humans to consume. Therefore, it’s not harmful to humans and could be secure in emergency situations. But, eating dog food can increase your chances of developing food-borne illnesses.

Children are more susceptible of developing complications associated with foodborne illnesses and should not eat pet food. Furthermore, the food of dogs could contain vitamin K3 or menadione. These substances can be harmful to humans in larger amounts.

The same safety measures employed in the preparation and handling of human food remain applicable to dog food. It’s a good idea to be aware of recalls for pet food in order to guarantee the best degree of safety , especially if you are planning to eat it.

Adding a Supplement

If you’re worried about feeding your dog, think about purchasing Vitamin supplements for human consumption. Although this will not stop the body from absorbing excessive amounts of taurine, it will assist you in maintaining an appropriate balance.

Pick a multivitamin which is easily absorbed by your body. It’s not necessary to take in more protein if you’re eating dog food. It’s actually recommended to perform more exercise to assist your body in removing the excess. But, you’ll need B Vitamins C and B along with other vitamins.


Foods You Can Survive On

While each one of these meals comes with its own disadvantages There are four food items which aren’t dog food which you can live for a longer period. They include kale, potatoes trail mix, kale, as well as breastmilk. Breast milk in humans is produced to provide nourishment for human beings.

While it’s not easy to think of having a continuous supply of this unique food during a crisis however, you can obtain almost everything you require from it. The problem is that the amount of protein and fiber are not as high in breast milk.

Final Thoughts

When you ask whether you are able to take in dog food and live it is a definite yes. You can live on dog food for 1 month, but even longer if you’re not worried about being vitamin deficient and facing more serious health issues. This is, however, an example of can against should.

Do not consume dog food. Some dog food is surprisingly delicious. For example, dried jerky and Peanut Butter dog biscuits don’t taste too bad. However, they’re insufficient to keep eating in the event of a disaster. If you end up on a deserted beach with a crate full of food, then absolutely take them in, but make sure that you create a fire and send the SOS message.

If you find yourself stuck with dog food, you must take every step to reduce the time that you’re required to spend. From excessive Taurine and fats to unreliable standards, it’s not good for your health.

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