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In spite of the fact that many people try to avoid the Blackbird family because they are seen as a pest in the yard, there are still many people who will go to great lengths to provide food for Blackbirds.

Blackbirds can be fed by scattering seed mixes on a lawn and throwing over either live or dried mealworms. Blackbirds cannot use hanging bird feeders, thus you should not use them. To keep bird food fresher for longer, you can put it in a dish or on an open platform bird feeder.

Although many people view blackbirds as a nuisance and therefore avoid feeding them in the yard, others may take the opposite view and believe that it is necessary to provide food for all wild birds.

Even though blackbirds aren’t common, you might still see them in your yard if you have a feeder out just for them. In which we must determine the most dependable means of feeding Blackbirds.

Then you’re in luck, because all you have to do to attract blackbirds to your yard is scatter a mixture of seed, dried mealworms, or live mealworms on the grass.

Since blackbirds consume what they find on the ground, it’s in their best interest for there to be food there for them to find.

Blackbirds love mealworms, whether dry or live, and they can survive for longer if you toss them over a damp lawn or as needed during a drought.

Seeds spread across the grass for blackbirds will germinate faster and remain longer if they are placed in an unfavorable environment.

When providing food for blackbirds, it is better to do it in a hefty ceramic dish or on top of an open platform ground bird feeder, as shown in the featured image.

A platform bird feeder on a pole is an alternative, but it won’t attract as many birds as one on the ground.

Feed Blackbirds on ground

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Blackbirds, which typically avoid using bird feeders, would enjoy it if you fed them on the grass, as you are an official ground feeder.

Blackbirds can be observed wandering across the lawn in search of insects on the ground, where they spend much of their time foraging. Beetles, caterpillars, and snails are common summertime yard fare for blackbirds.

Since blackbirds spend most of their time foraging on the ground, this is the best location to provide them with food.

It’s important to remember that Blackbirds aren’t welcome at bird feeders, so avoid using any food that could be mistaken for a natural food source in the wild.

While open-air feeding platforms or dishes work just fine, hanging bird feeders should be avoided at all costs.

Blackbirds on the ground can be fed either dried or live mealworms year-round, though the warmer months are best for the former.

Under bird feeders to clean up

It has been observed that blackbirds would not consume the bird food that has been put out for them, even if they are nearby.

If you pour food over their own patch, they will eat it, so there’s no need to worry; you’ll only learn for next time.

If you want to ensure that the blackbirds in your area clean up your offering, there’s no better location to put it than under the bird feeders, whether they’re hung from the ground, a pole, or a tree branch.

The goal is for ground-feeding birds like blackbirds to spend their time in the yard rather than trying to land on a bird feeder, where they would face stiff competition from pigeons for the food.

It, if you want to feed Blackbirds without attracting pigeons, you can do so by trapping bird food behind a cage with narrow enough bars to let Blackbirds through but prevent larger birds like pigeons.

Blackbirds and other ground-feeding birds can make use of the debris that accumulates around bird feeders, so this is a good solution.

If Blackbirds are driving away other species of birds from your feeders, you can easily deter them by scattering some bird seed on the ground nearby.

Sustain food on platform feeder

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If you want to attract Blackbirds, throw some food on the lawn where they are more likely to stumble upon it. However, let’s also think about how to keep the food out for longer.

If you want to feed Blackbirds their preferred food, but are worried about it spoiling in any weather, put it in a feeder instead.

It can’t just be any old bird feeder; it has to be a ground-level platform feeder with an open top. A platform on the ground is much more accessible to all ground feeders, but a pole-mounted platform feeder is an option.

Bird feeders are convenient because any bird, no matter its size or physical ability, may easily access the food on a flat, usually wooden platform or a wire tray placed to a pole.

Blackbirds can be seen both perching on the edge and walking all over it, thus it can be used for both dried and live mealworms.

Since blackbirds are grain eaters, offering them oats is fine, and so is offering them a variety of fruits on a platform rather than on the ground.

Instead of trying to discourage blackbirds from feeding at a suet feeder, you can continue to provide suet cakes as usual by turning the feeder on its side so that it rests on top of the platform.

Never in bird feeder

Now that I’ve proven that blackbirds eat nothing except the ground, it’s clear that you should keep bird food on the ground.

Blackbirds can be attracted to a hanging bird feeder by providing dry or live mealworms, but they can also be spotted foraging in bushes and trees, making it more challenging to attract them.

If you don’t mind Blackbirds stealing from your more secure bird feeders, then it’s not a huge worry.

But if you only have hanging bird feeders (such the hanging wire or tube style bird feeders) and never see any blackbirds trying to use them, I’m sorry to say that you won’t be able to entice them to come to your feeders.

If you find blackbirds perching on your tube bird feeder or clinging to your suet cake feeder, then you should switch to feeding them on the ground instead.

Since they aren’t as nimble as other backyard birds, blackbirds typically avoid bird feeders unless they are absolutely necessary.

Feed Mealworms or Seeds

What Do Food For Blackbirds

I’ve established that you should only feed blackbirds on your lawn and should stay away from bird feeders unless you have a platform feeder, so let’s take a look at what you may give them.

Mealworms, like the other insects that blackbirds eat in the summer, are a staple food for them year-round, and they can be found in both dried and live forms.

Blackbirds eat a variety of seeds and grains in the wild, so it’s not surprising that they may be given commercial bird seed blends.

Blackbirds should be provided with either mealworms or seeds, with the option of supplementing their diet with fresh or dried fruit.

In order to keep things neat, I would place everything into a dish, even if that meant placing the dish on top of the platform bird feeder.

In particular, mealworms and seeds are both acceptable additions to the lawn. Seeds, dry or live mealworms will keep for longer than anything else.

To summarize

The most effective method of feeding blackbirds is to toss only food that blackbirds like onto the lawn.

Even though blackbirds are usually ground-feeding birds, they have adapted to using bird feeders, so they won’t starve if you exclusively provide bird food in feeders.

To prevent bird food from going uneaten, only toss dried or live mealworms in the areas of your lawn where you know Blackbirds congregate, such as seed mixtures in that region.

Since blackbirds consume a great deal of insects during the summer, this is the time to provide them with mealworms, either dry or live.

Never place food under bird feeders that are hung from a pole or branch, as doing so could lead to a messy undercarriage.

Focus on providing long-term nutrition for the birds you feed, regardless of the type of food you offer, and place it on a ground-level platform feeder.

Likewise, if you don’t want your bird seed to sprout in the wet or heat, just put it in a ceramic dish.

Providing seeds, dried or live mealworms over the lawn is the best way to feed blackbirds on the ground, while placing fruits on a platform feeder or dish ensures that they will last longer.

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